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Technically Complex Product

Keegan Dsouza 1081

Project planning : Initial design brief Information collection User Survey Information analysis Re-designed brief

Techinally Complex Product


Initial Design Brief To make a portable cooking device for travellers.

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Information collectionSources of information gathered from: Internet Similar products Books Catalogues Dealers Manufacturers Questionnaire

Techinally Complex Product


Why is a portable cooking device needed for travellers ? The people who mostly travel many a times face the problem of getting good hygienic food on the run. Many a times people compromise on healthy food by eating from roadside stalls, hotels, fast food . Where they are not sure of the hygiene of the place where food is cooked.

Techinally Complex Product


Product History The earliest recorded use of gas for cooking was in 1802 when a Moravian chemical manufacturer. Zachaus Winzler gave dinner parties at which the food was prepared on a gas cooker consisting of four burners and a small oven.

Techinally Complex Product


Product History : First Oven By 1946, the Raytheon Company had filed a patent proposing that microwaves be used to cook food.

These primitive units where gigantic and expensive, standing 5 1/2 feet tall, weighing 750 pounds, and costing $5000 each.

The magnetron tube had to be water-cooled, so plumbing installations were also required.Techinally Complex Product 7


Techinally Complex Product

Inventors: R. Scott Dahle Roger G. Dahle Agents: KEELY SCHNEITER Assignees: Origin: LOGAN, UT US IPC8 Class: AA47J3707FI USPC Class: 126 25 R Inventors: Brian Lee Begotka Agents: MERCHANT & GOULD PC Assignees: Origin: MINNEAPOLIS, MN US IPC8 Class: AF24B1191FI USPC Class: 126 30 John I. Andersen, Michael J. Andersen : Method and Apparatus for Generating Thermal Energy (Patent #,4979494) Stella Andrassy : Apparatus for solar cooking (Patent #,3938497) Milton M. Baker : Solar Oven and Cooker (Patent #,681095--Aug 27 2001!!) Edward & Helen Borges, Melvin Best, Paul Janowski : Solar Oven (Patent #,5139010) Rodney Bradford, Lott W. Brantley : Inflatable, Reflective Solar Oven (Patent #,D310657) Thomas J. & Cynthia L. Burns : Solar Oven (Patent #,4848320) William Calver : Solar induction Stove (Patent #,412725--Dec 31 2002) Harry A. Cherrier : Solar dual energy Cooker (Patent #,1158175--Feb 15 2000!)Techinally Complex Product 9

Product study : Shell- Reinforced ABS Plastic Base -Rubber footings Exterior Width 15 Exterior Depth -10" Exterior Height 11" Cooking Cavity Width 10" Cooking Cavity Depth 7" Cooking Cavity Height 6" Net Weight 14 lbs Color As requested Voltage120v AC; 12v or 24v DC Wattage 660w AC/Direct ConnectTechinally Complex Product 10

Different types of portable devices used for cookingPortable microwave.

Portable magnetic induction device.

Portable heating coil device.

Techinally Complex Product


Parallel product study :

Techinally Complex Product


Product 1: Snail cooking device Eco Factor: device uses magnetic induction for heating and cooling, thus saving electricity.

The device gets powered by a high density sugar crystal battery.

The Snail has integrated sensors that automatically adjust the time and temperature required by sensing the food type.

Techinally Complex Product


Product 2 : Portable toaster

Backpackers and campers can bring this along with them together with their portable gadgets such as the modern campfire cooking device .

This portable bread toaster is battery operated and designed with ipod themed controls.

Techinally Complex Product


Product 3 :Barb grill The Barbegrill uses a variable infrared heating element, powered by a mini Butane gas cartridge.

When finished cooking and the grill has cooled remove the butane cartridge, throw on the packing strap and the grill is ready to travel for next grilling event.

Techinally Complex Product


Product 4: Morphy Richards Intellisteam Benefits are blue backlit LCD screen, Boil Dry safety cut-out alarm will sound if water boils dry and cooking will stop. Foods such as chicken, fish, vegetables, rice and sauces with a pre-set time guide. This steamer enough to cook 8.2 litre of foods and designed with 3 individually controlled heaters.

Techinally Complex Product


Product 5 : USB Beverage heater This USB hub and hotplate has 4 USB ports, a digital clock that runs off of a battery so its power is not computer dependent. The heating plate will run at temps between 122 and 140rF and is perfect for hot drinks. While most stand alone USB hubs are set behind or to the side of ones computer, this hub has to be upfront for hot plate use.

Techinally Complex Product


Food items which can be had while travelling. Maggi Toast bread Ready to eat meals. Mashed potatoes. Soups. Salads. Noodles. Stew. Porridge. Chapati. Rice. Boiled eggs. etcTechinally Complex Product 18

Questionnaire1.How many times do you travel in a year ? 2.On an average how many hours does your journey last ? 3.Do you carry food itineraries for your journey? 4.If yes then is it home cooked or not? 5.If no then do you eat from footstalls ? 6.What problems do you face in carrying your own food ? 7.Do you own a cooking device? 8.If yes then what problems do you face with it?

Techinally Complex Product


User profile study

Techinally Complex Product


Case 1 :Frequency of travel : Once in three months Stay : Two months Age : 26 Yrs Gender : Male Profession : Product development engineer. Food type : Vegetarian. Places travelled to : Texas,Sweeden,Germany. Problems faced : Due to cold weather food cools faster. Common cold,diarhhoea. Would love to cook mashed potatoes and rice.

Techinally Complex Product


Case 2:Frequency of travel : Every two months Stay : 15 days Age : 30 Gender : Male Profession : Mechanical engineer. Food type : Non-Vegetarian. Places travelled to : France, Germany. Problems faced : Allergy to green peas and chick peas has no option other than Mc.Donalds,Pizza,Sandwiches. Prefers to eat at live counter meals.Techinally Complex Product 22

Case 3:Frequency of travel : Once a month Stay : 15 days Age : 32 Gender : Male Profession : Oncologist Food type : Vegetarian (gave up non-veg recently) Places travelled to : Milan ,Italy,Rome Problems faced : Finding places with veg food was difficult Prefers live counter meals.

Techinally Complex Product


Case 4:Frequency of travel : Once in two months Stay : 21 days Age : 28 Gender : Female Profession : Human resources Food type : Non-Vegetarian. Places travelled to : Europe. Problems faced : Tries to cook own food Gets breathing problems. Prefers fish fry and chicken. Prefers to have black tea and coffee.

Techinally Complex Product


Applications of the product For mild heating and cooling. For grilling foodstuffs. For cooking vegetables. For clean Drinking water. For reheating food which is previously prepared.

Techinally Complex Product


Manufacturers of the Product National. Morphy Richards. Whirlpool. Russel Hobbs. Philiphs GE Wolf Cooking Kizashi Doi ryu senTechinally Complex Product 26

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