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Transcript of Tech Talk Tokyo #2 tetsuya matsuzawa

Try the Microsoft Bot FrameWorkTech Talk Tokyo #2 Tetsuya Matsuzawa

Hello everyoneIll talk about Try the Microsoft Bot Framework1

Tetsuya MatsuzawaIn charge of the Service Development.

Java / PHP / JavaScriptRareJob, Inc. BackEnd Engineer

Let me introduce myself

Im a Backend Enginner of Rarejob Inc and also in charge of the Service Development Department.I use language .such as Java , php and JavaScript to develop


Which bot is good ?



Today Ill talk about bot.

As you know Bot industry is very crowdedThere are three famous bot frameworks

"Hubot" is the most famous bot framework.And Botkit of Slack also became a hot topic.

And Recently, Microsoft announced the Bot Framework in conference named Build2016


Which bot is good ?



Tonight ,Talk about Bot Framework

So today Ill pickup Microsoft bot framework


About Microsoft Bot Framework (1).Many Channels.

We can use many channels in the same as other botsMoreover This framework can use Skype and GroupMe

# Of course, you can use with Skype.# You can also use Slack.5

About Microsoft Bot Framework (2).Emulator

The strongest point is You can use the EmulatorIt means that we can confirm the data easily If you install it in your local computer

#You can try the code immediately on your local machine6

We also use.Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)

Today , I also use LUIS to customize our bot

LUIS stands for Language Understanding Intelligent ServiceIt helps us for Natural language processing7


Let me show you a demo

[Story1]Ive already installed emulator and Visual studio in my laptop to develop processing of bot At first , Ill try to type character of "rarejob" for bot in the emulatorAnd then returned message length of 7 characters.Ummm I know It is too simple task to use bot Dont worry we have the LUIS

[Story2]LUISLook at the LUIS I have already input few data in the LUISI try to type I wanna eat pizza of pizzahat in the emulator.It was displayed with the URL of pizzahat.Finally We can order the pizza !!


strong pointsEmulator is simple to use.Collaboration with LUIS can be easy.


noteDevelopment language is limited. (C# , Node.js ) Still in beta (BotFramework and LUIS )

To be careful

Finally I think if the future of the BOT is not just a simple task

It will be able to be more advanced .BOT is the fun in the future .



That all . Thanks11