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  • 1. Presented By,Vinod Kumar V H

2. WHY IPS SKILLS ?A GOOD INTERPERSONAL SKILL WILL ALLOW YOU TO NETWORK EFFORTLESSLY ANDEFFECTIVELY. 3. Interpersonal Skills - Teamwork Interpersonal Skills: Measure of a persons ability to operate within business organizations through social communication and interactions Teamwork: Ability to interact professionally with others in the workplace, to engage effectively in teamwork. 4. Interpersonal SkillsLeadership NetworkingInterpersonal SkillsTeamwork 5. Leadership:- Mentoring Decision Making Delegation Motivating others 6. Leadership in team work Mentoring Greg Chappell and Gary Kirsten Decision Making Taking suggestions from all Decision beneficial to all Delegation Mentor(Company) Motivating others "What can we try now?" vs "That should have workedbetter." 7. Decision Making 8. Motivating others 9. Motivating skillsA leader has to motivate his employees to do workeffectively and efficiently. 10. Attitudes Components of attitude. Types of attitudes. 11. Good motivator to itsSubordinates.. 12. A good manager should be..A good risk taker. 13. Should beFocused onthe objectives 14. Innovative and intellectual 15. Should be a goodLeader also inAccepting andcorrecting faults. 16. Shouldnt poketoo much intoothers issues.. 17. Off course aGood listener toAll 18. Teamwork:- Mentoring Group work Decision MakingDelegation Collaboration 19. Group work 20. CollaborationWorking cooperatively and productively withother team members to contribute to the outcomesof the teams work 21. Should be a good team player..Should be cooperative andcoordinative. 22. Interpersonal Skills-Teamwork 23. Team Work 24. Together Everyone Achieves More 25. Team Work - Cooperation 26. We may have all come on different ships,but were in the same boat now Martin Luther King Jr. 27. Networking:- Self ConfidenceNetwork BuildingEffective Communication 28. Self ConfidenceYour attitude should be high enough.. 29. Network Building 30. EffectiveCommunication 31. Communication skillsA leader should know how to communicate the ideas effectively to his follower. A leader has to send the message skilfully and in stimulating process for the success of his leadership.