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  • 1. Finding money in the Budget Travel Niche Publisher BudgetTraveller.org Facebook.com/BudgetTraveller Twitter.com/BudgetTraveller Kash Bhattacharya

2. Everything starts with the end in mind 3. At the end of this session1. Blog= brand? 2. How to develop killer content ideas 3. Learn about a disease I have 4. Importance of ROI 5. Need for Authentic marketing 4. My name is Kash Better known to some as BudgetTravellerWorked in publishing for 9 years I started my own magazine when I was 22. Bankrupt at 23. 5. 2013: Launched a guide to Luxury Hostels of Europe & a series of 48 Hour Guides to 12 German cities. iAmbassador: #Blogmanay in Scotland & #BlogVille in Italy 2014? Cool! Budget Hotels in Europe 6. 18 month itch 7. I had no { business } blog strategy Unless you call making money from sponsored posts and travelling the world for free a blogging strategy. 8. My content was not really unique. No common identifiable thread. My blog name, design of the blog was not memorable. Loved by some readers, some PR companies but not loved by marketing executives. 9. 1.Unique 2. Memorable + 3. Loved = BRAND= 10. SoIstarted.anewblog 11. Needed to find a killer idea to stand within the crowded budget travel niche 12. Best ideas come from solving problems.. Your problems? Your readers, travellers problems Example: Airbed & breakfast 13. PROBLEMS... 1. Was I too old for hostels?2. I ( and maybe you?) suffer from a disease called Parcopresis 14. 3. My last date was a hotel kind of girl4. Negative brand image of hostels within the industry and amongst destination marketing organisations. 15. OASIS SEVILLE PALACE HOSTELOASIS SEVILLE PALACE, SEVILLE 16. CASA GRACIA, HOSTEL OASIS SEVILLE PALACEBARCELONA 17. OASIS SEVILLE PALACE HOSTEL OSTELLO BELLO, MILAN 18. LUXURY HOSTELS OF EUROPE 1. 5 key sponsors easyJet, Travelzoo UK, Busabout, Travellerspoint & Interrail. 2. 1000 plus in-kind support from sponsors 3. Visited 40 Hostels over a year 4. All of the hostels paid me a fee between 200- 350 depending on level of exposure they wanted. What did I offer them 1. Real-time exposure to the hostels involved. 2. Reviews on the blog 3. Wrapping up blog posts into a free e-book. 19. The importance of showing ROI To get paid, you have to be able to demonstrate some sort form of return on investment Check out Keith and Melvins online ROI calculator Backpacker Steve- #Holagringo http://bit.ly/1aIpdEp 20. ROI- Luxury Hostels of Europe12 million people reached via PR exposure. 4000 downloads of Luxury Hostels of e-book. Ive handed out 10000 postcards. #Luxuryhostels has received 15 million impressions so far. 21. ROI - Luxury Hostels of EuropeIve looked at our Google stats and were getting a high referral rate from you blog, so its nice to see the work paying off. Were looking forward to one of your busiest summers. Charley Batt, Loft Bourg Mountain Hostel Proud day for Safestay and we want to say thank you! Safestay Hostel, London awarded 4 star status by Visit England 22. Personal ROIAs one of the few travel bloggers who's managed to make their site pay, he's one to watch. Guardian UK Launching now my own booking website Luxury Hostels of the World, December 2013. 23. You can have your cake 24. And eat it too.. 25. Perfect blog project?Fuse your passion with the needs of your audience and that of the DMO, travel brands you want to work with. Create content, products, and services that will help people. This is what is called Authentic marketing. 26. Build relationships and networks with brands you are passionate about +share your values TBEX, WTM London, ITB Berlin.Get over the fear of selling yourself! Self-promotion is essential for making yourself stand out in a crowded niche such as travel, yet for many people, its not easy to do. Brooke Schoenman Her Packing List. Brooke Vs World. 27. Thank you for listening!Any questions?