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    Feel? ~ Surabhi Kulkarni ~

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    E-Book Available @

    Do They Feel?

    ~Surabhi Kulkarni ~

    Copyright 2015 Surabhi Kulkarni All rights reserved. ISBN: 1519725000

    ISBN-13: 978-1519725004

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    I would like to start off by mentioning a verse from one of my favorite poems by Edgar Allen Poe,

    A dream within a dream.

    I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand--

    How few! Yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep,

    While I weep--while I weep! O God! Can I not grasp

    Them with a tighter clasp? O God! Can I not save

    One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem

    But a dream within a dream?

    Just the way one cannot hold onto such specks and grains of golden sand, one cannot hold onto the sands of time. Time flies

    by and we are left with a striking and lovely bouquet of memories and remembrances that keep on touching our hearts. But yes, the moments that we always would want to preserve and keep with us

    pass by and leave a mark on our hearts. They never come back. MY SCHOOL. It has left within me, so many things to hold onto. Sometimes I believed that my dreams and reality wouldnt collide but my school gave me the desire to aspire and to keep hope. All those heart-rending and touching experiences I have had in my

    school would always remain with me forever. One of my dreams,

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    Do they feel? to become successful has a background casting of my school. It gave me so much that I cannot put it in words.

    Thus, I dedicate this book to my school, before leaving the place that openly nurtured me and helped me stand up on my feet.

    Thank you, Abhinava Vidyalaya English Medium Pre-primary, Primary and High School.

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    Surabhi writes with a candor and maturity, which prods at the complexities of life, revealing the difficulties that come with

    growing up and finding your way, but also the strength and joy that can be found in those people closest to you.

    Through her lyrical verse from her first bouquet MOSAIC

    HEARTS NEVER FADE she traverses across different types of love: friendship, familial, romantic, other emotions and in each

    one there is a strength to be found. The following closing quote from her first bouquet throws light on all these feelings and

    emotions. Not all trees wither away in the drought

    One of the poems from the same bouquet having no name

    reflects honest state of a teenager, Today I find myself a kid again, I find myself sweet, innocent and


    This verse by Surabhi is a stark look at the pressures and intense emotions that come with being a teenager. She sheds a beautiful light on these issues that every teenager faces through her words in her poetry. These poems are emotionally intelligent and also

    offer hope.

    When someone has this level of desire, flair and creativity, they cannot stay silent and I cannot wait to hear what words come

    next. I wish her all my best wishes for the bouquets she is offering to this world.

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    Aisling Fahey

    Aisling Fahey from Walthamstow, UK has been recognized as the

    Young Poet Laureate for London for the year 2014/15. The Young

    Poet Laureate is a Spread the Word program supported by The Legacy List, the independent charity for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Aisling participated in a series of

    workshops creating new poetry and was then selected from a shortlist

    of six young poets aged 18-25 by a high profile panel, including

    professional poets Nick Makoha and Jacob Sam La Rose. She has

    been touring across the world and visited India in September 2015,

    when she met Surabhi. She has the following thoughts to offer about

    Surabhi and her poetry

    I met Surabhi, when I toured India, in September 2015. Her intense

    love and passion for poetry became clear to me instantly. Her poetry touched me the first time, but reflecting on it again, it really spoke to me. There was lots to

    identify within it. Her talent and commitment is very special and she

    should keep it going

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    I am a proud and blessed father of Surabhi Kulkarni, who

    has given me the privilege of writing about her and her poems for

    the second time in a short span of eight months especially at this

    tender age. I am a close witness to this transformation of Surabhi

    and her poetry and its been a unique experience.

    Its almost like watching the butterfly taking birth, coming out

    of the cocoon letting it go through all the efforts required to break

    the walls, get the strength to face the outside world by oneself, get

    gradually exposed to the realities of this dry world, letting it go

    through the learning process of dealing with the rules of the


    Honestly, it has been a miraculous experience to be

    associated with such a bright mind, blessed with these thinking

    abilities to be able to get into the shoes of any individual, to have

    the ability to experience the feelings and actual events and to be

    able to articulate them in such an articulate manner. I am not

    asserting here for being Surabhis father, but its my honest

    submission to the world which has concretized over a period of

    time and I am sure to put it in words here.

    Surabhi, my daughter has been writing small poems since

    her second or third standard. She has been engrossed and found

    to be in her own world number of times, imagining and seeing out of

    the world concepts we used to wonder on what she is doing and

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    often felt worried as her parents. She would come up with a

    completely well-thought and insightful perspective and could talk

    convincingly about it and we could feel the depth of her thinking.

    The first book was an exploration and expression of her

    thoughts about this world and that has gone to further depths of

    deeper thoughts in this book. Looking back, I find a huge sense of

    introspection about topics that arent touched often and openly,

    about themes that I considered normal teenagers mightnt get

    access to or get related to but she came to me with a focused

    mindset and told me that I want to take up THIS specific topic

    for my next poetry book even before the launch of her earlier

    book. My honest reaction (in my mind) was why are you taking

    such a heavy topic? take some lighter one But she was

    determined she wanted to express herself and the current

    teenager of what they see, experience, reckon, expect, worry,

    indulge, fantasize, discuss, imagine, think, plan .. From their

    expanding world and what is the world feeling about it does the

    world really FEEL? She was almost sure of the title of this book

    around that time.

    Surabhi confronted me with the question, Do you really

    know what this title means? I was taken aback and will attempt to

    explain it here DO THEY FEEL? Is about a sense of

    questioning the status-quo by the individual to the various

    elements of this world the individual could be elated, happy, full of

    enthusiasm or going through drudgery, oppression, deprivation,

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    depression, aggression, provocation, allurement does the world

    think about this individual going through these experiences and

    does it really feel what this individual is going through .. Help

    apart! The individual could be she, he or they together. Its

    an expression of the deepest feeling in the minds of this individual,

    the feelings of handicap, deprivation, suppression, happiness,

    elation, subjugation, repression, disappointment, frustration,

    anticipation, suspense, deception, euphoria or as strong as despair

    or desolation Surabhi has dealt with all of these experiences from

    that individuals point-of-view and articulated the state of mind of

    this individual with a question in mind to the world I am going

    through all this do you feel, do you care, do I really matter, do you

    mind, do you really find me to be important, do you give me damn

    The mode of presentation of these poems is outlining the

    state of this individual, the actually description of the event and

    then the state in which this questions are coming up making an end

    to the poem... The titles are so very aptly chosen and I tried to test

    Surabhi by indicating and suggesting to make some changes to

    them and found her to be rock solid on the thinking behind them

    and has not moved from naming them as they are.

    Some of the experiences outlined here are out-of-context

    for a teenager and I was personally not very sure about it, but

    eventually when I read through those poems I could appreciate

    Surabhis abilities to keep it extremely specific, but enough

    abstract for the imagination of the reader. Let me confess, that a

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    huge, huge and really huge amount of thinking has gone through

    Surabhis mind before writing these poems, putting them in t