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USC Zeher

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Come Fall in Love.

Presented to: IML 140October 17, 2011Surabhi Srivastava

Product: USC Zeher, not just a college dance team, but a professional Hindi Film dance company. The service this team offers is a high quality level Bollywood dance performance (about 8 minutes long) at any event/occasion where entertainment is needed.2

This is a professional adult Bollywood dance company (not one performing in the collegiate circuit).3

This is USCs Bollywood Dance team, Zeher. Our performances have everything that professional dance companies have, including production value, costumes, and high quality dancing. The difference is that4

these professional companies charge5$1000-1500Up to $1500 for performances and are a bit unrealistic for people who are looking for a high quality team/performance for something on a smaller scale, such as a charity event or an on campus event, or even a wedding.6

Our team can solve this pain of a lack of lower cost, high quality South Asian entertainment, and also personally benefit from it. As a team that performs all across the nation at competitions in different colleges, a large amount of money needs to be raised to support all our needs. By doing paid gigs and providing people with entertainment, USC Zeher can also fund its competition season.7$400-500We can do this for HALF the price if not even less, which is a MASSIVE incentive for people to hire us over some other professional dance companies.8

Weddings are one of the first places we are looking to start working with.9

EntertainmentSouth Asians love entertainment, especially at weddings. Its all about the food, the music, and the dancing. They are willing to look for and pay for quality entertainment.10MoneyMoviesLos AngelesSouth AsiansTarget market would be South Asians or people interested in South Asian dance forms/entertainment who live in the Los Angeles/Southern California area and are in need of a high quality performance. They should also be willing/able to pay for it because though it is a lot cheaper than a professional adult team, it still costs a few hundred dollars. 11

The end goal is to become an amazing team that is able to profit from what it loves doing best, or at least even out the expenses of being on the team so that money is never an issue when joining the team.12

Plan on starting with a few performances for an upcoming cultural event. The goal is to spread the word about us and increase awareness and show people what we are all about this year. Hopefully through word of mouth people will begin to show interest in having us perform at their events too. On campus performances are mostly done for free, but the later gigs that they hopefully bring will make money.13CharitiesWeddingsCompetitionsFestivalsEventually we want to be performing or making money through all of these opportunities. These are all places that have a lack of lower cost, high quality dancing, and we can solve this pain whiles solving our own.14Come Fall in Love