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Print enthusiast / Interdisciplinary designer / Graphic + Textile promoter / Amateur color researcher

Transcript of Surabhi gangrade portfolio

  • Surabhi GangradeTextile Designer


  • Prints developed on the basis of references Print Design

    Concentrating on learning a specific skill and method of designing for textile design

    Apparel print design at Alok Industries, Mumbai

    Work developed over spare time, applying learning of print development

    Worked at Rajesh Pratap Singh developing Chanderi sareesAssisted in the collections for Will Lifestyle Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013, Autumn Winter 2013




    Diploma Project

    Worked at Tanvi Kedia as Assistant Designer, executing collections for Will Lifestyle Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014, Spring Summer 2015

    Job Experience

  • Print Design

    To understand the nature of print design, the derivation of prints from an image was the first challenge. Further explorations are based on the nature of the surface observed in the image.

    Subsequently the process of screen printing on fabrics and in different color interactions was learnt.

    Print inspired by the bark of a tree

    Improvised surfaces Final print on a curtain

    Surface design development

  • Print Design

    Final design and colorways

    Thangka paintings

    Derivative forms

    Prints developed inspired by the Thangka paint-ings, deriving elements from the art depicting deities.

    Curtain and dress fabrics with print

    Print Project : Thangka paintings

  • Print Design

    Print derived from the techchi plant. The understanding of structure of plants helped understand how to make a print organic. On the right are the print treatment explorations.

    Floral print development

    Black and white representation for finalised basic print The techchi plant

    Various treatments derived from direct references

    Red and green color separation and the Coordinatesfor finalised basic print

  • Print Design

    Prints derived from Venetian layouts and maps capture the essence of its architecture and plans. An illustrated feel was another reference.A final treatment and its coordinates, borders, as well as the final basic repeat.

    Venice as inspiration

    Surface unit explorations and corresponding treatments

    Final repeat

    Venice print

    Printed fabrics and colorways

  • Print Design

    Antoni Gaudis wrought iron sculptures and stained glass art

    This print was developed with the range of curtains of the company Anthropologie. The season chosen as Autumn-Winter 2011, the basic floral pattern was given the treatment of Antoni Gaudis architectural elements.

    Anthropologie curtains

    Final print and Co-ordinates


    Gaudi print

    Basic sketch of tulips and wrought iron treatments

    Curtains with the print

  • Projects

    Various weaving techniques and materials chosen to represent a theme, such as the reference of gold and metallic effects, as well as an inspiration based on iridescence.

    Based on referencesMetallic reference andIridescence reference


  • Projects

    Jacquard weaving

    Jacquard weave based on the Islamic architectural mosaics and elements. Developed weave prototype on software, represents final samples.

    Colorway simulationsIslamic tesselations in architecture and isolated patterns

    Final pattern of weave, the repeat and simulation

  • Projects

    Mixed media exploration

    Using various mediums for exploring a the theme MOSAIC. The final explorations were in textile and textile techniques.

    Reference mood board

    Paper explorations Textile explorations

  • Projects

    Fabric construction

    Exploring textile techniques based on the reference of the miniature clothes for the Hindu deity Krishna.

    Vastra samples and on the idols

    Paper explorations

    Braiding and interlacing

    Resist dyeing

    Sewing technique

  • Projects


    Focussing on reuse of waste strings of LED lights, the essence of functionality or aesthetics via design techniques was used to make repurposed products with them. Textile techniques such as stitching and weaving were used to make finalized prototypes.

    The basic element : Non-functioning LED lightsExplorations with the working LEDs as products that can be reused later

    Mobius strip made by fusing fabric together with working LEDs

    Weaving for screens made out of the lights

  • Projects

    Woven apparel

    The fabrics developed are designed on the prin-ciple of efficiency and reuse. The fabric made in the initial range is of a fine nature with good texture and a certain degree of translucency.

    Samples of the first stage fabric

    Samples of the second stage fabric

    Saki ori weaving is a method of looming together strips of old cloth. Japanese saki ori employs pieces of cloth along with threads to weave the saki ori.

    After buy-back, this fabric is to be developed into a range of constituted fabrics of a much heavier and textured feel.

  • Projects

    Spatial design

    For the space enclosed within the Calico Dome in Ahmedabad, I developed a braided tesselation canopy, on which creepers are planted. This design is for the benefit of the visitors and residents in the adjoining famous pols in the area.

    The design provides them with a space with clean air and greenery to relax and enjoy the beautiful renovated structure which is a part of the Heritage Walk in the city of Ahmedabad.

    Calico Dome in its heydays and current state of disrepair Explorations for the space

    Targeted ambience of the space to be designed

  • Projects

    Creepers superimposed on the grid, and the shadows Aerial view of Calico Dome with the grid and creepersThe finalized tessellated grid and the shadow projectedThe cotton cord finalized as material

    The shadows were an essential part of the design as the grid would project it, adding an interesting aesthetic value to the space as well.

    Explorations and the shadows projected

  • Internship

    Internship : Alok Industries

    ALOK industries, Mumbai, one of Indias biggest export houses, provided me with the chance to understand how the industry functions. Some of the apparel prints of various categories of design style and subject are presented.

  • Diploma Project

    Chanderi sarees for Rajesh Pratap Singh

    Explorations for developing the designs

    Chanderi is one of the best-known handloom clusters in India, particularly famous for its sarees, made with mix of silk and cotton with patterns taken from Chanderi Temples.

    Chanderi is one of the best-known handloom clusters in India, particularly famous for its sarees, made with mix of silk and cotton with patterns taken from Chanderi Temples.

    I developed a range of Chanderi sarees for Rajesh Pratap Singh, for Spring Summer 2013 season. The sarees were targeted for the contemporary working woman, and were showcased recently.

    The themes of placement motifs (the leafs), tradi-tional motifs, geometric, as well as motifs isolated from Chanderis rich architectural heritage, were used for designing various ranges of sarees.

    Monuments of Chanderi as references for sarees as shown

  • Diploma Project

  • Diploma Project

    Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS13

    Reference artwork of H.R.Giger Illustration print developed Final print and printed fabric The garment on the runway

    At the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, I had a new experience with understanding how the fashion shows work as an event as well as a designer-client interaction.

    I had developed a digital print for a garment in the Spring Summer 2013 show, based on the artwork of renowned artist H.R.Giger.

  • Diploma Project

    Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW13

    In this Fashion Week, I developed an embroidery pattern for a garment. Howevere, the bigger aspect of the show I was handling was the set design. Trees attached with LEDs were stationed on either

    sides of the runway and lit up at a certain point of the show. This required resourcefullness and much aesthetic input from my side, while keeping the set practical for the event.

    Set being organisedEmbroidered garment

    The set as part of the event

  • Etcetera

    Personal work

    The various prints I made in my spare time, explor-ing the digital and artistic possibilities of surface developments.

  • Etcetera

  • Tanvi Kedia

    Tanvi Kedia - Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week AW14

    Giving feedback at a conceptual level of a collec-tion, like colors, trends, inspirations and references, all the way till working backstage in the Wills India Fashion Week shows for Autumn-Winter 2014.

    AW14 Looks on the ramp

  • Tanvi Kedia - Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS15

    Giving feedback at a conceptual level of a collec-tion, like colors, trends, inspirations and references, all the way till working backstage in the Wills India Fashion Week shows for Spring-Summer 2015.

    SS15 Looks on the ramp

    Tanvi Kedia

  • Surabhi Gangrade

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