Speaker: Micheal Goetz - CAMPION Interview by Pat Graybill Dick and Jeri Knipple Join Campion...

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Transcript of Speaker: Micheal Goetz - CAMPION Interview by Pat Graybill Dick and Jeri Knipple Join Campion...

  • November, 2017

    Prophecy Countdown Coming to Campion November 9-18 6:30 every evening except Sunday and Wednesday Speaker: Micheal Goetz

    Bible prophecy has predicted human history with 100% accuracy. Now its pages point to evidence that world- changing events are on the horizon. Join us on opening night, Thursday, November 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the Campion Seventh-day Adventist Church to learn how to pinpoint the signs that we are entering the last days of the Book of Revelation, uncover the true identity of the Antichrist, and discover the role you play for your friends and family, as the global crisis brings us closer to the final...Prophecy Countdown.

    For more information: Revelation Seminar

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    Our Mission

    We serve and glorify God through Christ-centered worship, individual spiritual growth, youth involvement, and community interaction.

    Pastoral Staff

    Micheal Goetz, Lead Nestor Soriano, Assoc. Esequias Perea, Chaplain

    Admin Asst./Treasurer: Teresa Johansen

    Contact: office@campionchurch.org

    Service Schedule

    http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRbrDWcH_dE_QTfo8DHgDBW8rmcMZqDQNnC-NhltyOTMe3yUBeA1MuO98YEWSeNWdV2FVDYtvbbdmgc4cpa6-0Fc6qxDNIwnHYC9SBkKBBhoID-dws12GIrCVVXKFeK8vlw==&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjReGbtYjBnuKwg3suPxsEca43R_jye6dSJT-6HinDbM81jI3YcBWVH-DoDXlXfWfE1ACcVIGgV7JpyrVlhY0hnCXTphkxtkF0cT1YEmkSJ0izxKS1LLZb8aGEKlyv5ZkNNVVEmehm8I2y&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRQivsOfsiqGGa8pMGVtJwjUU5Bu3hVSpIuvt14v99FifsfBLYnL2hJfeBLvKe7U0KqqhcWryAFilAuprJKNmEC5abGI8-vlFhm5XR0YOhhuuExygnZuaRA2ZLfpR1S5bBsHPhaxYpqoJ1n14M-Gafa0eAy0vH06s_NzIcft3rAsj&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRWgVhaZf8HTBvaB4kClaHQEdfx0nxn8BdY-wAH4QlYnzkD8BsQONyTxM1DHNvft7rHR0Eln3gt0Z9NnTb7HiYnmSMsRq1d_j40x442S5B813Eh2B-NzHcrL_IrAg1DI5Jj8JpsRmGKFq&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRWgVhaZf8HTBqCliAl_SSAVOc4XrkFtbDPc6cVw8iDHFSOj0P-SHmQbzBZKM6OPpSAVEk6WY-UY1h0zZDNMKgmduwNmJsPkJ2NJLQ04_uKPSQ4PbdWPchbx1buIAoFphgg==&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRVhz6xXIuQUd0-vrFWmwY7SD2-rAPsNx-ixJM9ZdVO524vZQnwyPKvepPzO8pcMSBR3Svawg_LVxHsnwVsLVd5FvSJlm2PQFtRCMlsYwF3gMlbKCycPn3mb3kU9O0O96KRnAWkfUy62kfF4pZh65ENo=&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRQivsOfsiqGGEeVeNrNOy3H-YYgZ6TdeX76W7lJwTsZTuB_y62EKDLIdUMB2ysY3fYsHNKTps4e5112WJ_6rrPS3rc-0b_vsx8dkGO5r6Z0KRojAATQJATW1KmLb-BOdgg==&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRbrDWcH_dE_QTfo8DHgDBW8rmcMZqDQNnC-NhltyOTMe3yUBeA1MuO98YEWSeNWdV2FVDYtvbbdmgc4cpa6-0Fc6qxDNIwnHYC9SBkKBBhoID-dws12GIrCVVXKFeK8vlw==&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRWgVhaZf8HTBM2PsfZoLIftn3YcsGNxmhlfQb7lVcBKmWY5hHKfaGMFn6SYTtHKMI2gfRcDLLb19AOkHJHKRM9Q5TZMyR3_bW59GoquZd47NoVKSiAu7IhE=&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRWgVhaZf8HTB2hwnqd8ipO10EHIKovn7X6qYCzte8EKyYXe3CD23l4S_jYnzjefR7fQv-svIWPWd3idemju10JXQDQgpieud6CrX2gYyTmyI_G2CjDcv8sF6OJum5au8Yw==&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRad9Ax8UBYremZMYLZ1rTFRSgj7ALdfvfUj32rc8bxKaqp3Vs8iMWKITzxLdcwdnRq5FVgXkWzeB9aZqO6XH-WmeM8rcjg4vayeS-M1GyNUhiKIfPV4G4Ra3jzw3rFt5Cw==&c=&ch= mailto:office@campionchurch.org http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001FIAwOl-OLK7ykYjAenwmLpjfhZ2MzRYzsIuybMdX4PBAiOPgmBgjRRnk32mJHVxcDCvEUUeYFosCEurJGnYRppUfbPBVf84sVvFclR5UH0oiMQ47g1UKdT6AzRfC19V-PF6CWzFVXO1GeGWBegVmItpjmyPmJVOej7ZxcnCElCbwR5oAOhEG-VzPKTufjV98nlCv8UeAj7k=&c=&ch= http://ui.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?m=1122084605986&p=oi http://ui.constantcontact.com/sa/fwtf.jsp?m=1122084605986&ea=&a=1129210768142

  • Notes from the Pastors Pastoral Search: The pastoral team has come back to the table to review resumes again and pray for God's leading to create a short list (2-3). From there Skype conversations will take place and an invitation will be extended for another pastor to come and interview.

    Capital Campaign update: Work has been done to submit preliminary plans to the Larimer County for special review. We are praying that goes smoothly.

    The Capital Campaign Committee continues to lead the charge in organizing our silent campaign. If you would like to make sure you are visited to understand the process and have any questions answered, please drop a note to the church office. To date our commitments and cash donations equal just over $700,000 toward our goal of $2 million.

    Building Addition Website

    The Church Directory-- We Want You Included!

    Saturdays: Sabbath School 9:30 am Church 10:45 am Wednesdays: Prayer Meeting 6:30 pm

    Click on calendar for church, pathfinder, and

    Campion events.

    Did You Know? The 10/40 window is the least evangelized by Christianity part of the world, but is home to the majority of the world's peoples-yet the reverse remains true for Adventist church members. Some of the challenges to the spread of the Gospel are religious liberty, poverty, and related socioeconomic and cultural factors.


  • If your picture and contact information is not currently included in the church directory, you need to help us get that corrected. Our photographer will be taking pictures after church in the lobby on November 11 and 18. It is easy, free, and does not take long, so please plan to have your family there and ready to have your picture taken. If your family or information has changed and you want an updated picture/information, you too are welcome to come get a picture or let us know of corrections that need to be made.

    Our Church In Action

    Four Junior Sabbath School members were baptized October 14th by Pastor Micheal Goetz and Pastor

    Steve Hamilton, Youth Director for the Rocky Mountain Conference. Those baptized were Brayden Marroquin,

    Jack Jordan, Nevaeh Janzen, and Tylea Hughes.

    Thanksgiving Food Baskets

    When you think of sitting down for your Thanksgiving meal and see your overburdened table of mashed potatoes, turkey or your vegetarian option, dressing, bread, pie, and other delicious options, we want you to think of families who might not have the money to supply all those wonderful items.

    We are looking for your help to supply those items in Thanksgiving baskets this coming holiday. We would like you to place some extra in your shopping basket and bring them to the church starting November 4. We will have until Sabbath, November 18, when we will assemble those baskets and have you deliver them. We are asking for food items such as: boxes of dressing, turkeys, pumpkin pie filling, canned vegetables, gravy options, cranberry sauce, pasta, sauce, peanut butter, jelly, homemade cookies. If you could buy the items and start filling up our table in the hall outside the sanctuary. We will also need money to buy the fresh food items with which we will top off the baskets..

    We need names of people who could use a basket. There are flyers to fill out with your name and the name of the people you know who need them. We would love for you to ask them before hand so that we know if they really do need it. We are looking to help our

  • sister church in Loveland fill some of the needs they have as people come asking for help at their Community Service building on Tuesdays this holiday season also.

    Thank you for helping Campion Church help those in our community in a real way. If you have any questions, please call the church office at 970-667-7403.

    LaVida Mission Needs

    Once a year the Rocky Mountain Conference says to the rest of the conference, "We need your help to support La Vida Mission which provides Christian outreach and education to the Navajo Dineof NW New Mexico. They are a K-12 grade school with boarding and day students, and it's all at no charge to the students. The teachers were asked to make up a wish list of items to help defray the cost of operating the school. This year Campion Church is asking if you would help bring the following items to the church; we will have a table set up in the church lobby. The items needed are paper towels, Kleenex, toilet paper, laundry soap, bath cleaning supplies, trash bags, Clorox wipes, dryer sheets; the complete list is posted on the bulletin board next to Pastor Micheal's office. Feel free to look the list over to see if there is something your family, your Sabbath School class, or school could do to make a difference to the campus of La Vida. The deadline to bring everything is the morning of Monday, November 6, 2017. The items will be picked up that afternoon. Thank you for your support.

    Learn More about LaVida Mission

    Pathfinders' Campout By Phyllis Zimmerman

    Fall campout this year turned into a winter campout as our Pathfinders spent the weekend at Pathfinder Village at beautiful Glacier View Ranch. This cam