Semiotics Defined

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Semiotics Defined Emily Petitjean

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  • Semiotics Defined

    Emily Petitjean

  • ConnotationsAnchor/Relay

  • Connotation and Denotationdenotation is the dictionary definition, while the connotation is the feeling the user gets based on personal context and associations.!!the wine bottle is full of fermented grape juice, but can have connotations of fun, celebration, health, sadness, or depression, depending on the way in which the viewer interprets.!!

  • Altered connotation

    denotation - a bottle of wine!!connotation - printed, xerox

  • Altered connotation

    denotation - metallic bottle!!connotation - cold, medicinal, sterile

  • Anchor with text

    anchors reinforce the image!!the wine bottle is reinforced by the word vino.

  • Anchor with image

    anchors solidify the image through use of another image or text.!!the wine glass solidifies the meaning of wine as a beverage.

  • relay with text

    relays change the meaning of an image by use of image or text!!the wine bottle is changed to have a more natural or healthy connotation by use of the be organic text.

  • Relay with image

    relays change the meaning of an image by use of image or text!!the wine bottle changes meaning with addition of the image of a baby. wine, in american cultures, is a beverage for adults.

  • Finding Signs/Definitions

  • Define

    semiotics - the study of linguistics and signs!semantics - associative meanings learned over time!pragmatics - context with which we understand linguistics!sign - the combination of the signifier and signified, assigned meaning by society!signified - the thing that is assigned a name!signifier - the way we describe the signified!icon - a direct representation of the object!index - a simplified but direct link between sign and concept!symbol - an agreed-upon but arbitrary association!denotation - the dictionary definition of the concept!connotation - the way in which the concept is perceived!syntagm - the sequencing of language!paradigm - linguistics that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntax roles!anchor - a reinforcement of the image through additional image or text!relay - text or image that changes the connotation of the original image!