'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

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REMEMBER by Christina Rossetti

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Page 1: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

REMEMBER byChristina Rossetti

Page 2: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

BIOGRAPHY OF THE POETWatch the video. Circle the correct answers.

Page 3: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Listen the song.

Page 4: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Stick the sentences under the correct column.


Page 5: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Work in groupsGroup AGroup BGroup A defend the idea of ‘death is worst’Group B defend the idea of ‘separation is worst’

Page 6: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Work in groups. Group A group B.There are 14 lines in the poem. The lines are given in jumbled order. 2 members of the each group will Look at the pictures on the wall and help their group members to put the lines into correct order.

Page 7: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

1 2 3

4 5 6

Page 8: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

7 8 9

10 11 12

Page 9: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

13 14

Page 10: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

• Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the box.

• 1- There is still a …………. of hope that she might be found alive.• 2- They're …………… for a few weeks in the summer.• 3- The …………. in the society can easily be observed by the behaviors of the

youngsters.• 4- He is still ……….. for his wife.• 5- Let us …………for all the sick children.• 6- The doctor ………. his professor about the case of the patient.• 7- When I was a child, my father went to many ……….countries.

Go away Grieve Corruption Far away Vestige Pray Counsel

Page 11: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

odd one out

1- Late pray leave our

2- Understand land had hand

3- Remember thoughts afterwards understand

4- Remind recall remember review

5- Darkness corruption grieve pray

Page 12: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Choose the correct rhyme for each word.

• PRAY : away, fly, cry

• SMILE: aisle, tale, tail

• GRIEVE: retrieve, strive, arrive

• LATE: isolate, doctorate, consulate

Page 13: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Find the antonyms from the poem• Forget• Past• Cry• Happy• Noisy• Brightness• Close

Page 14: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Fill in the blanks with one of the following words.

yet when Only than If or

1-I found it ………. I was cleaning out the cupboards.

2-We'll have the party in the garden ………. the weather's good.

3-The house will take two ………. three years to complete.

4-It cost less ………… I expected.

5-turkish government is experiencing some economical difficulties and ……….. no measures have been taken.

6- …………. those who experienced training sessions will be taken into the consideraation for job application.

Page 15: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Put the questions below under the correct theme.• Who loves who more in this poem? Can you tell for sure? • Is the speaker serious when she tells her beloved that it is better to forget her? • Does the speaker seem like one of those live-in-the-past types to you? Why or why not?• What do you make of the fact that the word "death" never appears in this poem? What effect does

this have?death love Memory and the past

Page 16: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Quiz time

Page 17: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

Time to produce• Work in groups. A, B, C, D. A group member in each group draws a

Picture of a line on the board so that the other group members will find it.

Page 18: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

• Write a letter from the beloved one to the poet. Explain your feelings.

Page 19: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

• Suppose that you are the poet. Write an epitaph for your tombstone.

Page 20: 'Remember' by Christina Rosetti

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