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  • 1.Aditya BoyillaHanumanth Reddy PaillaVijay Simha ReddyRajendrasinhDodia

2. Every person has a leader in them and thereis need to bring it out 3. It is the skills at, which you are excel make you remarkable (Kevin Eikenberry, 2007). 4. The only thing constant in the world is Change (India aries, n.d.) Change is the Key Element. 5. The Doer The Thinker The Feeler The ImaginerStorytelling Storytelling 6. Likeability Listening Building trust Networking 7. According to Gallup research, 61% Americansreceived no praise at their workplace. Supportive BehaviorFlexible, help out, collaborate, be of service, valuethe person, encourage effort, support their goals,praise success, be accountable, celebrate. 8. Internal Customers Loyal customersModel their valuesSet expectations and Understanding their objectivesexpectations Consider new Innovate collaborativelybehaviors Foster cross training Make newcommitments Celebrate more broadly Consider creativealliances Share best practices, Your customers, regardless of what you callthem, write your paycheck 9. - Personal Values- Building Creditability- Importance of attitude- Being other focusedYou can get anything in life that you want, if you help enough other people get what they want (ZigZiglar, 2000) 10. Supporting Creativity Better Brainstorming Innovation Change Resistance 11. Team Work 12. CRAB MODEL 13. Initiative Problems and decision-making: The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problemto deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had lastyear.(KevinEikenberry, 2007) The PDCA cycle: Questioning: Opportunities Approach and Strategies: Independent, Consultative, Collaborative, Consensus 14. If you want to be a remarkable leader, you musttake accountability seriously(KevinEikenberry,2007) There is no they. You are they. Until you takepersonal and collective responsibility for what isin your control, you wont move this organizationto where you want it to be. (Kevin Eikenberry,2007) 15. Remarkable leaders dont delegate; theyshare responsibility (Kevin Eikenberry, 2007) EmpowermentDelegation is done to people and Empowerment is done with people (KevinEikenberry, 2007) 16. Project and Process Management Goals and support President of the United States, John F. Kennedy Mission Moon Personal goal setting 17. The power of alignment Thank You