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Transcript of Remarkable writing

  • 1. Remarkable Writing
    By Mrs. Garro
    Los Medanos Elementary

2. Do you want to be a remarkable writer?
(narration)Just remember it doesnt happen overnight.You dont wake up a fantastic writer.It takes work and a little research, but the following journey your teacher has prepared for you will help.Are you ready?
Get ready to take off on a writing webquest!
3. Lets start simple and look at what makes up a sentence.
A sentencehas a
SUBJECT, that is the
Whoof the sentence.
The alien.
4. Dont you think something is missing?
Thats because every sentence also has a predicate, the action!
What did the alien do?
Thealienmet a human.
5. So now we know what makes a simple sentence. Can we make it better?Yes we can!
Heres where your search begins!
First, you are going to visit at least 3 following websites to boost your vocabulary and both listen to and read some remarkable writing!
Homophone matching game
Homograph Jeopardy (one or two player)
Homograph factsheet
Go to the next slide if you are brave enough to accept your first mission.
6. Mission #1
Learn how adjectives can add detail to a simple sentence.
Need a little more help?
Check out this video from
School House Rock!
7. Lets see what we found out
Adjectiveshelp add detail
Mean and
Remember our alien?Pretend there was no illustration, what might he look like?
Friendly and caring
The friendlyalien met a caring human. =a much better sentence!
8. Mission #2
Write down all the words you hear or read that paint a picture in your mind.They can be words that help you see, hear, touch, feel, or taste what the writer is trying to describe.
9. Okay, its quiz time!
What is the subject of the following sentence?
The humans thought the spaceship was an airplane.
10. Think you can handle more?
What is the predicateof the following sentence?
The Earth spins on its axis.
spins on its axis.
The Earth
11. Last chance to show what you know!
How many adjectives can you find in this super sentence?
The slimy aliens crashed into a dark cave near the small town.
2 3 4
12. Lets review how to Paint a Picture in the readers mind.
Remember My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother?
Patricia Polacco didnt just say, The girl had abrother.
She said, He had orange hair that was like wire;he was covered in freckles, and looked like a weasel with glasses.
13. Are you ready for the next mission?Mission #3
If you think you need to listen to the story again first, click below and pay attention to the adjectives!
Now go to the following Scholastic site and type in My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother for Title and Richie for Character, follow the steps, and print out.
14. Your Final Mission!
Choose someone in your family to describe.Yes, it can even be your dog or cat.
Things to remember:
First, draw a picture of this person/animal
Use a circle map to write down everything you can think of about that person or animal using your drawing
15. How tall or small?
Hair color?
What do they do with you?
Name of Family Member
What do they look like?
What do they like to wear?
What do they like to do?
What do they sound like?