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Be remarkable. Sarah Gilbert. Lulu (n): A remarkable person, object, or idea. Lulu provides a platform for you to create, buy, sell and control digital content on demand. . How does it work?. Why use Open Publishing?. Control Print on Demand Distribution Branding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Be remarkable. Sarah Gilbert1

Lulu (n): A remarkable person, object, or idea.2

Lulu provides a platform for you to create, buy, sell and control digital content on demand. 3How does it work?

Why use Open Publishing?Control Print on DemandDistributionBrandingKeep 80% of profits from salesCost EffectiveServices Available

5ControlFreeAt your own paceMake changes as neededPrivate, Direct or PublicView RoyaltiesYou own the rights

How to Publish

Click on the Publish tab, select the product

Select the title and privacy settingChoose your book size, need an ISBN?

Select the book size and binding typeDo you need an ISBN?Upload the Source File

Creating the cover

Find the template you preferUpload images or cover files to create the front, back and spineYoure Published

Print On Demand12Benefits of Print on DemandYour book is only printed when purchasedBook titles remain in print longerNo waste tied up in unsold inventoryRevise/Customize content in momentsAs the author you pay only the cost to print and often receive discounts on higher quantities

Distribution14Where can I sell my book? + other retail sitesBrick and Mortar bookstoresiBookstore

Can I earn money?

16RoyaltiesThe author sets the price of the book above the cost to print

The revenue split is 80% to the author, 20% to Lulu when books are sold through our distribution channels

Is help available?

18Services & SupportServices Available:EditingFormattingCover DesignGhostwritingePub ConversionMarketingWebsite DesignBook ReviewsPublishing Packages

Support:Live ChatContact support through emailKnowledge Database

Who uses Open Publishing?Independent authors/writersBusinessesColleges Independent PublishersPhotographersStudentsWriters who previously published traditionally


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