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  • Redington-Fairview General Hospital

    2016 Community Health Annual Needs

    Assessment Report


    Community Health Work-plan Original Community Needs Assessment: November 2007 Updated: January 2010; April 2012, September 2013; August 2015; July 2016 Approved by RFGH Board of Directors September 27, 2016

  • 2 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2016

    Table of Contents Executive Summary Page 3 Background / History / Surveys Page 3 - 10 Health Rankings Page 11 Population and Demographics Page 12 Socioeconomic Factors Page 13 - 15 Access to Healthcare / Healthcare Quality Page 16 - 17 Chronic Disease Page 18 - 23 Environmental Health Page 24 Immunization Page 25 Injuries Page 26 Tobacco Use Page 26 Substance and Alcohol Abuse Page 27 – 28 Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes Page 28 Attachment 1 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Improvement Plan Attachment 2 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Workplan

  • 3 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2016


    RFGH Mission – to develop, provide, and facilitate high quality, comprehensive, cost-effective health services for the people we serve. We affirm a commitment to maintain our unique community hospital identity, offering personalized services.

    RFGH Community Engagement Strategies Community Health Improvement – Directly, or in collaboration with others, identify and provide health, prevention and education services throughout the community.

    Offer community education, disease prevention and wellness initiatives based on community need. Public Health Infrastructure Development – As a member and fiscal agent for Somerset Public Health, RFGH works collaboratively with regional health and wellness providers to deliver public health services.

    The intent of the community health assessment is to use it as a planning tool to assist in initiating strategic initiatives to meet the needs of citizens whose health need are at risk in our community. Community health outreach strives to promote healthy behaviors through the services provided.

    RFGH works in collaboration with numerous organizations and community partners to work on preventative health services in our community.


     Assessments and / or updates to assessments were completed in 2007, 2010, 2012, and 2013.

     A completed Community Health work-plan with identified Healthy 2020 National Goals, Maine Goals, and

    RFGH Goals and strategies to meet goals with each assessment and / or update as above.

     In addition, Somerset Public Health, previously known as Somerset Heart Health and later as Greater

    Somerset Public Health Collaborative, as part of their Healthy Maine Partnership work, completed a Mobilizing

    for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) assessment process in 2011 as part of the strategic

    approach to community health improvement. “Bearing the Fruits of Our Labor” is an evaluation Framework for

    Somerset Public Health was completed in 2013.

     A Somerset County Community Health Needs Assessment was completed in August 2014 (EMHS) with RFGH

    as partnering / collaborating hospital.

     2014 - 2015 RFGH Healthy Community Goals strategized (listed below):

    a. to promote healthy behaviors (promote nutrition and weight status, promote physical activity and fitness, reduce

    tobacco use and reduce use of alcohol and other drugs)

    b. to promote healthy and safe communities (improve environmental health, increase vaccinations, prevent injuries,

    and promote educational and community based programs)

    c. to improve systems (access to primary care, specialty care and emergency care) improve maternal, infant and child

    care, improve health communication and technology, improve public health infrastructure)

    d. to prevent; reduce; and manage diseases and disorders (cancer, cardiovascular/ heart disease and stroke, chronic

    diseases, infectious diseases, pulmonary and respiratory health)

     August, 2015 annual report and community health work-plan to RFGH Board of Directors

  • 4 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2016

     RFGH has collaborated with the Maine Shared Health Needs Assessment & Planning Process (SHNAPP)

    Project - a collaborative of Central Maine Healthcare, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, MaineGeneral Health,

    MaineHealth and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The SHNAPP works to improve the

    health status of Maine residents and track results. RFGH has had active representation on the Community

    Engagement team of the project and has actively participated in identifying forum focuses and developing

    feedback opportunities from the forums.

    The collaboration of the entities above for the SHNAPP is an expansion on the OneMaine Health Collaborative of

    2007 and 2010. The key goal of SHNAPP: to “turn data into action”. RFGH appreciates the “Project” work,

    resources, data, and outreach to hospitals. Being involved at this level has aided our community assessment

    work and community engagement. People and organizations throughout Maine have been sharing work,

    resources, and data and sharing the information from the State of Maine through a universal tool, the SHNAPP

    Community Engagement Reporting Form.

    As part of the work of the SHNAPP, a qualitative statewide stakeholder survey was conducted in June 2015.

    Qualitative data (data that can be arranged into categories which are not numerical, also referred to as

    categorical data) was collected from 1,639 individuals representing more than 80 organizations and businesses

    across the State of Maine. Out of the 1639, 102 stakeholders were from Somerset County, representing

    community leadership and health experts. The survey asked the respondents many questions. The tables below

    are summaries of just a few of the questions.

    Key results from the statewide survey of stakeholders are listed in the table below (not all inclusive of results)

    numerator = 1,639. Stakeholders included medical care providers / hospitals, nonprofit or social service

    agencies, public health, business owners and employees, educators, other health care organizations, behavioral

    / mental health providers, local government, other governmental agencies, youth serving organizations, faith

    based organization, and other.

    Stakeholder Rating of Health Issues

    Category of Issue Health Issue and percentage of those rating the health issue as major or critical

    Family Health

    Chronic Disease

    Infectious Disease

    Healthy Behaviors

    Other Health Issues

    ▪ childhood obesity – 58% ▪ elder health – 55% ▪ child developmental issues – 34%

    ▪ adolescent health – 25% ▪ maternal and child health – 23% ▪ infant mortality – 4%

    ▪ obesity -78% ▪ depression – 67% ▪ cardiovascular disease – 63% ▪ diabetes – 63% ▪ ▪ respiratory

    disease – 60% ▪ cancer – 50% ▪ neurological diseases – 35% ▪ musculoskeletal diseases – 28%

    ▪ infectious diseases – 22% ▪ ▪ sexually transmitted diseases / HIV/ AIDS – 13%

    ▪ drug and alcohol abuse – 80% ▪ ▪ physical activity and nutrition – 69% ▪ tobacco use – 63%

    ▪ mental health – 71% ▪ ▪ oral health – 53% ▪ ▪ violence – 38% ▪ suicide and self-harm – 37% ▪

    ▪ unintentional injury – 34% ▪ ▪ lead poisoning and other environmental health issues – 17%

  • 5 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2016

    Stakeholder Rating of Health Issues

    Top Health Issues


    Resources available Resources in need

    Drug and alcohol abuse Hotlines, OSA and Mental Health Services, AA Greater access to drug/alcohol treatment, and to

    substance abuse prevention programs and treatment


    Obesity Public gyms, farmers markets, Maine SNAP-ED

    program, School Nutrition Program, Public walking

    and biking trails, Healthy Maine Partnerships, Let’s

    Go! 5-2-1-0

    Greater access to affordable and healthy food; more

    programs that support low-income families

    Mental Health /


    Mental health/counseling providers and programs More mental health professionals; more community-

    based services; better funding and support; greater

    access to inpatient care; transitional programs

    Diabetes National Diabetes Prevention Program, Education

    Programs, School nutrition programs, Maine CDC

    DPCP, Diabetes Programs

    Physical Activity and


    Public gyms, farmers markets, Maine SNAP-ED

    program, School Nutrition Program, Public walking

    and biking trails, Healthy Maine