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Transcript of Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Assessment The following 2019 Redington -Fairview...

  • Redington-Fairview General Hospital

    2019 Community Health Needs Assessment

    Original Community Needs Assessment: November 2007 Updated: January 2010; April 2012, September 2013; August 2015; July 2016 July 2019

  • 2 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2019

    Table of Contents Executive Summary Page 3 Community Health Assessment History Page 3 - 4 2019 Assessment Process Page 5 County Health Rankings Page 6 Demographics Page 7 Social Determinants of Health Page 7-10 Mental Health Page 10 Substance Use Page 11 Chronic Disease Page 12-15 Environmental Health Page 16 Infectious Disease & Immunization Page 17 Injuries Page 18 Summary Page 18

  • 3 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2019


    The following 2019 Redington -Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is the hospital’s way of identifying and prioritizing the significant health needs of the community that Redington Fairview General Hospital serve. In doing so, the hospital takes into consideration our mission, community engagement strategies, and community health goals. The intent of the community health assessment is to use it as a planning tool to assist in initiating strategic initiatives to meet the needs of citizens whose health need are at risk in our community. RFGH Mission – to develop, provide, and facilitate high quality, comprehensive, cost-effective health services for the people we serve. We affirm a commitment to maintain our unique community hospital identity, offering personalized services. RFGH Community Engagement Strategies Community Health Improvement – Directly, or in collaboration with others, identify and provide health, prevention and education services throughout the community. Offer community education, disease prevention and wellness initiatives based on community need. Public Health Infrastructure Development – As a member and fiscal agent for Somerset Public Health, RFGH works collaboratively with regional health and wellness providers to deliver public health services. RFGH works in collaboration with numerous organizations and community partners to work on preventative health services in our community. Community Health Goals

    a. to promote healthy behaviors (promote nutrition and weight status, promote physical activity and fitness, reduce tobacco use and reduce use of alcohol and other drugs)

    b. to promote healthy and safe communities (improve environmental health, increase vaccinations, prevent injuries, and promote educational and community based programs)

    c. to improve systems (access to primary care, specialty care and emergency care) improve maternal, infant and child care, improve health communication and technology, improve public health infrastructure)

    d. to prevent; reduce; and manage diseases and disorders (cancer, cardiovascular/ heart disease and stroke, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, pulmonary and respiratory health)


     Assessments and / or updates to assessments were completed in 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013. A completed Community Health work-plan with identified Healthy 2020 National Goals, Maine Goals, and RFGH Goals and strategies to meet goals with each assessment and / or update as above.

     Somerset Public Health completed a Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) assessment process in 2011 as part of the strategic approach to community health improvement. “Bearing the Fruits of Our Labor” is an evaluation Framework for Somerset Public Health was completed in 2013.

     A Somerset County Community Health Needs Assessment was completed in August 2014 (EMHS) with RFGH as partnering / collaborating hospital.

  • 4 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2019

     September, 2015 annual report and community health work-plan completed. In addition; RFGH collaborated with the Maine Shared Health Needs Assessment & Planning Process (SHNAPP) Project - a collaborative of Central Maine Healthcare, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, MaineGeneral Health, MaineHealth and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. RFGH had active representation on the Community Engagement team of the project and actively participated in identifying forum focuses and developing feedback opportunities from the forums.

     In September 2015, Somerset Public Health invited the community to a forum to have conversation about what is causing Somerset County to have the lowest ranking in Maine, “Moving up the Ranks”. The Director of the Health Index Initiative (MMC) presented County Health Ranking information (data) participants worked on action planning for changing our health status.

     In December of 2015, community members were invited to additional forums across Somerset County as another method of gathering information from the community at large. The goal was people with diverse backgrounds would have the opportunity to share their perspective about the issues at hand. A summary of the key health issues identified and discussed during these forums are in the table below (may not be all inclusive of all comments). In September of 2016 the Board of Directors approved the RFGH Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan. It may be viewed at .

    Health Issues Barriers or need Potential solutions Available Resources Obesity Poverty,

    transportation, funding, access to care

    ↑ programming for and access to physical activity and weight loss, access to healthy foods. Fund evidence based programs, organizations offer space for activities

    Worksite wellness programs, school education, physical activity opportunities

    Tobacco Transportation, poverty, stigma around substance abuse

    Youth involvement in solutions, ↑ access to tobacco cessation, address health care professional shortage for screening and referral for services, those in need attend existing groups / Quit line

    Youth, seniors, parents, businesses

    Mental Health

    Lack of behavioral health professionals, limited social support

    Policy change, collaboration to improve referral processes, education and provider protocol

    NAMI, support groups, assisted living and hospice providers, school support staff, Acadia hospital, 211

    Drug and Alcohol Abuse

    Transportation, poverty, stigma around substance abuse

    ↑ prevention education, improve partnerships among law enforcement and public safety, provide resources, cultural shift to reduce stigma, treat disease and engage youth in prevention

    Treatment providers, support groups, school-based education, health care, law enforcement

  • 5 Redington-Fairview General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment, 2019


    Another round of assessment began in 2018. SHNAPP changed its name to Maine Community Health Needs Assessment (Maine CHNA) with much of the collaborative efforts remaining and over many months of development, gathering of data, and community input through forum process the priorities for Somerset County were identified as follows:

    Health Issue Gaps or need Assets Mental Health Child Psychiatry, address mental health bias, not

    enough providers, stigma, no reimbursement, lack of beds, community understanding of mental health, transportation, recreational trails/green space, first responders

    Kennebec Behavioral Health, Northern Light Acadia Hospital (Bangor), Assistance Plus, Screening at Provider office for caregivers, 211 Maine, Somerset Public Health, Kennebec Valley Community Action Program

    Older Adult Health / Healthy Aging

    Transportation, safety concerns related to aging adults, support for community volunteers, healthcare worker shortage, lack of geriatricians, follow up support, health literacy, home adaption, polypharmacy, housing / home maintenance, structural support for caregivers,, primary care support

    Area Agency on Aging, 211 Maine, Spectrum Generations, care managers, primary care support, YMCA, AARP, local resources for older adults

    Substance Use Stigma reduction, opiate bias trainings, education on marijuana, more trained workers, money, more training for law enforcement, recovery programs and treatment funding, every primary care provider providing opiate and behavioral health treatment, more creativity in prevention efforts, more access to measures to treat addiction

    Primary care provider efforts for substance use disorder prevention, Kennebec Behavioral Health, Maine General Behavioral Health/Addiction Medicine, First Responders, Behavioral health agents, access to Narcan

    Social Determinants of Health

    School staff training, nutrition education, gap in child protective services / DHHS, lack of understanding, gap in transportation to resources, need jobs with livable wages, parent education in schools, resource gap, stigma surrounding being able to afford food, gap in food access, books

    211 Maine, Kennebec Valley Community Action, YMCA, Local food pantries, United Way food drives, Boys and Girls Club of Somerset