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Taika Launch Plan

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #ContentObjectivesScheduleMarketing PlanComms PlanSales & Retail plan

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Objective

Establish E7 as The ULTIMATE Smartphone for the success.Gain share in $400+ price band

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #

4Cambodia Launch Plan for Taika


FinalDay 0

Initial Offerings finalizationConfirm of endorserCommsdetails Product training (PG/FF)Draft Marketing PlanDraftRefresh training

P4Order 200unitsMedia Launch (11th Mar 11)Product placement at retail (NS+KTH+ GR A+)Marketing plan finalizationDraft Comms PlanW06Dummy Order P12W07W08W09Demo for Media Launch readiness with endorser & presenterAllocation confirmationPricing & Placement planW10W11W12W13W14Dummy & POSM PlacementPre-sales booking direct mailing (E7 + BT free)KEY CorporateATL & Digital communicationCorporate Golf eventPR on Golf eventPositive feedback or quote on E7 from Business clientNS / GR A+ shop branding with E7 visualsChange OOH screenTarget setting for PG

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Biz Requirement gatheringBiz processBiz CommCurrent process model Key milestonesBiz Data Biz TrainingBiz DeploymentExternal customer communication (split)Trade term ?Biz process ?

Nokia Taika LaunchProposal - Cambodia(Final)

E7 Marketing Plan

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Market & Competition OverviewNokia Dec2010 sales (units) has been increasing compares to November, driven by N8 and C7.Key competition model for this segment: IPHONE 4, Xperia X10, Galaxy Tab, Desire HD and So on.

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Target ConsumerMales, SEC ABC+, could be rich family, high ranking people, managers in the organization.

They also could be successful entrepreneur, head of departments of private sector, government sector as well as non-government organisation.

Their Lifestyle; they like to go to golf course, bar, business club, networking events, high-end caf outlets with their partners/peers/friends. They like to socialize about the business from one to another.

They also like to read and watch news sections.

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Proposed Launch PlanPre-Sales BuzzMedia & Consumer LaunchCommunicationPre-press media release (by Coms)Pre-sales direct catalogueBuzz Promo: First 100 pre-orders from corporates with specific companys name will be offer a premium.Media & Consumer Event (Coms)Focus on selected ATL onlyKey Touch Point Visibility Targeted Sponsorship

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Pre-sales buzzObjective: is to create buzz amongst the corporate to talk about E7.Pre-press communication of E7 by Comms.Create premium E7 Brochure (content: key features of E7, detailed spec, business benefits details as well as promotion) Currier the brochures to corporate after media launch.Promotion: First 100 corporate buyers from this sales corporates will get 1 Nokia Bluetooth BH609.Timeline: 11-15th Mar 2011 circulation of brochure15-30th Mar 2011 promotion validity.

BH609 = USD 38

Yet to be confirmed on availability of BT

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #CommunicationReflect Your SuccessTVTVC - During News onlyTV Entrepreneur Program SponsorshipPrint Ads (English)Cambodia Daily & Phnom Penh Post & La ReneOOH Change skin of 2 biggest billboards in PP.Visibility at airportSponsorship:Golf Sponsorship (WIP)Tennis Sponsorship (WIP)Network Event (WIP) Sponsorship Finishing PostPR releasePOSMs Brochure Display Stand at NOKIA Stores Dummy Display with Info CardDigital BannerYellow pagesBongThomAngkor One

Micro-marketing- visibility E7 Corner at T&C Cafs (WIP), Key few dealers.PR release

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Micro Marketing Design (WIP)

Ambient at Nokia Store Ambient at T&C Caf CornerOnly key 5 Dealers to be selected for ambient decoration.

Glass stickers for E7 for front look.Inside will be 1 display unitBackdrop for consumer to experienceLive demo support

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Key Visual




Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #BudgetDescription QtyUnit CostTotalRemarkAbove-the-line ActivitiesPosters19000 $ 9,000 TV - P518000 $ 8,000 TV-P610 $ - Print Ads - P415000 $ 5,000.00 Print Ads - P514000 $ 4,000.00 Print Ads - P610 $ - Visibility at Airport (P4-P5-P6)32000 $ 6,000.00 Digital Banner (P4,P5, P6)31600 $ 4,800.00 SponsorshipTV SEATV (P4,P5,P6)32000 $ 6,000.00 Networking Event (P4,P5,P6)31500 $ 4,500.00 NegotiationGolf Course Event15000 $ 5,000.00 NegotiationTennis Event15000 $ 5,000.00 NegotiationMedia & Consumer Launch Support15000 $ 5,000.00 Below-the-line ActivitiesPre-Buzz Sales PromotionNokia Bluetooth15040 $ 6,000.00 Product Catalogue2003.5 $ 700.00 Labor Cost for Circulation $ 50.00 CommunicationLeaflets100000.09 $ 900.00 Dummy Display Info Card10000.56 $ 560.00 Display Unit 5300 $ 1,500.00 Extra Merchandising/ProgramCaf E7 Corner Cost P4, P5, P632000 $ 6,000.00 Club E7 Corner Cost P4, P5,P632000 $ 6,000.00 Selected Dealer Retail Environment 31000 $ 3,000.00 Product Seeding3650 $ 1,950.00 3 devices reservedTotal Budget $ 88,960.00

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Nokia Taika LaunchProposal - Cambodia(Final)

Taika Comms Plan

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Summary of Nokia E7 LaunchComms Objective: To leverage Success is office being everywhere showcase that Nokia E7 best suits businessmen and corporate peopleEndorsers: Country Director from CB Richard Ellis (Cambodia) Co., LtdCambodias top artist, Preap Sovath, who also runs salon and restaurant businessTime and date: 6.30p.m., 11 March 2011Venue: Studio 182 of Topaz RestaurantParticipants: 60 people (Media, Nokias stakeholders and Corporate People)Post launch activities: Leverage PR of Golf Tournament Sponsored by Nokia E7, Product Review by Mobile Phone Magazine, Publication of an interview with Corporate Persons

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Media & Consumer Launch (Resp. by Coms)

2 Brand Ambassadors will be used for comms event. Mr. Preap Sovat is best singer star in Cambodia. He owns different business. We will invite him to be part of the event and use PR and editorial print to highlight about his success and our device.

We will also invite the corporate clients and media to take part in the event also.

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Nokia Taika LaunchProposal - Cambodia(Final)

Sales Plan

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #Key message at Retail pointPRODUCT FOCUS

Office is everywhere with Extra Entertainment: The eye-catching form factor with office functions expand their working life from the laptop to mobile. Their mobile life is easier; eg. Qwerty keyboard is ideal for fast typing (esp. working on Microsoft Office solutions). Calendar is in sync with Microsoft Outlook.

2. Stunning 4-inch touch screen and HDMI output: The big screen is not just simply serve for entertainment but also adds value when consumers use maps (pinch & zoom) and other fast action. HDMI output perfectly fits plug and play a PowerPoint presentation which also serves more for the powerful office

F-Secure:It would help the user to protect when they lost the phone and would be possible to find back,.

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #P3 PlanSales & Pricing plan ModelLIPKTH landedPrice to DealerRRPE7 - Taika538.00575.00600.00625.00

Initial PlacementWk 11200 unitsPre-sales 100 unitsNokia Store 50 unitsTop 10 GR A+50 units2nd OrderWk 12200 unitsNokia Store 100 unitsTop 10 GR A+50 units

P4 Plan:

Extend Coverage to 50 outlets Target & Incentive plan for PG to sell-out more E7 Push Key Corporate with Team of KTH Bundle with Operator with special pricing

Company Confidential. 2010 Nokia #