Product Launch and Marketing Plan for Shortlist Nigeria Oct 2015

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Transcript of Product Launch and Marketing Plan for Shortlist Nigeria Oct 2015

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Product Launch & Marketing Planfor ABC Dating Nigeria


Market Overview The internet and dating will continue to be a match made in heaven. With consumers using the internet more than ever before, demand for online dating services is on the rise. In particular, demand from niche dating networks is increasing, and a new wave of smartphone applications will bring the industry to more people.

The Dating Services industry exhibits a medium degree of market share concentration. In 2015, the four largest dating companies in the United States are estimated to account for 45.2% of industry revenue.

Market Overview Back here in Nigeria: The majority of operators are small firms that focus on providing services to local markets.Operators have few labor requirementsOnline dating sites do not pay tax in NigeriaIn 2014,Google estimate 450,000 searches done daily on online dating

Top Dating firms in Nigeria

1.Sexy Naija:Established in 2005 540 visit per day31,000 registered users

2.Naija Planet:Established in 2008 3000 visit per day44,000 registered users

3.Lifecomrade:Established in 20112800 visit per day84,000 registered users

4.FrienditeEstablished in 20129000 visit per day64,000 registered user

Unveiling Nigeria : Attracting consumers and informing the public.

Steps in Launching ABC Nigeria

Determine target Audience. Deciding what demographic will benefit most from the service.Implement a unique sloganKnow your competitionConsult a public relation firmWrite a product sheetPurchase advertisingHold a press conference

Marketing objectives and targets Increase brand awareness by 70% among Nigerian online dating users over the next 6 monthsGain a minimum of 4,000 new users monthlySell Premium option to at least 2000 users monthlyAchieve a high level of user satisfaction of 90% among usersReduce marketing cost by 10% over the next 6 months

Sales & marketing tactical strategies Brand

Ensure relevant up-to-date content is made available on website in-order to enhance the impact of search engine optimization, offline activations and advertisements on relevant websites.

Creative presentation and easy access to Shortlist Nigeria information via promotional materials.

Digital/ social media brand presence.

Premium listing on high traffic websites

Digital display screen to be use for in-house advertisement

Sales & marketing tactical strategies Users

Organize network events targeted at a particular demographicsStrategic partnership to create awareness to specific large market/demographicsPromotional initiatives aimed at users retention.Weekly competitors analysis

Marketing plan ( Media/Digital ) 1st Month 2nd Month3rd Month4th Month5th Month6th MonthAdvert features on sports and celebrity magazinesOnline Reviews Radio JinglesPress Release/Online reviewsOnline reviewsSearch Engine optimization

Search Engine optimizationLarge Scale promotion (Neighbors by numbers)Advert features on sports and celebrity magazines

Emails & SMS campaignLarge Scale promotion (Neighbors by numbers)Emails,SMS and online campaign

Marketing plan(calendar of events) 1st Month2nd Month3rd Month4th Month5th Month6th MonthMedia & Entertainment partnership eventHost local bloggers and PR executivesPartnering with a local appealing brandMedia & Entertainment partnership eventHost local bloggers and PR executivesPartnering with a local appealing brand

Pricing Model

I suggest a market penetration pricing strategy. We will be the lowest price provider- N2000 for premium option/subscription per annum Price adjustment will be determine by market forces. A Reaction to competitionOther coincidental Service offerings will include: e- commerce Advertisement

Structural Support Motivation PlanI will Strategically engage my team by requesting for daily feedback , organize brainstorming meetings and maintain relationship. I will device a Compensation and employee motivation plan -Base SalaryCommission on SalesPerformance BonusesProfit sharing

Performance Metrics Marketing activities would be evaluated based of the following metrics:

brand awareness levelNumber of web visitnumber click length of stay depth of navigation number of calls received number of following,number of likes number of complains,Customer satisfaction level number of new registered users/ premium optionscost per new client acquireSales Expense/total Sales ROI

This is were the money is!Follow the money.Thank You.