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  • 8/2/2019 Presentatie Engels Algemeen


    Yiannis Chaldoupis will take you to the river Kalamas to fish for wild trout. It is more orless like hunting, actively seeking out the spot to catch the fish. Your fish can beprepared on a fire and eaten on a nice spot at the riverside, if you wish.Yiannis will provide for the fishing rods.

    Duration of the excursion: 4 hours.Participation: 2 - 6 persons (exceptions can be discussed with Yiannis).Time: from February till November.



  • 8/2/2019 Presentatie Engels Algemeen



    Yiannis Chaldoupis will take you on a nature hike in the area around Parakalamos, he knows thisarea with his eyes closed! Depending on the season, the weather and your wishes, this natureexcursion can have different goals:Collecting mushrooms is possible in May and October. To find mushrooms, there must be enoughmoisture and the temperature must be high enough. Available species are mainly chanterelle andceps (porcini).Looking for the Marginated Tortoise during a hike in a rough mountain area of unspoilt nature.This excursion is possible the whole year round, but in wintertime its difficult to find them. Looking for the Helix Pomatia snails, to be found in April, May and September, if theres enoughmoisture. More information: Gathering chorta (wild eatable vegetables), wild asparagus and wild chestnut in nature, nearlyall year round.Duration of the excursion: 3 hours.Participation: 2 - 10 persons
  • 8/2/2019 Presentatie Engels Algemeen





    This excursion is a festive outdoor happening with traditional music. FirstYiannis will take you shopping in the village of Parakalamos to buy the

    ingredients.Then you will prepare the fire and the food for the barbecue atthe riversite Ayious. This particular spot along the river Gormos, is a realparadise. In summertime its nice and cool. If you wish, you can take a bathin the river. The water is very cold and very clean, because it comes straightfrom the source and is drinkable.During mealtime the trio of Yiannis Chaldoupis will play the typical songs ofEpiros. In Epiros every party begins with mirologia, sad songs and slowlythe music changes into dance music. They also use polyfonia, multiple

    voices.Duration of the excursion: 5 hours.

  • 8/2/2019 Presentatie Engels Algemeen


    General information:Its important to wear appropriate shoes: hiking boots or sneakers will do.

    Participation of children is possible. If the children are very young, please let Yiannis know. The samecounts for people who have reduced mobility..

    Due to weather condition, it can happen that an excursion is not possible on the planned date. We tryto find another activity or another date.

    We expect you come to Parakalamos, where Yiannis lives, with your own transportation. Yiannis Chaldoupis

    Parakalamos, Ioannina

    26530-31688 / [email protected]