Predicting the evolution of digital rights, digital objects, and digital rights management...

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Transcript of Predicting the evolution of digital rights, digital objects, and digital rights management...

  • Predicting the evolution of digital rights, digital objects, and digital rights management languages.

    Jonathan Schull, Associate Professor, Information Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology

  • When worlds collideBiologization the ability to reproduce, spread, and evolve.Virtualizationrepresentation in purely disembodied bits.

    Digital Rights Management

  • The Virtualization of Money

  • Fee for Service predates Exchange

  • Barter: exchange of things for things

  • Evolution of MoneyNegotiable Scarce Commodities Weighable Scarce CommoditiesAuthenticatable and therefore Countable

  • From Silver Certificates

  • to Good Faith

  • The Virtualization of Money: no problem!(If you can count on the constant vigilance and full force of the most powerful political and military forces in the history of mankind.)

  • Increasingly, its digital documents for digital documents

  • The Virtualization of Information ProductsA similar story.

  • On the other hand What about biology?

  • Two Meanings of Publishing1. Dissemination of Information Processes: the economy of ecology and the wealth of notions2. Manufacturing of Information Products: the economy of things and the wealth of nations

  • Self-propagating information mediaSelf-reproducing machinesDigital MediaWritingSpeechMemesNervous Systems and ImitationViruses and CellsDNARNAProtocells

  • Information is not a thing.Some patterns don't just move from place to place.They reproduceThey spreadThey evolve.

  • Digital Media and Me

  • Superdistribution: the Early Days1990 (Specialized Hardware)1992 (All Software)1994 (Metered Usage)

  • Context-sensitivity

  • Future of Superdistribution:More VirtualNon-currency remuneration (OMA tokens?)

  • Tracking Redistribution: Why?

  • Future of Superdistribution:More Viral: Tracking and compensating re-distributionCompensation for RedistributionCan ODRL specify rights for re-distributors?

  • Future of SuperdistributionMore Viral: Tracking and compensating re-distribution

  • Tracking Redistribution: How?

  • Personal Information Trust Privacy ProblemTracking data are personal dataPrivacy rights are weakly definedSolution?Help subjects of tracking data exploit value, preserve privacy

  • Personal Information TrustBecause Value of Personal Information is synergistic:Each bit is more valuable with other bitsBecause only the consumer can combine bitsconsumer controls usage, reaps benefitsThe PIT and consumer can profit by purchasing data from 3rd parties.3rd parties would get better prices from the PIT than from spammers.Marketers would get more value from the PIT than from black market data mongers.

  • Privacy ChallengesCan we assert rights over..Tracking data?Where?In the transferred objects?Via the transaction system?Both?Tracking data will often of most value to the content creatorData generated by information transactions between and among individuals and marketers?Conditions under which contact is welcomeConditions under which tracking data can be used

  • Adaptation by Natural Selection

    ReproductionMutationInheritanceDifferential ReproductionFunctional Mutations!PriceColor SchemeTrial DurationsRights Conditions?Central Server can ensure that differential reproduction promotes vendor fitness not just viral reproduction

  • ChallengeIs it possible to assert rights over documents that are intended to changerandomly ?In a directed fashion?

  • Thank You! BIOL%20210%20Animal%20Biology/Male%20Shrikes.pdf cool-pictures2.html