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Transcript of Pre-launch your Kickstarter Campaign

  1. 1. Pre-Launch your Kickstarter Campagn BARRYMUELLER @FOCALVID
  2. 2. Kickstarter is the last step, not the first one. Kickstarter is not a way for you to attract attention to your project. It is a way to organize and activate [your] tribe Seth Godin
  3. 3. The biggest reason most startups fail is because they dont build up to their launch and they dont market from day
  4. 4. Your Time is limited. How will you get potential customers before your launch?
  5. 5. Create a Simple Landing Page
  6. 6. Make an Awesome Video
  7. 7. Reach Out to your Social Network
  8. 8. Reach out to Blogs
  9. 9. Leverage that awesome product video to get signups before you launch your Kickstarter product.