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ppt on biscuit production

Transcript of Ppt on Biscuit Production

HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY 15 September 2009

By: Er. Kushagra Agarwal Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt Ltd

A tribute to Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (1800-1965)

Role of Automation in Biscuit Production :

What is AutomationIt means deligation of human controlled function to technical equipments.Its main aims are:

To increase production To reduce cost To reduce unskilled man power To improve working conditions To reduce power consumption To improve quality

Why Automation ?

To achieve more with less Elimination of human error Cleaner technology Consistency in production Minimisation of energy consumption Easy diagnosis of faults

Effect of Automation

Increased production due to reduced manual delays. Improved productivity as a result of optimum efficiency of the machine. Avoiding reprocessing and improving the productivity. Improved power saving and hence reduced product cost Improved quality of product and hence productivity. Automation can give useful data of the machines which increases the possibility of analyzing the cause of low or poor productivity.

Requirement of Automation

PLC Sensors Actuators Drives SCADA Networking

Product Production Process

Dough maker\Sheet machine Paste feeder machine Biscuit moulding machine Designing\Dyeing on the Biscuit Baking oven machine Oil spraying machine Cooling conveyor belt Blade cutting\scrap lifting machine

Complete process of Biscuit production

Dough making\Dough sheet machine

Dough MixersHorizontal Twin Arm Sigma Mixers, Horizontal High Speed Single Blade Mixers, Horizontal High Speed Twin Blade Mixers, Vertical Twin Blade Mixers, Hoist Cum Tipper for Tub Tilting

Dough SheetersTwo Roll Sheeters, Three Roll Sheeters

Paste feeder machine

Biscuit moulding machine

Designing\Dyeing on the biscuit

Baking Machine

Baking ProcessPre Baking Equipment

Laminators- Vertical Dough Laminators, Horizontal Dough Laminators Forming Section- Flour/Sugar Applicators, Salt Sprinklers, Inclined Conveyors, Gauge Roll Units

Post Baking Equipment

Cooling Section- Stripper Unit, Cooling Conveyors, Stackers, Packing Tables,Turn Tables, Oil Spray Machines

Oil spraying machine

Cooling conveyor belt

Blade cutting and Scrap lifting machine

Need of the day

Automation is a need for todays competitive market where quality, cost and availability is playing major role. Through Automation only we can achieve these parameters and compete in the market