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Powering the Future. Jennifer Berry and Melissa Stugart Stratford STEM High School. Interdisciplinary Lesson Connections. Biology English II Contemporary Issues Algebra I. Standards Based Instruction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Powering the Future

Powering the FutureJennifer Berry and Melissa StugartStratford STEM High School

Interdisciplinary Lesson ConnectionsBiology English IIContemporary Issues Algebra I

Standards Based InstructionBiology: Embedded Inquiry, Embedded Technology and Engineering, Embedded Mathematics, InterdependenceEnglish II: Language, Communication, WritingContemporary Issues: Economics, Geography, and Governance and Civics

Real-World Application:Students will identify and explore sources of energy available to Nashville.Students will compare results from PowerVille to current energy consumption for Nashville.Students will communicate their findings in a community forum setting.Students will make recommendations based on group research and PowerVille results.

Lesson Duration3- 90 minute blocks within 4 core subject areas

21st Century ConnectionsThemes:Global AwarenessEnvironmental LiteracyFinancial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy

Skills: Critical thinkingProblem SolvingCollaborationCommunication Initiative and Self Direction

Technology IntegrationStudents will play PowerVille game simulation to learn valuable scientific content and practice 21st century skills.Students will complete research webquests in biology and contemporary issuesEquipment NeededClassroom set of computers, projector to model, andheadphones

Goals and Learning Objectives:Students will be able to:Explore and understand the various viable energy sources available to cities.Complete game simulationOrganize and synthesize information from game simulation and make informed decisions regarding energy sources.Research viable options for implementation of an energy plan that will be presented in a community forum.Communicate and defend their decisions for viable energy sources to the community.Reflect upon individual learning experiences to answer an inquiry based question.

Essential QuestionHow should Metro-Nashville supply energy to the community to best support the economy, the environment, and consumption needs?

Lesson Sequence Lesson and Activities:Entry Event: Video from Mayor Karl Dean presenting scenario based on the essential questionBrainstorm the Need to Know: Biology- types of energy sourcesSocial Studies- budget and energy available to Nashville , process in which government makes decisionsAlgebra- review basic mathematical processes and skills utilizing energy conversion scenariosEnglish II- learn the parts of reflective essayForm teams within biology classResearchBiology- the types of sources Collaborative WebquestSocial Studies- individual webquest on how decisions are made and Nashvilles use of energyPowerVille Game: Individually but each team member will play a different version of the game (different energy needs and budget)Present and compare results of game with team membersDevelop a group recommendation for Nashville scenarioPresent findingsBiology- construct recommendations and present for public audienceEnglish II- reflective essay

Formative Assessment:Biology- webquest and game simulationSocial Studies- webquestAlgebra- quiz-quiz-trade on energy conversionsEnglish II- rough draft of reflective essay

Differentiation: Teams will be formed based on interests and strengthsScaffolding provided for webquests, game, and discussion

Resourceshttp://www.p21.org/overview/skills-framework/57 http://www.state.tn.us/education/ci/sci/index.shtmlPowerVille game simulationWebquests, library guides,