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Transcript of potter craft SPRING watson-guptill - a1018.g. potter craft& watson-guptill ... points employed...

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    SPRING 2011

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    Making Color Sing, 25th anniverSary

    editionPractical lessons in Color and design

    Jeanne Dobie

    Through clear, illuminating exercises, this brilliant book stimulates new ways to think about color, generating responses that unlock personal creativity and allows artists to express themselves with paint as never before.

    Color is one of the never-ending mysteries of paintingthere isalwaysmoretodiscoverandexplore. Inthirty-onepracticalandstimulatinglessons,authorJeanneDobieoffersinsightsintowaystousebothcolorandcompositiontomakepaintingscomealive.

    JEANNE DOBIE is a nationally recognized artist. Educated atthe Philadelphia Museum School of Art (now the PhiladelphiaCollege of Art), she served on the faculty of Moore Collegeor Art, Philadelphia, until 1981. Known for her fresh approachto color and design, she has conducted workshops throughoutthe United States and in Europe. She is listed in Whos Who in American Art and is an elected member of both the AmericanWatercolor Society (AWS) and the National Watercolor Society(NWS).Herworkisrepresentedinmanycollections,includingthecollectionoftheFryeMuseuminSeattleandtheprivatecollectionofHenriMarceau,formerdirectorofthePhiladelphiaMuseumorArt.Shehasservedasjurorfornationalexhibitions,includingtheAmericanWatercolorSociety.

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    ConteMPorary drawing

    key Concepts and techniques

    Margaret Davidson

    Serious beginning to professional-level artists seeking advanced explorations of the conceptual and technical foundations of mod-ern era and contemporary drawing.

    Drawing has recently experienced a renewal of importance intheartworld;infact,ithasrarelybeenaswidelyrepresentedinthebiennials,artfairs,andexhibitionsasitisnow.Contemporary Drawing exploresthisresurgencethroughilluminatingdiscussionsonthehistoricalandconceptualunderpinningsofcontemporarydrawing, which are then reinforced and illustrated with specificdrawingexamples/techniquesbymoderneramastersandleadingcontemporaryartists.

    MARGARET DAVIDSON has a BFA from the UniversityofMichiganandanMFAfromtheUniversityofWashington.Shehas taught at the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Washington State,at Indiana University, and at the University of Washington. SheisrepresentedbySAMRental/SalesGalleryandtheEdisonEyeGallery, both located in Seattle. Davidson currently teachescourses in Drawing from Modern Masters, the Aesthetics ofDrawing, and Advanced Drawing Techniques at the GageAcademyofArtinSeattle,Washington.

    ArtDrawing9x 11;192 pages;135full-colorillustrations978-0-8230-3315-7$35.00 hardcover(Canada:$40.00)ON SALE 4/19/2011


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    drawing FantaStiC FurrieS

    the ultimate guide to drawing anthropomorphic Characters

    Christopher Hart

    Targeted to the broadest range of furrydom fans, from aspiring artists who enjoy drawing animals, comics, and fantasy art to the ardently devoted fans of all things furry.

    Furries, also known as anthros (for anthropomorphic creatures)are human-animal hybrids. Hugely popular in contemporarymedia, furries appear in fantasy art, comics, webcomics, gam-ing platforms, TV, movies, and are the stuff of myth and magic.Drawing Fantastic Furries introduces readers to the basic con-cepts of creating half-man/half-beast characters, and to thevarietyofstylesinwhichtheyaredrawn.Anentiremenagerieofspeciesisdemonstratedinthefurrystyle.

    CHRISTOPHER HARTistheworldsbestsellingauthorofdraw-ing and cartooning books. They have set the standard for artinstruction with 3.1 million English-language copies in print, andhave been translated into 20 languages. Renowned for up-to-the-minute content and easy-to-follow steps, all of Harts bookshavebecomestaplesforanewgenerationofaspiringartistsandprofessionals, and they have been selected by the AmericanLibrary Association for special notice. Visit him on the web atchrishartbooks.com.

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    ALSO BY CHRISTOPHER HART:Cartoon Cute Animals978-0-8230-8556-9 $21.99paper(Canada:$25.99)

    Manga for the Beginner Chibis978-0-8230-1488-0$21.99paper(Canada:$26.99)

    Manga Mania Chibi and Furry Characters978-0-8230-2977-8 $19.95paper(Canada:$24.95)

    Manga for the Beginner978-0-8230-3083-5$21.95 paper(Canada:$25.95)

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    extreMe PerSPeCtive! For artiStS

    learn the Secrets of Curvilinear, Cylindrical, Fisheye, isometric, and other amazing Systems

    that will Make your drawings Pop off the Page

    David Chelsea

    This book, with its accompanying DVD of grids, serves as an essential tool for any artist who works from the imagination, from architects to animators, beginners to seasoned professionals.

    Featuring an entertaining, step-by-step graphic novel format,Extreme Perspective! For Artistsexploresthemoredramaticview-pointsemployedbytodayscomicsandgraphicnovelartists.

    DAVID CHELSEAisacartoonistandillustratorwhohascontrib-utedworktotheNew York Times,theWall Street Journal,theNew York Press,Chicago Tribune,Readers Digest,Seattle Weekly,Bos-ton Phoenix,andPortland Monthly.Hiscelebritycaricatureshavedecorated the Eight Day Week page in the New York Observersince1995,andheillustratedtheModernLovecolumnfortheNew York Timesstylesectionfrom2004to2008.Davidistheauthorofthegraphicnovels David Chelsea in LoveandWelcome to the Zone; andtheclassichow-totutorial,Perspective! For Comic Book Artists. Visithimonthewebatwww.dchelsea.com.

    ArtDrawing7 x10;176pages;175black-&-whiteillustrations978-0-8230-2665-4$21.99paperback(Canada:$24.99)On sale 2/15/2011


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    Perspective! for Comic Book Artists 978-0-8230-0567-3$21.95 paper(Canada:$24.95)


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    Fine art wedding PhotograPhy

    how to Capture images with Style for the Modern Bride

    Jose Villa and Jeff kent

    This beautiful guide to the next big thing in wedding imagery will inspire semi-pro and professional wedding photographers to update their style with the fresh, contemporary look todays brides want.

    JoseVilla,ayounggunofthenewwaveofweddingphotographersand a front-runner of fine art wedding photography, shows weddingphotographersofalllevelshowtoevolvepastphotojournalismtothehigher-end,morestylizedlooktodaysbrideswant,withspecificdesign,composition,posing,andlightingtechniquesthatwillmakeanybridesweddingphotoslooklikethepagesofaglossylifestylemagazine.

    JOSE VILLAisaleaderinanewwaveofweddingphotographythatprioritizes design. A graduate of Brooks Institute, Joses work com-bines elements of photojournalism, formal portrait techniques, andinnovativefine-artshooting.Joseshootsanaverageof50weddingsayearandregularlyworkswithmagazinesonfeaturesabouttheartand business of wedding photography. His images have been pub-lishedinMartha Stewart Weddings, InStyle Weddings, Modern Bride, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, The Knot, Brides, American PHOTO, PDN, Rangefinder, andmanymore.HeisaregularspeakeratWPPIand teaches at Brooks Institute. He can be found at josevilla.com.JEFF kENTistheformermanagingeditorofProfessional Photog-rapherandPEI>Photo Electronic Imagingmagazines,andthecurrenteditoratlargeforPPAPublications.Hehaspublishedmorethan500articles on professional photography in such magazines as Profes-sional Photographer, American PHOTO Wedding and Portrait Guide, and Destination I Do. He has earned numerous publishing industryaccolades.VisitJeffatjeff-kent.com.

    PhotographyTechniques81/2x10;160pages; 200full-colorphotographs978-0-8174-0002-6$29.99paperbackwithflaps(Canada:$34.00)On sale 3/29/2011


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