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Welcome to seminar series 2013-141


Patel Dipak H.5th Sem. M. Sc. Soil science and Agricultural chemistryN. M. C. A., N. A. U., Navsari Major AdvisorDr. H. M. PATELAssistant Professor Department of soil scienceN. M. College of Agriculture N. A. U., Navsari - 396 450Minor AdvisorDr. D. D. PATEL Associate Professor Department AgronomyCollege of Agriculture, Bharuch N. A. U., Navsari- 396 450POTASSIUM DYNAMICS IN SOIL AND ITS IMPACT ON CROP PRODUCTION2

3 Introduction PotassiumThe role of potassium in increasing the yield of crops and improving the quality of produces has been in the agenda of soil scientists.Potassium is the most abundant macronutrient in soils. It is also the seventh most common element in the lithosphere which contains on average 2.6% potassium. The total potassium content of Indian soils varies from 0.5 to 3.0%. Total potassium present in soils, more than 98% occurs in primary and secondary minerals and the rest occurs in either fixed or non-exchangeable form or exchangeable (adsorbed) form or in soil solution.


Role of Potassium to increase crop yield4 Increases growth and improves drought resistance for crop. Activates many enzyme systems. Maintains turgor; reduces water loss and wilting. In photosynthesis and food formation. Reduces respiration, preventing energy losses. Enhances translocation of sugars and starch. Produces grain rich in starch. Builds cellulose and reduces lodging. To helps for crop diseases resistance.


Das (2004)5


FORMS OF SOIL K6 There are four forms of K in soil:

Solution KExchangeable KFixed or non exchangeable KStructural or mineral K


1. Soil Solution K7This is the potassium present in soil solution and measured by extracting the soil with distilled water.Amount of water-soluble K generally comparable to those determined by electro-ultrifilitration, a technique proposed by Nemeth (1979).Water-soluble K in soil may vary form 1 to 10 ppm in soil.Solution K concentration is important for successful crop production specially maturity condition for crop.


2. Exchangeable K8This is potassium held in the exchange complex of 2:1 layer silicates.soil containing mica group (