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Transcript of Positive Is Better Than Negative - Buddhist Church of Oakland · PDF file Happy belated...

  • Positive Is Better Than Negative BY REV. HARRY GYOKYO BRIDGE THIS STATEMENT, “POSITIVE IS better than negative,” is something

    that occurred to me over the summer.

    It’s not an absolute statement – I am

    actually very open to poking holes in it.

    But for now I would like to share a few

    of my ideas relating to this idea.

    I think where it works is in the sense

    of taking a positive attitude rather than

    being negative. So instead of complain-

    ing, try and come up with a construc-

    tive response. It’s so easy to complain! It

    takes more work to try and turn things

    around and come up with a solution, or

    at the very least an alternate viewpoint.

    But this can be taken too far as

    well – if we just say “don’t complain”

    then we might be silencing a legiti-

    mate critique. The freedom to com-

    plain and criticize is very important

    to me, it is important to democracy.

    When we aren’t allowed to complain

    we are in big trouble. But we also need

    to be willing to help change things.

    Another way to view this statement

    “positive is better than negative” is to try

    and look at things from a positive point

    of view. Something that we initially view

    as negative could actually have positive CONTINUED ON PAGE 9

    IN THIS ISSUE Minister’s Message 1 & 9 President’s Message 1 American Sutra Event Flyer 2 Momiji Kai News 3 HŌ-ON Service Teams 3 Dharma School News 3

    Keirokai and Eitaikyo Service info 4 Coming Back to BCO 5 & 9 BCO Youth Club Flyer 5 Otsukimi Information Flyer 6 October Shotsuki Service 7 November Busshin Deadline Info 7

    BCO Halloween Party Flyer 8 A BIG Arigato! 9 BCO Kids Club - Oct Event 10 2019 Obon Festival 11 New Tansu for Shinran Shonin 11 Calendar 12-13

    VOL 62 NUM 10

    O C

    T O

    B E

    R 2

    0 19

    I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO attend and help at the 16th World Bud-

    dhist Women’s Convention held in San

    Francisco. It was an experience that I

    will never forget. I was able to see and

    acknowledge Monshu Ohtani Kojun

    while working with Jeff Hisaoka hand-

    ing out swag bags to attendees at reg-

    istration. The committee did a wonder-

    ful job with the conference with the

    number of different workshops and the

    guest speakers. To top off the activities

    was the banquet, where I was seated

    with attendees from other countries,

    other states and districts. It took me

    and other attendees out of our com-

    fort zones and gave us the opportu-

    nity to engage with people we would

    never have met if not for this event.

    The next conference will be in

    Kyoto, Japan in 4 years, May 2023, in

    time to celebrate 850th Anniversary

    of Shinran Shonin’s birth and 800th

    Anniversary of the Establishment of

    the Jodo Shinshu Teaching. I hope you

    will consider taking the time to at-

    tend. It will be a very special event. n

    President’s Message BY RON NOMURA

  • OCTOBER 20192


    Saturday, October 5, 2019 2-4pm

    Duncan Ryuken Williams

    AMERICAN SUTRA A BCO Life Enrichment Event made possible by

    The Nakashima-Masuyama Fund Buddhist Church of Oakland

    825 Jackson Street (at 9th), Oakland, CA 94607 510-832-5988 – e-mail: [email protected]

    (American Sutra book available - $30 donation appreciated)

    There is no admission charge and the public is welcomed – Limited free parking

  • OCTOBER 20193

    IT HAD BEEN ABOUT TWO months since we finally got together

    on Thu, August 18. It was great to see

    our friends again. Our Ms. Patty was

    on board for our usual Yoga exercises

    and we thank Patty for helping us to

    limber up our aching bones. Thank you

    very much Patty.

    We talked about plans for the

    remainder of the year. Holding a dim

    sum luncheon, and perhaps a movie

    in September. In November, we look

    forward to having June and Harry

    Bergland join us to talk about their

    fabulous trip to Tanzania and join-

    ing the couple will be Ernie Lao, their

    friend and photographer who was

    able to join them on their fabulous

    trip. After talking with June, I, my-

    self, became excited and am looking

    forward to hearing their story. I also

    understand Mr. Lao was able to take

    many photos of interest during this

    trip. We will probably hold a year-end

    luncheon also and then it will be the

    end of the year. How time does fly!. n

    Momiji Kai News BY NANCY YAMAMOTO

    HŌ-ON Service Teams THE HO-ON SERVICE TEAMS ARE LISTED BELOW. IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN CONTACTED AND and you would like to help on a team, please call the office (510) 832-5988 or email [email protected] We

    welcome all members and friends of the BCO to be part of a Host Group, so feel free to invite your children and

    extended family to help out on the teams. Please note that these service teams do not affect our BCO Bazaar & Food

    Festival shifts or our Obon Festival shifts. Your help at these two major fundraisers is still vital to the life of our church.

    In Gassho, The BCO Board of Directors n

    HO-ON SERVICE TEAM 3: (Responsible for Oct. 2019)

    Jon Takagaki (Leader)

    John & Stacy Eastly

    Don & Clare Kaneshige

    Akiko Kaneshige

    Jane Koizumi

    Carlo Manaois

    Akashi & Jan Wiley Matsuno

    Nancy Nakatani

    Robert & Gayle Noguchi

    Dick & Agnes Sasaki

    Richard & Tsuneko Seiki

    Mimi Sullivan

    Jon & Linda Takagaki

    Mark & Erin Takemoto

    Sharon Tatai

    Eddie & Terry Yokoyama

    Janis Yoshisato-Cavey

    HO-ON SERVICE TEAM 4: (Responsible for Nov. 2019)

    Gail Ryujin (Leader)

    Steve & Lynn Chung

    Clifford & Lillian Endo

    Donald & Kathy Endo

    Kay & Setsuko Endo

    Michael Endo

    Karen Hashimoto

    Takako Honda

    Norma Hoshide

    Rick & Gayle Inada

    Ruby Kuritsubo

    Mary Hatsuko Mitsuda

    Ken & Jane Mitsuda

    Katsuyo Murakawa-Jan

    Dennis Nakamura

    Rich & Karen Owoc

    Gail Taniwa-Ryujin &

    Gail Ryujin

    Larry & Jane Wong

    DHARMA SCHOOL IS BACK IN full swing. We have a full year of

    events and will be looking forward

    to sharing them with you. We would

    like to welcome some new students

    to Dharma School! Please say hello

    to Toshiharu and Keuta Hollins, Drake

    and Derek Pedersen, and Gil and

    Daniel Tanemura-Fernandes.

    Happy belated birthday to

    Dharma School students: Frank-

    lin Anderson, Emiko Masamori,

    Samia Neishi, and Noemi Nguyen.

    And happy birthday to our

    October and November birthdays!

    Sachi Anderson, Gil Fernandes-

    Tanemura, Keuta Hollins, Mason

    Kim, Colin Kwong and JJ Sarmiento.

    Finally don’t forget the

    Halloween party on Sunday,

    October 27. Get your spooky on! n

    Dharma School News BY CINDY SAKAI

  • OCTOBER 20194


    Come celebrate our BCO Senior members with service and


    Speaker for both events: Rev. Harry Gyokyo Bridge,

    Resident Minister, Buddhist Church of Oakland

    Public is welcomed to attend - Donations are appreciated, but not required. Coffee, juice and breakfast treats available from 9:00am in the Social Hall.

    Buddhist Church of Oakland 825 Jackson Street, Oakland CA 94607 – 510-832-5988


    Keirokai Service & Luncheon

    Sunday, October 20, 2019

    10:00am: Keirokai Service

    11:30am: Keirokai Luncheon

    Eitaikyo Service

    Sunday, November 17, 2019

    10:00am: Family Dharma Service

    10:45am: Adult Service

  • OCTOBER 20195

    I GREW UP AT BUDDHIST CHURCH of Oakland (BCO), which means that

    I attended this church as a kid simply

    because four generations of my fam-

    ily had done so. I once read that the

    Japanese government in the Tokuga-

    wa period mandated that members of

    the same family belong to the same

    religious school and that is partly

    where this passive dynamic origi-

    nates. Factoids aside, I was always a

    Jodo Shinshu Buddhist without having

    declared myself one. At some point

    in my adulthood, I came to under-

    stand Buddhism’s role in my life in a

    way that allowed me to affirmatively

    identify as Jodo Shinshu Buddhist.

    Recently, a whole host of causes and

    conditions allowed me to come back

    to church regularly. So I started show-

    ing up again at Sunday services, just

    as I had when I was a kid, but it still

    felt somewhat passive. Admittedly, I

    wondered whether it was necessary

    for me to become an official “church

    member” in light of the fact that my

    parents were. And if it was,