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Our Spring edition for 2013 features a wide selection of items for people of Polish heritage. This issue features a large selection of items for Polish Easter celebrations, including Śmigus Dyngus.

Transcript of Polart Spring 2013 Catalog

  • Butter Mold Instructions:1.Insertdryandassembledmoldintoafreezerfor30-40minutes2.Removeitfromthefreezer,coatwithnon-stickcookingsprayandfillwithsoftenedbutter



    Please note: it is important to allow air flow to reach all sides of mold when drying. If one side is left wet while the other sides dry, warping could occur. .

    Easter Lamb Wooden Butter Mold Mold measures approximately 4.5 W x 2.5 H x 1.5 D. #KOR101 - $39.95

    Easter Chick Wooden Butter Mold Mold measures approximately 3.75 W x 2.75 H x 2 D. #KOR103 - $29.95

    Folding Easter Cube Butter Mold Mold measures approximately 2.7 L x 2.7 W x 2.8 H. #KOR102 - $49.95

    Hand Carved Butter Molds


    (800) 278-9393



  • Wooden Arteggs Created by award winning artisans in Poland. Stand not included. Chicken size. #4353003 - $14.95

    Vividly Painted Wooden Egg, Set of 2 Handcrafted wooden eggs with strikingly beautiful hand paintings ornamenting the egg. Measures: 2.25 H x 1.75 D. Made in Poland #250402 - $12.95

    Hand Painted Wooden Eggs, Set of 2 Measure 2.4 H x 1.7 D. #250407 - $12.95

    Hand Painted Wood Eggs Choose from one of the following sizes: Robin - 4 pcs. Sm. Chicken - 3 pcs. Chicken - 2 pcs. Turkey - 1 pc. #250400 - $9.95

    Small Painted Wooden Eggs, Set of 3 Hand painted. 1.25 H x 0.8 D #250406 - $12.95

    Add a beautiful Brass Egg Stand to display your Easter Eggs. Measures 0.5 H x 1.5 D. #435994 - $6.95


    2 For more great Easter Decorations visit www.PolandByMail.com

    Laying Easter Lamb, 3.5 inches Tall The artist uses wood, plaster, paper, bark, moss and selected grass planted for hay. Measures 4.0 L x 1.75 W x 3.5 H. Made in Poland #VA007 - $9.95

    Rooster Wycinanki, Real Chicken Egg Decorated using traditional Polish paper-cutting techniques#250408 - $16.95

    NaturalChicks Bunny Family

    Hand Painted Easter Eggs Sold individually. Select from Chicks, Natural, Bunny, or Family. Made using real eggs. #4353009 - $8.95

  • Alleluja Series Sleeves #260301

    Krakowski Cartoon #260302

    Folk Series Sleeves #260303

    Faberg Series Sleeves #260304

    A-D Easter Egg Sleeves, Set of 4Collectionof4differentStyles;Alleluja,Cartoon,Folk,andFaberge.Eachsetcontains10designs.#260300-$13.95

    Sold individually: $3.95 eachBuy 2 or more, get 10% Off!





    Brass Egg StandMeasures0.5Hx1.5D.#435994-$6.95

    Pressed Amber EggThischicken-sizedeggismadeofamberchunksandamberdust,melteddownandthencombinedwithplastic.Measures2.25highx1.75indiameter.#AMB045 - $29.95


    4 Tall Easter SheepHandmadeoutofnaturalproducts.#VA006-$9.95

    Pysanky in the 21st CenturyBy Helen BadulakPysankyinthe21stCenturyisauniquebookthatputsanewspinonthetraditionalfolkartofUkrainianPysanky(EasterEggs).Duringeachcentury,traditionsevolve,change,andexpand.Whilestickingtothefoundationofthefolkart,HelenBadulakhasspentthelast35yearsmasteringUkrainianPysankyandturningherworkfromafolk


    Religious, 5 Card SetMixedset.Measure:4.6x6.5,Envelopesincluded.#PCS227-$9.95

    Easter Eggs, 5 Card SetMixedSet.Measure:4.6x6.5,Envelopesincluded.#PCS228-$9.95

    Easter Postcards, Set of 9MixedSetwithPolishmessages.Measure:4.25x5.5.#PCS803-$9.95

    Easter Mix, 10 Card SetMeasure:4.6x6.5,Envelopesincluded.#PCS229-$12.95


    Small Crystal Egg JarBuy2andsave10%Handetchedwithastarmotif. 3Dx4.5H #GAR515-$49.95

  • Baranek Wielkanocny - Easter Lamb, 3.25 Tall This hand-painted Easter Lamb is hand-made out of natural products, plaster and paper. Lamb measures approx. 2.5 L x 3 W x 3.25 H. Made in Poland #VA013 - $9.95

    Large Straw Ram Popular in Poland, these rams are handmade of straw, and held together by string (mostly red or gold colored). Some of them also have ribbon bows. Measures 6.9 L x 3.5 W x 9.8 H #660108 - $12.95

    Straw Palms, Sets of 3 Consecrated palm fronds are believed to have protective powers and are kept in the home for protection from misfortune. Hand woven from natural crops by villagers in Poland.A. #ARP393 12 L. $14.95B. #ARP395 23 L. $19.95C. #ARP394 30 L. $29.95

    Set of 2 Natural, Unfinished Wooden Eggs These eggs have a sanded surface and are ready to decorate. Measure 2.25 H #250409 - $6.95

    Easter Music CDs $19.95 eachBuy any 3 or more CDs for only $17.95 each!Visit us online at www.PolandByMail.com to listen to 30

    second samples of each song.

    Pieni Wielkanocne, Songs at Easter The Polish Army Choir sings 16 beautiful Easter songs #AB002

    Droga Krzyowa - The Way of the Cross 16 soothing Church songs. #AB003

    Gorzkie ale - Polish Army Choir Chants recounting Christs Passion and Crucifixion. #AB004

    Najpikniejsze Pieni Maryjne, Ave Maria 17 beautiful songs in praise of Mary. #AB005 Wesoych wit, Happy Easter 10oz Ceramic

    Mugs Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. Capacity: 10.1 fl.oz. Measures: 3.1 D x 3.7 H. Made in Poland A. #437118 Lamb and Chick $11.95B. #437117 Bunny and Lamb $11.95

    Easter Egg 4 Candles Sold individually. Colors vary. #BRA09 - $6.95 each

    4 For more great Easter Decorations visit www.PolandByMail.com

    Easter Gift Set A terrific value and a great way to prepare for your Easter Celebration. A $28.00 value pack now for only $22.95! Catch this limited time offer while supplies last. #435941 - $22.95

    Set includes:Polish Holdays: An Introduction This small holiday guide includes historical information, customs, recipes and even songs for the main holidays celebrated in Poland. 8.5 x 5.5, 28 pgs. #BK2573 - $9.95

    Easter Bunny Candle Measures 5.5 H. #BRA08 - $6.95

    Easter Egg Sleeves Contains three packets containing Childrens, Ukrainian, and Fantasia designs. Each packet has 7 unique designs. Easy to use and non-toxic material. #260102 - $9.95

    Wesoych wit, Happy Easter Button 2.25 in diameter. #435613 - $1.95

    Easter Gift Set

    A B C

    Easter Sunday Palms, Set of 2 Measure 10 H. #ARP403 - $7.95


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    Red & White Skull Hat Using a tie-back approach for adjustment, this cap always fits just right. One size fits all. 100% Polyester


    Rooster & Hen Large Coat Hanger With the tie-back approach for adjusting and back-flap, you can make this cap always fit just right. One size fits all. 100% Polyester #670605

    Straw Wall Mat Measures 78 x 33 #435961

    Republic of Poland Bolo Tie Ornament measures: 1.0 D. Rope measures: 19.25 Long. #850371G Antique Gold#850371S Antique Silver

    Polska with Eagle Metal Sign Each sign is richly enameled and follows a distinctive style that captures old time tradition for modern day use. Equipped with brass screw hole protector to prevent rust. Measures 25 L x 6 H. #AGS110

    Polska Avenue Metal Sign Each sign is richly enameled and follows a distinctive style that captures old time tradition for modern day use. Equipped with brass screw hole protector to prevent rust. 15.75 W x 3 H. #AGS102

    migus Dyngus White Tee This Universal Fit tee is available in sizes S-XXXL #9276-White - $15

    Polska Dog Tag A traditional ball chain is included. Tag: 1.2 L x 2 H. Chain: 38.0 L. #850379

    Polish Army Framed Eagle General Purpose Polish Army Eagle. 4.5 W. x 6.5 H. #LZ08

    Dingus Day White Tee This Universal Fit tee is available in sizes S-XXXL #9309-White - $15


    Red Polish American Appliqu Jacket Red cotton block front zip-up jacket with embroidered Polish-American Logo on front left side. It has a red and white striped collar and waistband. The jacket has two front pockets. Applique was made to match American and Polish national colors. 100% Cotton. Available in Adults sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, & XXXL. #435748

    Show Off your Pride this Dyngus Day with these

    Discounted Items

    migus Dyngus is a celebration held on Easter Monday that has traditionally involved boys sneaking into a desirable girls bedroom, dowsing her with

    water, and then thrashing her legs with a pussy willow. Attractive girls could expect to get very wet on migus Dyngus. In more modern Dyngus Day

    celebrations the girls splash the boys just as vigorously as the boys dowse the girls.

    Was $69.95Now Only $50

    Was $24.95Now Only $12

    Was $49.95Now Only $25Regularly

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    Was $29.95Now Only $12

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  • Polska Beach Towel Mark your spot on the beach with this cotton beach towel featuring a large Polish white eagle in the center. The beach towel is in the Polish national colors of red and white. Made with 100% Cotton. Measures: 59 L x 29.5 W #436801 - $28.95

    Witamy (Welcome) Doormat Welcome your guests and family at your front door with this unique doormat featuring the Polish welcome greeting Witamy. A very durable doormat made of natural fibers in a light beige color that has a flexible non-skid bottom layer. Measures: 15.75 x 23.6. #435015 - $29.95

    Polish Flags - #435230Internal 2 x 3 . . . . .