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Solution Trees 2013 spring comprehensive catalog.

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    Keep an eye out for these icons! Common Core 5Professional Learning Communities at WorkTM 11Professional Learning Communities 18Response to Intervention 19School Improvement 25Leadership 31Assessment 41Instruction 4721st Century Skills and Technology 55Literacy 59English Learners 63Youth at Risk 65Special Needs 67Classroom Management and Behavior 69Plan Books 74About Our Events 75Summits and Institutes 76Workshops 77Event Index 79Author and Associate Index 80Online Course Index 81Book and Video Index 82Order Form 83

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    New Releases

  • Common Core 5

    NEW! Common Core NOW InstitutePresenters: Cassandra Erkens, Douglas Fisher, RobinJ. Fogarty, TimothyD. Kanold, JuliK. Dixon, Francis(Skip) Fennell, and MaryKim Schreck

    August 1213 Boston, MA

    Common Core

    Top-notch guidance on anchor standards

    Youve unpacked the standards and started the implementation process. Now our experts take you deeper, equipping you with techniques for tackling specic requirements for English language arts and mathematics. Learn how to prepare for major instructional shifts embedded in the standards with Common Core-aligned curriculum design, resource selection, and assessment.

    Register now!

    Learning Outcomes

    Examine the student mathematical practices and the teacher instructional and assessment shifts necessary to signicantly impact student learning.

    Learn how to call on all students to apply complex reasoning to real-world issues and challenges.

    Gain up-to-date information on the work of the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessment consortia.

    Acquire strategies proven to help students develop the critical thinking skills demanded by the Common Core.

    Enable students to write logical arguments based on substantive claims, sound reasoning, and relevant evidence.

    Douglas Fisher

    TimothyD. Kanold

    RobinJ. Fogarty

    Cassandra Erkens

    Using Common Core Standards to Enhance Classroom Instruction & Assessment

    By RobertJ. Marzano, DavidC. Yanoski, JanK. Hoegh, and JuliaA. SimmsWith Tammy Heebower and Phil Warrick

    NEW! Discover how to weave an in-depth understanding of the Common Core into successful classroom practice with this two-part resource. Youll learn how to power the standards with guided assessment and measure student progress in a way that accurately reects learning. Included are hundreds of ready-to-use, research-based prociency scales for both English language arts and mathematics. 304 pages

    32BCABKL015 $34.95ISBN 978-0-9833512-9-0

    Published by Marzano Research Laboratory

    Gain a clear understanding of what the CCSS are, how they are organized, and how they can be used in the classroom.

    Learn how to integrate 21st century thinking and reasoning into instruction.

    Design learning goals and prociency standards geared toward individual students.

    Douglas Douglas


  • 6 Common Core solution-tree.com 800.733.6786

    Available April 2013 Leaders Guide

    32BCABKF578 $24.95ISBN 978-1-936764-13-6

    Common Core English Language Arts inaPLCatWorkseries

    By Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and CynthiaL. Uline

    NEW! These teacher guides illustrate how to sustain successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards for English language arts in K12 instruction, curriculum, assessment, and intervention practices within the powerful Professional Learning Communities at Work process. Teachers will discover the fundamental learning targets necessary for college and career readiness and how students can master them for each grade level. Each book includes comprehensive and research-afrmed analysis tools and strategies to help collaborative teams develop and assess student understanding.

    Grades K232BCABKF580 $29.95

    ISBN 978-1-936764-16-7

    Grades 3532BCABKF582 $29.95

    ISBN 978-1-936764-19-8

    Grades 6832BCABKF584 $29.95

    ISBN 978-1-936764-22-8

    Grades 91232BCABKF586 $29.95

    ISBN 978-1-936764-25-9

    NEW! Common Core for English Language Arts Workshops March 2728 Boston, MA September 2324 St. Paul, MN April 89 Santa Ana, CA December 23 Bellevue, WA

    Solution Tree is proud to partner with the International Reading Association and distinguished English language arts experts to copublish this series aligned with the CCSS and PLC at WorkTM process.

    Common Core

    Douglas Fisher

    Nancy Frey The CCSS for English language arts

    demand that students learn to justify their responses with evidence and to read increasingly complex text. Learn what changes to curriculum and instruction are necessary to meet the standards and ensure student achievement.

    Register now!solution-tree.com/workshops

    Identify the conceptual shifts in the CCSS for English language arts.

    Enumerate the anchor standards in reading, writing, speaking and listening, language, and foundational skills.

    Comprehend the components of text complexity, text-dependent questions, and close reading.

  • Common Core 7

    Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, Grades 38Presenters: DianeJ. Briars and TimothyD. Kanold

    Watch and learn how teachers in professional learning community classrooms successfully implement and apply the new standards in mathematics instruction.

    Included eBook: Common Core Mathematics in a PLC at Work, Grades 35

    CEU: 32BCAKDS034 $279.00Graduate Credit: 32BCAKDS035 $499.00


    Common Core Mathematics in a PLC WorkshopsPresenters: TimothyD. Kanold and JuliK. Dixon or JonathanA. Wray

    October 34 Bellevue, WA October 910 Glenview, IL

    Gain a plan to focus your time, energy, and resources on ways to successfully implement the CCSS for mathematics by reecting on current instruction, content, and assessment design. Learn practices to develop a comprehensive framework for improved student achievement.

    Register now!solution-tree.com/workshops


    Leaders Guide32BCABKF559 $24.95

    ISBN 978-1-936765-47-8Grades K2

    32BCABKF566 $29.95ISBN 978-1-936765-97-3

    Grades 3532BCABKF568 $29.95

    ISBN 978-1-936764-00-6

    Grades 6832BCABKF574 $29.95

    ISBN 978-1-936764-10-5

    High School32BCABKF561 $29.95

    ISBN 978-1-936765-50-8

    Common Core Mathematics in a PLC at Work series

    Edited by TimothyD. KanoldBy ThomaseniaLott Adams, Harold Asturias, DianeJ. Briars, JohnA. Carter, JuliK. Dixon, Francis(Skip) Fennell, David Foster, MardiA. Gale, TimothyD. Kanold, BethMcCord Kobett, MatthewR. Larson, Mona Toncheff, JonathanA. Wray, and Gwendolyn Zimmermann

    These teacher guides illustrate how to sustain successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards for mathematics. Discover what students should learn and how they should learn it at each grade level. Comprehensive and research-afrmed analysis tools and strategies will help you and your collaborative team develop and assess student demonstrations of deep conceptual understanding and procedural uency.

    Solution Tree is proud to partner with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and distinguished mathematics experts to copublish this series aligned with the CCSS and PLC at WorkTM process.

    Online Course

    Common Core

  • 8 Common Core solution-tree.com 800.733.6786

    The CCSS h