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Photo shoot plan
Photo shoot plan
Photo shoot plan
Photo shoot plan
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Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot Plan

Project title: Scream Magazine

I chose this title as it has clear connotations of rock music being loud and distorted like a scream. Some sub genres of alternative rock include screaming as well like metal core and hardcore rock. I think the title is perfectly suited for this genre of music. The verbal code SCREAM connotes the energy that rock music follows especially with the teens that my magazine targets.

Project: Alternative Rock Magazine

Project Description:

This will be the first ever issue of scream magazine. I aim to compete with other rock magazines such as ROCK SOUND, and Kerrang. SCREAM magazine aims to be in the style of my magazine of inspiration Rock Sound however have my own twist in terms of design and layout on the media product.


The photographer of the magazine will be myself in this case, as I understand what I want to achieve for my magazine. Technical Codes full body shots for the front cover especially for the front cover artists. Upper body and stage shots will be needed for the sub-stories in my magazine. I will be using my own professional DSLR camera to gain the best possible photographs. Lighting - I will keep my lighting relatively low to insinuate the darkness and anger of rock music. Post Production Will need to have the camera set up correctly, on a tripod and with the right settings adjusted such as the ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Reference images and ideas:

These images are suitable to use for image inspiration, as they are all images, which have been in previous rock blogs and social Medias. They are typical Rock magazine shots of artists and bend members wearing alternative rock clothes such as skinny jeans, checkered shirts and all branding tattoos somewhere on them. Which is exactly what the alternative style depicts.


I will use Lucas Kirkland as my model for my font cover artist. Lucas is alternatively dressed with a passion for modern rock which is shown through his look/fashion as well as his attitude.Lucas always wears alternative clothing such as skinny jeans and Vans shoes, which is stereotypically expected for a model for an alternative rock artist.

Model requirements:

The height of model doesnt matter but the shoot will make the model of a normal height by the placement on the front cover through the magazine. Stereotypes of my model will include skinny jeans preferably black and also long overgrown hair, which gives the impression of rock music well. Tattoos would be good but no one in the School has any because of age restriction so Photoshop editing will be needed in order to place tattoos on my model. The model is likely to be white as the stereotype for my target audiences are of white ethnicity.

Wardrobe and Look:

I would get my model wearing the alternative style clothing for example skinny jeans checkered shirts, vans or dr martens shoes. And oversized jackets would be preferable such as jean jackets.Props wise, Lucas will be presented without any instruments as he is a multi instrumentalist and plays a lot of instruments to many to be held in one photo.These clothes are part of the stereotypical fashion that music fans of rock music wear .

Hair and Makeup:

There will be no makeup necessary for my shoot as the models are all male and do not require any make up, however I will be air brushing their faces on Photoshop so that I get a great clear image for my front cover.My models hair will be scruffy and long a typical image for rock music. The scruffy hair denotes the energy and recklessness that stereotypically alternative rock fans do have.

Where: The double page spread shoot will be in an abandoned out house. The reason I have chosen an abandoned building is because it adds to the mystery and gothic appeal that alternative rock music has. The abandoned building is in Epsom Surrey and is a great place to set a photo shoot for an alternative rock magazine.

When:The double page spread shoot will take place this weekend on the 27th of September on the Sunday preferably in the day time so we can get enough light for a good photography shoot. Whenever me and my model can figure out an allocated time but no longer than the 5th of October as I aim to have these images edited and up to a good standard.Jonathan VillacciCandidate number: 1248