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  1. 1. Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot Plan Project title: Project: The Unseen Front Cover Photographs Project Description: 4 Page Magazine Hip Hop Spread For my project I will be taking photos of individuals from the skate park from an area like London where I will be able to find individuals who suit the hip hop scene as they listen to it more frequently. Photographer: I will be taking the photos for my DPS and front cover and will be using a variety of different shots and angles to capture not only the individual but also the background they come from and where hip hop has originated from, the streets. The technical code of a long shot may be used to capture graffiti and the fashion they are renowned for, however I may also capture some MCUs to denote what race they are and their general close up appearance. I plan to edit the photos I take on Photoshop CS5 to endorse high quality cropping and overall professionalism towards my pictures. I will use high key lighting as well to make The denotation of the masthead I am going to have presented in my new Hip- Hop magazine is The Unseen. The verbal code Unseen connotes how hip hop isnt always about showing off your talent, its everywhere and the Hip Hop Community is full of unseen talent. It is a suitable masthead and for the title and links very effectively with the meaning I explained about unseen talent as the artist shown on the left is hidden for the public eye yet has a lot of talent to show. It is clear and bold, but yet it doesnt stand out too much for it to be seen as bright and colorful but it is clear enough for the readers to see. I will have the masthead as a bold and clear capitalized title to show the reader and make sure they can clearly see the title. The font will be kept in black and the picture kept in colour because it can suggest how the unseen artist is full of talent yet is kept in the shadows due to the way the community hides away the talent.
  2. 2. Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot Plan the pictures look clear and stand out. Reference images and ideas: These are my 3 inspirational pictures when I think of hip hop, for example the graffiti can be seen as the background and show the sort of background also that the community comes from. The 3rd picture shows the two biggest names in hip hop wearing fashionable clothes keeping up with fashion and their street credit. The first picture represents the modern day hip hop fashion and how street credit and jewelry suggest you are well paid and higher than others. Reasons behind WHY these people are suitable Who do they look like? These people are suitable as they are individuals who have flair and stand out from the crowd. They are people who set the scene for hip hop and change the culture of fashion surrounding it because they are individual and outgoing. A lot of hip hop fans are looking for people who are different and therefore seek individuals who are diverse from others, this usually can be identified through their appearance or vocals and the three artists I have chosen have different distinctive ways in captivating the community so effectively. The top picture
  3. 3. Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot Plan shows an artist who focuses his hip hop individuality on his appearance and the community is constantly keeping an eye on his movements within the fashion side of hip hop. The Graffiti I chose as a hip hop picture is because people from the hip hop community generally come from a poor background and graffiti is one of few things the young community can do with the money they are being raised up with. Lastly the bottom pictures show two of the most successful artists in Hip Hop due to their distinctive voices and general appearance they show. These two artists have vocals that stand out from others helping fans around hip hop being attracted to this as they are something different and fans like change and individuality. Model requirements: Height isnt an issue with my Stereotypes/Fashion as long as they look in authority and trendy then thats what matters. Also these pictures inspired me because they denote the fashion well and the consumer and audiences age effectively. Wardrobe and Look:
  4. 4. Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot Plan These two items connote that the hip hop stereotype would have a lot of money to spend on his/her appearance but also that they care about how others look at them. Many artists from XXL and Vibe wear these accessories to stand out and are commonly used to show off how much money they earn. Hair and Make-up: I think the stereotypical hair type would be a straight fringed shaved head which would show they are cool and most of the hip hop community either goes for the shaved head or a long afro. Where: The shoot will take place by Ashtead station along the railway tracks next to an abandoned graffiti covered building that suits the ghetto look. This was taken with a mate who suites the hip hop scene mostly due to his fashion sense. This is a place where the health and safety is poor as it unsuitable for members of the public to use and the walkway is unstable. This therefore led us to have permanent adult supervision by our parents who kept watch of incoming trains and allowed us to take the photos in a safe, secure environment. When: 27/1/2015 This will take place at night to hide their identity and connote they are allowed outside and be able to roam the streets. I will use lighting and to shine on them to make it clearer; acting as a floodlight. 6-7pm.
  5. 5. Unit G321 Foundation Portfolio in Media Photo-shoot Plan I used iMessage to communicate with the model used in my magazine and asked for his permission of which he accepted and the following day we went on the shoot I uploaded the pictures so he could see the photographs we captured.