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1. By Thomas Payne and Jack ORegan 2. We took photos of each other for our poster, because we are both going to be putcentre for our poster idea. The reason me and Jack will be in our documentary is because the type ofdocumentary we are using (Reflective) shows the camera men and directors, doingthis to make it more realistic. 3. These twopictures aretrying toshow that weare strongcharacters,and thatfrom usingthe costumeof suitclothing's, itmight give usan edge ofmaturity aswell. 4. Thesepictures aresimilar to thefirst set ofpictures,sharing thesame pose,but stillgiving off therightmessage,that we bothlookpresentablefor our finalposter. 5. These twophotos are justtrying to lookgood, as forthe poster wewill need tolookpresentable inthe final piece,with maybedifferent posesfor each other. 6. This is an ideal picture of Jack for theposter, as he looks well presentable in thispicture. 7. All these photos are ideal for me and Jacks poster, after we get rid of thebackground. The main two pictures for our poster is undecided. Im going to be ask people for their opinions on the matter, as we want thepictures to be the best two, we want the people who will be watching ourdocumentary to make the final decision.