Photo Mug Sublimation Printing With Sublimation Equipments

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  1. 1. Photo Mug Sublimation Printing with Sublimation Equipments
  2. 2. It is very important to have a good quality environment at art place and the fact that the morale of workers' remains high constantly. When employees are happy and have working conditions that will be favorable, they will stay satisfied and that should ensure that their performance has reached its peak. How can any company assistance boost employee morale on the work place? Having promotional coffee mugs along at the work place is the best way that a company may also help boost employee well-
  3. 3. To transfer the design and style to the coffees mug, center your artwork to the coated sublimation mug, holding it set with heat-resistant video tape. Once centered and additionally taped, it is able to go into heat press.
  4. 4. Clamped inside the machine, the cup of is then orthopedic to intense temperature ranges for 3-5 minutes. During this point in time, the magic regarding sublimation happens.
  5. 5. Unlike other printing methods in which artwork in printed on top of a product, your design can actually be bonded with the product as a single. When heated to such temperatures, the dye-sub inks develop into gas- like, which is then absorbed inside the pores of your coated coffee pot.
  6. 6. After the home heating process, the mugs are removed from the machine, typically the heat- resistant tape and additionally paper is deleted, then the one of a kind coffee mugs they fit into a suitable container of water in order to cool the glass and bond the particular ink. Due towards ink being fused inside the mug, it is a new permanent customization that can withstand depreciation of years into the
  7. 7. The photo printing on mugs or photo mug printing doesn't fades, develops scratches, or gets peeled off with several washes. The design and the artwork will stay forever, that is the magic of sublimation printing. To have a personalized photo printing on mugs, you will need to personalize your mugs yourself with photo mug printing. The photo printing on mugs is done using a special sublimation coating, inks, sublimation paper, heat-resistant material, water, and a sublimation heat press.
  8. 8. Company: Nanjing Fei Yue PaperCompany: Nanjing Fei Yue Paper Industrial Co.,LimitedIndustrial Co.,Limited Add: Li Ao Building,No.323 CentralAdd: Li Ao Building,No.323 Central Road,Nanjing,Jiangsu,ChinaRoad,Nanjing,Jiangsu,China Tel: 86-25-85288894Tel: 86-25-85288894 Fax: 86-25-85288894Fax: 86-25-85288894 Website: www.feiyuepaper.comWebsite: