Sublimation Tranfer Paper On Sublimation Flag Printing

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  • Sublimation flag printing is a slightly various course of action thenstandard sublimation paper printing. This beacuse for flags it really is significant that the print is clearly visible in the backside from the fabric. Rather than using transfer paper the dye ink is printed straight onto the fabric, this way the fabric can absorb extra ink and disperse greater to the backside in the fabric.

  • For other tecniques see sublimation printing:GetWin paper has the largest sublimation production capacity in Vietnam.We've got 5 years experience in printing and colour calibration.Arrow presents sublimation printing to get a very good value, only utilizing the most beneficial inks.

  • No minimum quantity is required. The maximum printing width and press possess a width of 1.8m. The length is only limited by the length of your roll fabric.The distinctive kinds of sublimation fabric Feiyue paper has in stock are: Flag fabric: 110gsm This is a light weight fabric specially for flags. beach flags, country flags, solar flags, eclipse flags. when printed 90% of the color is transferred towards the backside.

  • This can be a fabric made use of for fabric light boxes as utilised Apple retailers.Oxford fabric: 220gsm This fabric might be utilized for table cloth, banners, curtains, paintings, cushions.Tent umbrella fabric: 300gsm coated fabric That is an oxford fabric having a water resistant coating on the backside.