Personalization imperative

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Transcript of Personalization imperative

Digital Fusion capabilities

Customer LoyaltyAND the Personalization Imperative

Personalization: Central to Customer Loyalty

Personalization Becomes Fundamental

Obstacles to Personalization

Top Digital Priorities - 2015

Segment Based Marketingfocuses on finding people for a product.Individually Personalized Marketingfocuses on finding a product for a person.Segmentation vs. Personalization

Achieving True 1:1 Personalization7

The Personalization Maturity Curve

Personalized Journeys Drive Business ROI

*Transforming Customer Experience: From Moments to Journeys, 2013

+36%Customer satisfaction+19%Likely to stay/renew+28%Willingness to recommend+33%Less likely to cancel/churn