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This lesson defines the personal narrative essay, covers the key features of the essay, and offers tips for writing a personal narrative.

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  • 1. The PersonalNarrative EssayAlicia Guarracino

2. Defining Personal Narrative Narrative Memoir Autobiography Biography Anecdote 3. Key Elements True story First Person POV (I, me, we, us) Story Structure Sensory Description, aka, Imagery Premise 4. Premise Simple statement that the narrator believes to be true. The events of the narrative work to illustrate the truth ofthis statement. Assignment Cue in Audio 5. Story Structure Freytags Pyramid Assignment Cue 6. Sensory Description (Imagery) Description that appeals to the senses-Visual-Auditory-Olfactory-Tactile-GustatoryAssignment Cue: 7. Tips for Your Personal Narrative Include all of the key elements. Focus on one event. Enter late. Exit Early. Break paragraphs when setting (time/place) changes, newpeople are introduced, plot points change, or at naturalshifts Edit by premise.