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From personal narrative to personal essay. Breathing life into Writing Standard 3. Personal Narrative vs. Personal Essay. Narratives: are about sharing a personal story. It doesn’t necessarily have a point to prove or show any growth or insight. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Breathing life into Writing Standard 3From personal narrative to personal White Rogers, Kentucky Department of Education1Personal Narrative vs. Personal EssayNarratives: are about sharing a personal story. It doesnt necessarily have a point to prove or show any growth or insight.use scene, characterization, plot, dialogue, pacing, imagery, conflict, setting.almost always are written in first person.

Personal Essays:use the narrative technique to explore a subject outside of yourself but through the lens of yourself.self is the evidence for the argumentanswer the question So what?EssayAn essay is your try at making your thoughts, ideas and feelings understood.

Its about your analysis of a subject in your own unique way.

It sets out to give insight to others or at least get an angle on an aspect of life.

Could be through pictures or other non-print text.

Personal essays are full of honesty. I Almost Saw This Girl Get Killed. Sedaris congratulates himself on witnessing such an interesting event (Ferris Wheel)

Its a conversation with a tryto examinean attempta weighing

Not your typical essayMay present an argument, but not consider counterclaims.It is evident that it is the writers opinion.Air-tight reasoning not a necessity.More subjective than objective.The point grows out of the story.Humor is often used and effective.Nouns and verbs are the heavy lifters. VerbingFollows the show dont tell rule.2nd person point of view sometimes used.Simplistic subject to illustrate a complex topic.

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life Some NumbersVerbing Nose around for some informationEye the competitionMouth a greetingElbow your friendStrong-arm your wife into buying the new carShoulder the blameFriend someone on FacebookDog your brother for doing something stupidThis topic is trending.He got yellow carded.My essay was workshopped at the writers conference.

Shakespeare: Grace me no grace, and uncle me no uncles.

6Stone Soup: What Does it Mean to Be Family, Anyway?In the catalog of family valuesFamilies change, and remain the same.When I was a childNow Ive replaced the dolls with a life.In the face of a thriving, parti-colored world, this narrow viewEvery parent has enduredBut its harder somehow to shrug offI had no ideaOnce upon a timeI started out like any childLike a cancer diagnosisIts awfully easy to hold contemptI know of no one who really went looking to hoe the harder rowBut most stuck aroundStillOnce youve weathered the straits...Tone. Argument that it is not the loss of traditional family that should be mourned, but other factors that cannot lead to a healthy childhood. The narrative is there to illustrate and offer evidence through self. Last paragraph on page 3 is an example of counterclaim rebuttal. Offers real evidence too from books like The Way We Never Were which is mentioned on page 4. 7The Davids (Barry and Sedaris)How to accomplish a humorous toneSpecificsHyperboleNaked truthsMake new words by turning them into a different part of speechMe Talk Pretty One DayCats weigh more than my IQ. Were my number translated into dollars, it would buy three buckets of fried chicken.His cleverness refutes his premise that hes an idiot.Did he even take an IQ test? Doesnt matter.


Non-print material is not to be overlooked as a way to express the same sort of feelings, moods or ideas. Photo essays are a popular way to let the world see (just like one might do with words) the idea. This artist, Chris Jordan, at has a unique way of using individual pieces used over and over to make the whole. 9Getting the FlowPolitical Correctness Gone AwryForbidden Nonfruit Link

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