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Writing a Personal Narrative

Slide MenuObjectives

ObjectivesRecognize the purpose, content, and form of a personal narrative.Choose a topic to write about.Plan, draft, revise, and edit a personal narrative essay.

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Slide MenuSlide 1-Title SlideSlide 2-ObjectivesSlide 3-What is a Personal Narrative?Slide 4-Choosing a Topic Slide 5-Planning Your Personal NarrativeSlide 6-Writing Your First DraftSlide 7-Revising & Editing Slide 8-Final Steps

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What is a personal narrative?A personal narrativetells the story of something that happened to the a specific experience or event in the writers life.invites the reader to experience what the writer has experienced .

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Choosing a topicTo write an effective narrative, select an experience that you feel strongly about.You can choose to write about an accomplishment, a happy moment in your life, a new experience, etc.

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Planning your personal narrative Organize your informationReview sensory details, such asSightSoundSmellfeeling

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Writing your first draft

IntroductionIntroduce the event.Grab your readers attention.Include important background information about the experience.Body Include key actions, showing how you reacted to the event.Add sensory details to create effective images.Work in your personal thoughts and feelings whenever they add interest to your narrative.Maintain suspense!ConclusionWind down after the climax.Provide final thoughts and feelings.

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Revising & Editing

Be sure each main part (the beginning, the middle, and the ending) works well.Change any parts that seem confusing or incomplete.Pay special attention to your writing voice. Do you sound truly interested in the experience?Use specific words that reflect your feelings about the experience.Be sure your sentences read smoothly.

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Final StepsMake all necessary revisions.Construct final draft.Choose a title that reflects the main point of the narrative.

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