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1. "3?.3 2 RebelMouseManaging Permissions for User Generated Content in Marketing Campaigns andSocia/Ads 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSPERMISSIONSThe Case forPermissions Pages 3-6+ Wny Permissions are necessary+ Case Study:Shebli/ ShePermissionsOverview Pages 7-77+ Permissions Workow+ Permissions ChecklistDefining Permissions Pages 72-37Considerations Pages 32-39 + Using Permissions forSocial Ads+ Tips forgood calls to action+ Legal Considerations 3. The Case for Permissions+ Why permissions are necessary+ Case Study:ShebyShe (r - v3RebelMouse Rebe| Mouse,Inc.2014 4. WHY PERMISSIONS ARE NECESSARYThere's no doubt about it, we are addicted to usergenerated content.By some estimates,it turns out millennials consider it 20 percentmore influential and 35 percent more memorable than brandedmessages,and they're 50 percent more likely to find it trustworthySource:CrowdtapThe best content solves problems,helps you with work and leisure,informs or entertains.This takes a lot of planning and effort.It also appears that some of the very best content comes directly from people themselves. User-generated content (UGC) is often what brands need to cement the relationship between current and potential customers.But it requires a level of trust - brands give people a community to share content and gain accolades,and people give brands content that can be shared to reenforce a brand idea. Trust is based on explicit permissions that people grant the brand when submitting content to a community or forum.However,with social networks such as Twitter that are open and public in nature,gaining explicit permission can be challenging ofteninvolving the exchange of direct correspondence. UGC as part of a marketing campaign or real- time social advertising can result in hundredsor thousands of submissions,which are tough to leverage in realtime to show momentum behind a campaign. With Rebel Roar - RebelMouses enterprise solution for Brands,Publishers and Media companies,we have created permissions automation - a system that automates the communication between a brand and the person submitting content.This is accomplished in such a way as to make it easy for brand community managers to get approval on content and to drive more traffic from the followers of the person whose content is being showcased. This guide describes how to set up your Rebel Roar site to use permissions,how to configure a new hashtag campaign that will use permissions to showcase UGC,and lays out what people submitting content will see on their end. 5. CASE STUDYPermissions to Drive EngagementThis case study describes how ShebyShe,a women's opinion site dedicated to giving women a voice and sharing what they think about key issues,leveraged usergenerated content to drive participation for its surveys. P RebelMouse ic,Rebe| Mouse,Inc.2014 6. Pinto sl1eh, 'sle (cmHSheByShe is a women's opinion site dedicated to giving women a voice.We conduct topical opinion surveys and share the results at SheByShe. com and across social media.We turned to Rebelll/ louse to create a more dynamic online presence and to increaseengagement around our content. We easily created a campaign about sharing marriage photos to complement a recent opinion poll on marriage.Our engagement metrics soared as women shared their favorite engagement andwedding photos. With permissions we felt secure in sharing content while maintaining trust with our followers. IIJulie McHenry Founder,ShebyShelI , as X ,.g.3 r I .5 I ..r" at" i ll .5?!fl ,. atgr . ,"/W ,2 E ll. 1 - v3RebelMouse Rebe| Mouse,Inc.2014 8 9. PERMISSION AUTOMATION WORKFLOWUser-generated content plays an important role in reenforcing brand ideas, however,explicit permission is critical to creating the trust necessary for meaningful connectionsIV< .L j Send user shout out tweet n]:g - ten:Approved posts /go live Turn on Permissions ,. Semi PstS to Spread great ideas Configure #hashtagrequest approval .campaign sourceAdd a frozen post to your Rebel Roar site announcing the Send CTA Tweet Campaignwith permissionUsers submit content 10. + Permissions Checklist K , ~*', , , >I , as X ,.g.3 r I .5 I ..r" at" w IL .5?!fl ,. atgr . ,"/W ,2 E ll. 1 - v3RebelMouse Rebe| Mouse,Inc.2014 10 11. PERMISSION CHECKLISTPrint this checklist to ensure that you have completed all the steps necessary to approve submissions* 7. Setup0 Turn on Permissions and Shout Outsin5. Browse UGCC] Browse UGC in drafts folderV2. Configure Campaign 3. Announce0 Select #hashtag C] Freeze post on Rebel SiteC] Define Permission text 0 Post via other channels include #hashtag 0 Route #hashtag content to drafts 6. Request Approval 2 Curate UGC0 Select UGC for approval 0 UGC automatically added tosite0 Pin content where needed4. Call To Action0 Tweet #hashtagQ8. Review0 Review stats and most popular UGC 12. Defining Permissions+ Setup & Configuration + Campaign + Approvals + Experience+ Resultsto Rebeimouse,inc 2014 13. + Setup & Configuration1 - 3RebelMouse 14. SETUP guncut-mp-niuuiomWinuwrxnu mm n may or mam mama n mm . iwc. mm Cmvwn 1. / K1 mmm-am M17 N'W pvvnsvvs M. .. Nnm mm,nnxw you Imam mm [)tWV"(m mm H W.m ! na7i. r1trvoirrnru*airu: 'Vi'uvvtmniasmn in-1roi>i. tuvNoa4mtPovi'vnne'uvaomir' .1a"s'ab and It MI semiari may ~s Vh ma ~.1 -we In ma- user was rig their awayan IVWIIKQ in am I NM Oil . i1pa~vss uri Imrvmm bouw nnd ruin sum '0 .1 50 um UM SW. vu'Qrl'oa1li)I'VitX"iVI7 . rS| v m may m mmas-no-11.. -.-I. Turn on Permissions T T "'""""'"""mm. .. to. .. -mu llmomnnrua R:.. m..Kwmln)twin-van n.IIM . . .. 9w~vIe yxxd my3. Customize permission tweet 4. Select multiple permission responses D"""'""""'"'Psxzlvmeo rv-akss r.smyloi mm and wnlsmts to tenure met Satevialm (Emmi!W at aarioaqrs m ml mm mm mrvvssxvrs -mm wrvm nnrmg n mm;p.can 'WMlVhAVD1V'Vo)" Run . . M In team:mm mmemav-my ran the mansvao siwy on '2 t>ur'm'Peqesv>e1'vtc'a'ar a oosi n , w mailman and n will mm mm tram your Iii-ma TMVm'l1hcna"nV.4sw rLv.1.asiNl my am saw:imVvapi9wdwi'mty0vuseox: rud oaam rsuymmwayiurnazmgl mwewiiarmwuiy we wmyouameivasegieumosa mm5. Select handle to send requests frommusmmm Damsuan mama bsowmd mamsme re use useou Stout 0.:rod to ngnm D:am am irwm lsssrvroaon-Aura-uu. uPermissions are enabled in the "Shout Out . .,. ... ... ... ... . and Permissions" section of the admin.= -n-mm S'~9vSiw-0|-9!Show Dtlmlnlmtuea wvlt.M-ikvuuiiwsandlrv vow mmmmn ciumuwmm am. -mm Oxxmqlvnneipawmwnvdpurmiunrimuetlvovvuconsole.Osmbvsm 15. CON FIGURE CONTENT SOURCESQuauinusc 0 ~-mvnv, _.. _._."SheByShe' dashboard 1.. ... . to , ; , ,,,bus *'s*= -3-'l>*~s" 0, , mm m M mix cw. .. .13.. .."In the Content Sources section,the brand can configure hashtags to publish to the Draftslo-en-nI. -u-nu.1u| m-14--iInl1-uIkhI~II. u-t ,lblizrzsi S a In area.g g was 1 g . ... m.. ... ,.i. ..u. ... i.. .., .i. ... ... ... ... i.. . . . i. ... ... ... ... .. . i. run ruuuuu an-rayon-in-. nr-an. -11-nun. -1..In-:1-.1 no I mom-upon """"'ID. II| uIrurnu~ I H . ...on-DAM nm. ... ..u. n.. ~ nus:g g g .hoooook 1 laounnnnocpngu.elFnubookanuairn m. .~. .;. ... .m. m.. .. Innngmn 1 Q m. .u. ... ... n.. .,. y.. ,.. .., ...600609 I E . ..m, g.. ... .9.u, i Lhinl 1 With hashtags published to Drafts,you have complete control over what content is surfaced on your Rebel Roar Site 16. + Campaign1 - 3RebelMouse RebelMouse,Inc.201416E 17. ANNOUNCE YOUR CAMPAIGN ON YOUR ROAR SITElam-nu /01: on. .. an-.mums-. .. --mun.q i: ~SHEBYSHE Announce your campaign directly on your Rebel Site by freezing a post in a key traffic area... .. . .. . ... ... ..m We . ,.. ..; i.~. ..a._, _mm W. ... ... imiv In_unu can we iumnllwyllA visual link to content related to your ------=00.. .. .me I lkAboutM rrhge campaign Wlll reinforce the association & ' ' ' across all of your web presence. neither 9here nor there;the best of both worlds,theworst ofAg 18. ANNOUNCE YOUR CAMPAIGN VIA A CTA TWEETThe best way to announce your campaign will vary by campaign and audience,but using your Rebel Roar site should be a cornerstone of)/ OUF Cllll70lJl7ClTll7lIssue a Call To Action (CTA) tweet that defines the hashtag to be used for submissions - this must correspond to what you configured in the console earlier. nun vn. i.. ..-an n. .n_- IaI~m.harm.-. ..sHEevsiiE inc:9 N Shoyle o -3 pm. .. %fiuBySf>e Let's tak anout Marriage.Shareyour favorite marriage photo wl #ShebySheMarriage & we'll feature you on our site rblms/1e36nTBulvvk-u-ovum-~uuu 19. + Approvals:- 3RebelMouse RebelMouse,Inc.2014I9E 20. INCOl/ IING UGCIncoming usergenerated content in this case photos connected to marriage willcollect in the drafts section of your RebelRoar site and will show up in your Twitter timeline.oMy favorite photo from our engagement shoot vshebyshemarriage veightytwodays pio. tvvitter. com/ xkKTEBT6x| mum aua . ... .. ---More ~-W Why just have one color of bridesmaid dress?Love the untraditional choice by my friend Ellie: )'4:-zar-Be-v, ..t 1.. .. one may at emmia rtsx um ve mtredmorid mm. I my rum no 219a>1snsa. m-inEx 3:. it IwlnnxwIii.g. mam. Drolr woman of tho Inioglnorl In no:Puma.BILIV/ IHVLIII1.we.aim Werner: cmia-mat mime. weriamnolvv lm/ IMIWS 31. STATISTICSEngagement Summary csv Expout .1. All Sections Last so days400 30020010031 MAR 07 APR 14 APR ZIAFR ZSAPR Highchsrts :07!Statistics on post views,mouseovers and engagement show that UGC campaigns will dramatically lift your overall trafficRobust cross-social analytics are available within your Rebel Roar dashboard these will show you which posts are receiving the most attention so that you can re-position them,use them as traffic drivers on other parts of your site orpush them out as real-time content ads. 32. Considerations+ Using Permissions for Social Ads + Tips for Calls to Action+ Legal Considerationslc) Rebe| Mouse,Inc 2014 33. + Using Permissions for Social Ads:- 3RebelMouseI I ,. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _