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Owensboro Parent, the FREE guide to raising a family in Owensboro, Kentucky. Featured articles: Staying on Course, Eight is Enough, New Baby Handbook, 10 Tips for Parents, First-Time Dad Letter, Ages & Stages, When to Call Baby Doctor, Breastfeeding Moms, Planning a Nursery, Parental Control, Little Girl Big Heart, Owensboro Remembers, Our Faves, and Kids Eat Free List. Contributors: Amy Boswell, Christina Dalton, Casey Hamilton, Gail E. Kirkland, Elaine Martin, Danny May, Dr. Shanna McGinnis, Michelle Nebel, and Melody Wallace

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    I dont know how quickly it happened, but slowly a feeling of panic began to take over me. I am responsible for this little girl. I have to feed her, change her, bathe her, clothe her, keep her safe. I will help her learn to walk, to talk, to read. I will teach her how to act, how to love others, how to love God. I am her mother. She needs me. I remember thinking, How am I going to do this? How am I supposed to know when she is hungry? How am I supposed to know why she is crying? What if she gets sick? What if But then I held her. I cant describe the love that I felt in that moment. This baby, that I had felt kicking in my belly for months was now in my arms. Ten tiny fingers. Ten tiny toes. A head full of hair. This baby, my daughter, was perfect. And then I knew. I knew I could do it, because she was worth every sacrifice, every fear, every doubt I had thought. Our children have this way of putting everything into perspective. Although they make life hectic and sometimes stressful (we are entering the Terrible Twos in our household), they give us purpose. We are dedicating our January issue of Owensboro Parent to babies. Whether you are a first-time parent or not, we hope that you can garner some tips and ideas on how to make raising your baby a little easier when to take your baby in to the doctor, tips on breastfeeding, developmental stages you need to be aware of, and much more.

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    jan // feb 2014

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    family life

    If you have happened upon the Sports section of the Messenger-Inquirer in the past few months, chances are you caught a glimpse of the ponytail-clad Whitney OBryan on the cover.

    With arms pumping and cheeks flushed, OBryan has managed

    to become an Owensboro favorite in cross country. This year

    alone, she has broken both school and personal running records,

    impressing not only her coaches, but those on a collegiate level

    as well. As a young girl who once relished art and creativity,

    running was not always Whitneys passion. She recalls Eastview

    Elementary School friend Erin Wallace challenging her to race

    across the basketball court and the frustration she felt not being

    able to beat her. When three of her elementary friends joined

    the Daviess County Middle School cross country team in sixth

    grade, Whitney decided to run with them. I didnt even know

    what cross country wasI didnt even have running shorts to

    wear. She admits that she didnt really like running at first

    because it was hard, but at the 2007 Daviess County Invitational

    she experienced her first taste of success. Now, as a senior, she is

    looking forward to the next stage of her athletic and academic


    To look at Whitneys slender, athletic build one would think

    that she has always been a naturally gifted runner. God blessed

    me with natural ability in some ways, but I dont know if (when

    I was younger) it was natural ability or good coaching. Whitney

    { b y : m e l o d y w a l l a c e }

    staying on course

  • January//February 2014 . OWENSBORO PARENT 7www.OwensboroParent.comwww.OwensboroParent.com

    is referring to coaches Shelly and Dylan Hammons, who still

    maintain a positive relationship with her and are present at many

    of her races. Shelly Hammons recalls with pride that Whitney

    was good as a sixth grader, but had gained the miles, strength

    and confidence of a well-developed runner by eighth grade. Her

    eighth grade year proved to be a pivotal one as she began training

    with DCHS Coach Mark Fortney. During her freshman year, she

    placed third at the KHSAA 3A state, not realizing what a big deal

    it was to be on the state meet roster at such a young age. She

    followed this performance with third place state finishes in 2010

    and 2011, a second place finish her 2012 junior year, and finally a

    state championship in 2013. Ever the humble athlete, she believes

    that, Its by Gods strength, not mine, that Im able to achieve

    (my goals). It is actually that humble confidence in her abilities

    that drives her success. When asked if she ever felt as though she

    wanted to quit running, Whitney responded, There have been

    times that I have been stubborn and didnt understand what my

    coachs plans were for meI was more concerned about what was

    best for Whitney, not what was best for the team. That attitude had

    to go before I could accomplish anything.

    Whitney has certainly seen her share of accomplishments

    this year, both on and off the field. As the youngest senior in the

    district, she maintains an unweighted GPA of 3.9, and was awarded

    the Kentucky Citizenship Award for good sportsmanship. That

    attitude is evidenced by the healthy competition and camaraderie

    she has in the other senior girls like Amelia Reynolds, Kelly

    Boling, Abby Eades, and Kate Duty. These relationships have

    helped spur her desire to represent DCHS on the course. Whitney

    knew as soon as she started high school that she wanted to run in

    college. She began looking at the times of friends at other schools

    and asking about their official visits. She found herself driven to

    have those kinds of timeswhere people asked your fastest time

    and their jaw kind of dropped a little bit. She wanted to do more

    than expected, and she did. On September 21, Whitney came in

    third place with a time of 17:51 at the Trinity Valkyrie Invitational

    in Louisville, breaking the 1998 school record. It was after that

    race that prospective college coaches began calling. On September

    28, Whitney won the 3-mile Palatine Invitational with a time of

    17:20, setting a new personal record. After that race, Whitney says

    that the number of colleges that started talking to her doubled due

    to the fact that she had two really good races back to back.

    Although Whitney finds the idea of going to a running

    college, such as: Oregon, the University of Colorado, or Stanford

    intriguing, she values her relationship with her family and finds

    herself pondering college options closer to home. She is excited

    about a little more independence, but her biggest fear about

    going to college is that she may get homesick and miss the little

    things, like her step-dads hot cocoa and foot rubs, her younger


    staying on course

  • 8 OWENSBORO PARENT . January//February 2014 www.OwensboroParent.com

    sisters sweet little notes, and her mom comforting her when

    she is sick. Still amidst official and unofficial college visits, she

    is trying to narrow down her options. While she has spoken

    to over forty college coaches, Whitney has learned that college

    decisions involve many factors like distance from home, financial

    commitments, and academic programs. She has visited several

    campuses including Western Kentucky University, Butler

    University, and Xavier University. She has also taken one official

    visit to the University of Mississippi, and has more scheduled

    to Lipscomb University, the University of Louisville, and the

    University of Kentucky. When asked if she ever considered

    running professiona