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TABEL OF CONTENTSy Overview Of Ambush Marketing y Introduction y Types Of Ambush Marketing y Ambush Marketing Steps y Essential Of Ambush Marketing y Case Studies y Points In Favor Of Ambush Marketing y Points Against Ambush Marketing y Article By Jerry Welsh y Limitations y Conclusion

Overview of Ambush Marketing:Ambush Marketing represent the activity of company in which company represent himself to the particular event with out paying an sponsorship fees. This activity is done by the companies to creates its brand image in the market.

Definition Of Sponsorship:It is define as a cash or kind of fees paid to a property in return for access to the exploitable commercial association with that property. Ambush Marketing focused on three board themes:1) The effectiveness of Ambush Marketing 2) Legal and ethical issues related to Ambush Marketing 3) Consumer awareness of Ambush Marketing

It is classified in two classes:1) Direct Ambush Marketing/ Forging 2) Indirect Ambush Marketing / Intrusion

IntroductionThe Oxford dictionary defines Ambush as - "surprise attack by persons lying concealed." Thus, Ambush marketing can be understood as a surprise attack on an event sponsor by its compitior The official definition of Ambush Marketing can be stated as follows: "Ambush marketing is the planned effort by an organization to associate themselves indirectly with an event in order to gain at least some of the recognition and benefits that are associated with being an official sponsor" Ambush marketing takes place when a trader seeks to utilise the publicity value of an event, for instance - a major sports tournament or a concert, to gain a benefit from it despite, not having any involvement or connection with that event and more particularly, having made no financial contribution to entitle him to derive benefit from it. Ambush marketing is a radical concept which involves setting up some activity that makes use of the event and the interest in it, rather than shelling out for direct sponsorship.

Example: A Pepsi hot air balloon flying above Sharjah, on the day of the Coca Cola Cup Final.

Types of Ambush Maeketing:Ambush marketing can manifest itself in two manners.AMBUSH MARKETING



y FORGING: Often a major event has a name, logo, or other insignia identifying it. Unauthorized persons use these insignia, or insignia, which are sufficiently similar to the authentic insignia to cause confusion. In this form of ambush marketing the ambush marketer misleads the public into thinking that he is an authorized sponsor or contributor associated with the event.

Example: During the Football World Cup Collins, a beer company used the marks associated with the World Cup and was promoting tickets. FIFA fought the case in an Irish court and won the case against Collins.

y INTRUSION In this form of ambush marketing, the ambush marketer seeks not to suggest a connection with the event but rather to give his own name, trade mark, or other insignia exposure through the medium of the publicity attracted by the event; this is done without any authorization of the event organizer. In this type of Ambush Marketing the Ambush Marketer strives to use the event and the attention gained via the event to promote his product.

Example: Pepsi during the 2002 FIFA World Cup did not claim that they were supporting the World Cup. However, it used the event to promote their product. The Second form of Ambush Marketing (Intrusion) is more popular with marketers than the First Form (Forging) due to the legal implications of the First Form (Forging) of Ambush Marketing.

Ambush Marketing Steps:Ambush Marketing does not have a set procedure. However, there is a standard set of procedures followed by companies in the past. Step 1: Establish your Marketing Objectives The first step is common to whatever Marketing or Promotional Strategy you adopt. You need to identify the Marketing Objectives of the firm which are based on your overall Corporate Objectives and on which will be based your Marketing Strategy. Such a strategy should include identifying your Target Audience, brand image and brand positioning, etc. Step 2: Establish your Promotional Strategy This involves formulating a strategy for Promoting your brand and achieving the objectives that were set during the previous stage. A decision needs to be made on how to promote your brand; advertising, corporate sponsorship, etc. Step 3: Selection of event After Corporate Sponsorship or using events as a medium of promotion has been identified as a promotional strategy a decision needs to be made on - which event. This stage can be broken into two steps a) Type of Event: Identifying the type of event you want to associate your brand like Sports or Cultural, etc. This is based on your brand positioning objectives. For e.g. Nike has positioned its brand as a Sports brand therefore, it has always been associated with sports event b) Specific Event: After the Event type has been identified a decision needs to be made as to, which particular event should be selected for brand promotion. for e.g. After Nike has identified Sports as the Event type it wants to target, the next step is to select a specific event, like Ice Hockey or Soccer World Cup.

Step 4: Why do you want to associate yourself with the event An obvious question that needs to be asked is - Why do you want to associate your brand with a particular event? Is it essential for your company? Will it give the company the leverage it wants? Do you think that associating your brand whether directly or by ambushing will help you position your brand better? Is it in co-operation with the image you want to create your brand? If the answers to the above questions is yes. Then, the option with you is to either to sponsor the event or to use Ambush Marketing.

Step 5: How much are you willing to spend? This, alongwith other factors will determine whether Sponsoring an event or Ambushing an event is the option to be selected. If you think sponsoring the event is worth the investment and it helps you achieve what you want to achieve from the

brand then go ahead with it. However, beware of your competitors who will be trying to Ambush you. If you actually do sponsor the event then ensure there is enough protection against potential Ambushers. However, if you think the investment required in sponsoring the event is not worth it and will not help you achieve what you wanted to, from the event. Then Ambush marketing might be the best bet available to you. Step 6: Implementing The last and final step in Ambush Marketing is Implementing your strategies. Ambush marketing needs to be creative and the ramifications of your strategy needs to be assessed. Ambush Marketing does not have a set procedure so, your creativity matters the most. Ambush Marketing implementation has to have a few essentials.

Essential of Ambush Marketing:Though Ambush Marketing does not have a set procedure, there are a few essential things that form part of a successful Ambush Marketing Campaign. Catch your competitor unawares: Timing of your attack or Ambush needs to be precise. Don't give your competitor (Event sponsor) the time to react to your ambush, nor should he be given the time to lobby with the Event organizer to keep a few safeguards in the Event. Creativity: Creativity stands for 'Find out new ways of doing the same thing'. Constantly be on the look out for new ideas. Your competitor has the advantage of being officially associated with the event thus, Creativity is the only thing that could give you an edge over your competitor. Rope in the Players: If you can't associate your brand with an Event then, the best thing is to associate your brand with the players playing in that Sports Event. Pepsi, during the FIFA WORLD CUP 2002 used the likes of Beckham and Roberto Carlos along with other big names in Football to associate itself with the World Cup. They did it successfully to Ambush the official sponsor Coca Cola. Capture media time: Most successful Ambush Marketing attempts were successful because they captured the media time during, before and after the Event. The likes of Pepsi have been successful because they captured the media time during, before and after the event. Dont play against the law. Play with it: This is the most essential part of a successful Ambush Marketing. Do not use the logo or symbols or insignia associated with the event to promote your brand. This may lead to legal hassles due to Intellectual Property Rights infringement. Intrusion is the best form of Ambush marketing that needs to be adopted.

Case Study:Pepsi Yeh Dil Mange More There is 'NOTHING OFFICIAL ABOUT IT' when it comes to Pepsi and its Marketing strategies. Pepsi has been a major contributor of finance to sporting facilities. Pepsi has over the years used Sporting events to promote and enhance its brand image, be it Officially(Official sponsor) or unofficially(Ambush Marketing).

The two major events where Pepsi has successfully resorted to AMBUSH MARKETING have been the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP in 2007 and the FIFA FOOTBALL WORLD CUP in 2002.PEPSI AT ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007

Well there is Nothing Official about the fact that Pepsi was present at the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007 whether, officially or unofficially. Official Sponsor: Coca Cola was the official soft drink of the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP. Coca Cola started promoting itself as the Official Soft drink of the ICC Cricket World Cup held in West Indies. Ambush Strategy: Pepsi responded to the Coca Cola promotion of the official Soft Drink of the Cricket World Cup, 2007 by carrying out a mega media campaign with the punch line NOTHING OFFICIAL ABOUT IT. To carry out its campaign Pepsi roped in the SACHIN TENDULKAR. The use of Sachin Tendulkar to promote its brand by using the atte