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hAmbush marketing

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• A promotion tactic designed to associate a company ,product, or service with a particular event ,or to attract the attention of people attending the event ,with out payment being made for an official sponsorship

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!!What is ambush marketing?

• It is an aerial of advertising• Well planned effort• Used commonly at world wide spoting

organization• Trading of the good will be without being an

official sponsor.• Also called parasitic marketing

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History of ambush marketing

• The first noticed moment- 1992 Olympic history – MJ (a Nike icon) Covered the Reebok logo with The

American flag

• Amex vs. VISA, Winter Olympics“The Olympics only takes VISA”(VISA – the official sponsor) vs.– “You don’t need a visa to travel to Norway” from


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• Japanese KIRIN beer Brand at the 2002 FIFA WC took on Budweiser

• 2006 FIFA WC in Germany, – Lufthansa –put a soccer ball on nose of its aircrafts

to ambush Emirates

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Famous "ambush marketing"

1984 Summer Olympics; Kodak sponsors TV broadcasts of the games as well as the US track team even though Fujifilm is the official sponsor

1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona; Nike sponsors press conferences with the US basketball team despite Reebok being the official sponsor. During ceremonies, the players covered their Reebok logos.

1994 Winter Olympics; American Express sponsors the games despite Visa being the official sponsor.

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1996 Atlanta Olympics; sprinter Linford Christie wore contact lenses embossed with the Puma AG logo at the press conference preceding the 100 metres final, despite Reebok being the official sponsor

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1996 Cricket World Cup; Pepsi ran a series of advertisements titled "Nothing official about it" targeting the official sponsor Coca Cola.

1998 World Cup; Nike sponsored a number of teams competing in the Cup despite Adidas being the official sponsor.

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2003 Cricket World Cup; Indian players threatened to strike over concerns that the anti-ambush marketing rules were too strict. Of particular concern was the length of time before and after the cup that players were not allowed to endorse a rival to one of the official sponsors. Players argued that if they had pre-existing contracts that they would be in breach of them if they were to accept the ICC's rules.

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How it starts






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How to go about Ambush Marketing ?

• Establishing Marketing objective• Establishing Promotional strategy• Selection of an event• Why an event• Willingness to spend• Implementing


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Why Ambush Marketing?

• More Business

• Less capital invested with high business

Page 13: ambush marketing~!

Countering Ambush Marketing

• Control media advertising• Control placement of hoardings and booths• Stop the players from promoting the

ambushers brand• Action• Anti-Ambush campaigns

Page 14: ambush marketing~!

Essential things for successful Ambush Marketing campaign

Share an event’s publicity using creative marketing Strategy

Catch your competitors unaware Direct and intentional efforts of one company to outshine

a competitor’s official association with a an event Not necessarily an illegal act(Don’t play against the law-

play with it) Rope in the players Capture media time

Page 15: ambush marketing~!

Advantages of ambush marketing

• Advantage of a major event to increase brand awareness while not spending the money to be a sponsor

• When there is an increase in competition the prices go down

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Disadvantages of Ambush Marketing

• It decreases commercial value of the event• It creates unhealthy competitive environment• It may adversely effect the funding of the

event as it will be beneficial for the company to be an ambusher.

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Types of ambush marketing

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"Direct" ambush marketing

• “ A brand works aggressively to associate itself with an event or property, when that brand has not purchased rights as the official sponsor”

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Types of direct ambush marketing

• Predatory" ambushing: Intentional false claims to official sponsorship

Example:• Heineken-UEFA European Championships,

2008.• Carlsberg’s was the official sponsor

Page 20: ambush marketing~!

• Coattail" ambushing:The attempt by a brand to directly associate itself with a property • Example:• Nike- Beijing Summer Olympics, 2008.• Liu Xiang’s injur

Page 21: ambush marketing~!

• Ambushing via trademark/likeness infringement:

The intentional unauthorized use of protected intellectual property• Example:• Polish magazine -explicitly featuring the words

‘Euro 2008’

Page 22: ambush marketing~!

Indirect" ambush marketing

Ambushing by association: Use of imagery or terminology to create illusions of a link between the organization and event

Example:• 2003 – ICC World Cup in South Africa

Philips (non sponsor)

Page 23: ambush marketing~!

• Values-based ambushing:Tailor marketing practices - appeal to the same values or involve same themes

Example :Pepesi involvement in 1998 cricket world cup

Page 24: ambush marketing~!

• Ambushing "by distraction:• Promotional presence at or near the event

without specific reference to the event itself• Example:• The open championship 2008: Lexus &


Page 25: ambush marketing~!

• Insurgent ambushing:The use of surprise street-style promotions (blitz marketing) at an event or near • Eg : French open – Roland Garros 2008

Page 26: ambush marketing~!

• Parallel property" ambushing:• The creation or sponsorship of an event or

property that bears qualitative similarity • Example:Eg : The human race- Nike – 24

cities across the world

Page 27: ambush marketing~!

• Unintentional ambushing:Passing mention of manufacturer of an athlete's equipment/clothing.

Page 28: ambush marketing~!

• Saturation" ambushing• Increase their broadcast-media advertising

and marketing at the time of an event but make no reference to the event

Page 29: ambush marketing~!

Impact of ambush marketing

Positve impact • Create brand awareness• Easy way of recognizing the brands.• Low cost marketing for ambusher.

Page 30: ambush marketing~!

Negative impact

• Unhealthy competitive environment.• Decrease in commercial value of the event• Degrades the abiliy og organiser to attract future sponser.

Page 31: ambush marketing~!

Protective measures

• ASA,(78) protects Olympic,words,mark,motto• Vertical and horizontal creep• In India section 9(2) of trade marks

act,1999 ,give protection to Olympic name and emblem

• Now before submitting candidate for hosting such an event,prosperctive country has to submit intended protection measures

Page 32: ambush marketing~!

• Pre-event education.• Patrols.• Non-sponsor logos- covering/ removing• Carefully policing the event

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• Impossible to completely stop ambush marketing.

• Event is hit most with the ambush marketing• The ambushed cannot be compensated.• Proper legislation should come for the

protection of the official sponsor .

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