Overview Finding and Using Health Statistics and Data Files Soc 398: Social Inequality and Health...

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Transcript of Overview Finding and Using Health Statistics and Data Files Soc 398: Social Inequality and Health...

  • Overview

    Finding and Using Health Statistics and Data FilesSoc 398: Social Inequality and Health

    Darlene FichterData Library Services, U of S LibraryOctober 4, 2007

  • OverviewWhy use data?Types of Data Resources in the Library and Internet: Health SurveysAggregate dataPublic Use Microdata FilesSurveys and ProductsFinding a data fileUnderstanding data documentation

  • Data Tells a StoryLife expectancy at birth: by social class and sex, 1997-99, England & Wales http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=1007 Men:7.4 yearsManual workers die earlier than others

  • Finding the StoriesDebunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen Hans RoslingGlobal Life ExpectationsHow can we use this data?


  • Social Inequality and HealthAdvances of medical practice and science have been seen as the principal causes of increased human life expectancyTrueFalse

  • Social Inequality and HealthNutrition and improved living conditions are better indicator of population healthTrueFalse

  • What are some risk factors of lower socio-economic status?SmokingLack of exerciseImmoderate eating and drinkingHigh fat/low fiber dietsMore stress - higher rates of ill health/deathLower of levels of social supportLive or work in environments hazardous to health

  • Overview

    Part 1: Health Surveys

  • Health StatisticsTwo main sources of data:Special surveys by Statistics CanadaAdministrative dataCollected by law causes of death, notifiable diseasesCollected by Dept. of Health

  • Types of Data FilesAggregate data filesCountsCases of measles in SaskatoonCross tabulationsNumber of smokers in Saskatoon by age and sex

  • Table 105-0005 - Risk of depression, by age group and sex, household population aged 12 and over, Canada (Canadian Community Health Survey)

  • Microdata FileRaw data organized in a file where the records or lines in the file are observations of a specific unit of analysis Each record or line is one persons responsesTime use survey exercising, shopping, working, TV, gardening, eldercare

  • Cases 3 & 4 from the General Social Survey 2 Main FileSex000031214110011982001212222221002098200121222222401121111241112121112205020197111971021212222225211026121204300140955720411313022111999901978787879702221411271412400315000616611232222222221111172626162212222666666636212000000020320222224222000022204141101101102111111122111000000210000000002100000000010000000000200000423300200200100000100200000041100110011101102122222221002009200212222222021111111231212111211208120193811938044122222221111052201203901007504721031191012233520406058787870304221303420708300400001420007111222122211721575656565555555666666656565000555500210222111111110000001111100001101112212122111011010110000110101100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ID

  • Public Use Microdata File - PUMFSpecially prepared file to minimize disclosureMaster file would have personal identifiers

  • Population Health Surveys1Understand the determinants of healthCollect data onEconomicSocialDemographicOccupational and environmental correlationsCan impact public policy development1 Health Survey information based on Michel B. Seguins Health Statistics Information on the STC website. December 2003.

  • Population SurveysNPHS National Population Health SurveyHousehold, institutional, north (territories)Geography - provincial ProductsPublic Use Microdata Files (PUMF)1994-19951996-19971998-1999Research Data Centre access2000-2001 2002-2003 2004-20052006-2007

    NPHS is a longitudinal survey. PUMF are not longitudinal, due to the high risk of disclosure.Inactive

  • NPHSThe NPHS, which relies on respondents' self-reported health information, surveys the same group of respondents every two years for up to 20 years

  • Population SurveysCanadian Community Health Survey (CCHS)Common contentOptional content126/136 health regions, started September 2000

  • Canadian Community Health SurveyCycle 1.1 Large sample (2001)Cycle 1.2 Mental Health (2002)Cycle 2.1 Large Sample (2003)Cycle 2.2 Nutrition (2004)Cycle 3.1 Large Sample (2005)Cycle 3.2 Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS)

  • Article from Nutrition cycle

  • Health IndicatorsMeasures of health status, health system and factors that influence healthBased on comparable definitionsGeographyCanadaProvincesRegionally

  • Health IndicatorsHealth StatusHealth conditions, human function, well-being, deathsHealth DeterminantsHealth behaviours, living & working conditions, personal resources(income), environmental factorsHealth System PerformanceEffectiveness, accessibility, efficiency, safety Community/health system characteristics

  • Health IndicatorsMany data sourcesStatistics Canada Vital statisticsSurveysCanadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)Provincial ministriesHealth CanadaHospital morbidity and discharge databases,

  • Health IndicatorsHas the notion of peer groups where Health regions with similar socio-economic characteristics are groupedProducts (free)Publication onlineTables on Statistics Canada & CIHI web sites

  • Health Region BoundariesShow your results spatiallyDistribution gender differences in depression compared to Calgary Health Region

  • Comparable Health IndicatorsGrew out of the First Ministers meeting in 200014 areas of comparable health status and health system performanceGeographyProvincial

  • Comparable Health Indicators - TopicsHealth StatusLive expectancy, infant mortality, low birth rate, self-reported healthHealth OutcomesChange in life expectancy, improved quality of life, reduced burden of disease, illness or injuryQuality of ServiceWaiting times (selected services), patient satisfaction, Hospital readmission (selected), access to 24/7 first contact health services, home and community services, public health surveillance and protection, health promotion and disease prevention

  • ProductsAvailable from Statistics Canada Web Site & CANSIM

    Web Site:http://www.statcan.ca/english/freepub/82-401-XIE/01002/tables.htm

  • Other TablesCauses of DeathCancer Statistics

  • Health Canada's Notifiable Diseases Online Infectious Diseases http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/id-mi/

  • Residential Care FacilitiesSome older tables at CIHI, prior to 1999Custom tabulationOnline tables will be available for recent survey

  • Health Information from CIHI

  • CIHI Topics

  • CIHI ProductsPublicly available, aggregate-level dataAnalytic reports Links to Saskatchewan report of Comparable Health Statistics with a study on measlesMore detailed statistics may make a custom data request

  • CIHI & Graduate StudentsCIHI provides health data to qualifying graduate students at no cost through the Graduate Student Data Access Program (GSDAP)

  • General Social SurveysCycle 1 to Cycle 19 Monitor changes in the health of Canadians and to examine social support.Cycles cover and repeat content and special focus areas Each cycle includes general socio-economic variables

  • Cycle 1 - 10

  • Cycle 8 - 19Since 1994, health as core topic covered in NPHS, social support expanded in 1996.

  • General Social Survey 20 - 2220 - Family Transitions SurveyFamily data collected in cycle 5, 10, 1521 - Family, Social Support and Retirement22 Survey on Social networks

  • National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY)Longitudinal survey designed to measure child development and well-being as children grow from infancy to childhoodProductsPUMF1994-95-Cycle 11996-97-Cycle 21998-99-Cycle 3 Cycle 6 2004-2005

  • National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY)ProductsCycle 1, 1994-1995 - Synthetic Files for Remote Access to the Master Files Research Data Centre

  • Health and Activity Limitation SurveyPost-censual surveyProducts1991 PUMF1996 PUMF2001 - Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS)2006 - Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS)

  • InternationalSourceOECD Comparable statistics on health and health systems across OECD countriesHealth status, expenditure, financingHealth care utilizationHealth care coveragePharmaceuticalNon-medical determinants to healthSome U.S. and European data

  • Human Activity and The Environment 2000 Human activity and its relationship to natural systems' air, water, soil, plants and animalsAggregate tables

  • Questions

  • Overview

    Part 2: Finding a Statistics and Data

  • Ways to Find FilesLibrary CatalogueStatistics Canada CatalogueData Library Web SiteWeb Data Extractors, i.e.IDLSTalk to the Reference staff or Data Library staff

  • 1. The CatalogueUse it when you know the name of the surveyCanadian Community Health Survey is footnoted in the article Mental Health of Canadas Immigrants.Searching by a topicStrategiesKeep it broad health not measlesUse statistics or codebookChange the scope to Data and GIS Files

  • 2. Statistics Canada CatalogueEnter your keywords: internet useLook for the words public use microdata file or CANSIMLook for free accessfrom our library

  • 3. Data Library Web SiteBrowse by subject Health

  • library.usask.ca/dataTopic browse

  • 4. Very Specific Topics - VariablesBest betWeb extractor for data filesIDLS - from Western Ontario

  • Data Services & GISIDLS is listed in this section.

  • 4. Not sure? Ask us.U of S has access to 1,000s filesWe can:Help you searchCheck for new releasesCut through the red tape

    Phone: 966