Finding Data & GIS Files at the U of S Library Darlene Fichter & Elise Pietroniro

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Transcript of Finding Data & GIS Files at the U of S Library Darlene Fichter & Elise Pietroniro

  • Finding Data & GIS Files at theU of S Library

    Darlene Fichter& Elise Pietroniro

    OutlineFinding data and digital maps for your researchOverview of some resourcesMeet some of the Data & GIS Library team

    Ways to Find FilesData Web Site (browse by topic)Library CatalogueStatistics Canada CatalogueWeb front ends to data: IDLS, CANSIM, Variable level5. Google and web search engines6. Talk to the Data Library staff (1,000s of files available)

    1. Data library web siteKnow the name of the surveyKnow the topic

    Browse Agriculture

    Canada Food Stats (CD-ROM)information on Canadian food consumption, nutrition, supply and demand, trade, prices data on the Canadian food industry, processing, economic indicators, labour, productivity, ..40 years +

    Census of Agriculture (various)Farm and farm operator dataSmall area data at Census Agricultural Regions (CARs)Tables from 1961 to date

    Extraction system of agricultural statistics (CD-ROM)extract data by census agricultural region, farm type and revenue class i.e. dairy production in Quebec or off-farm income in Saskatchewan current and historical

    FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (special password)Special license for bulk downloading3 million time-series and cross sectional data relating to food and agricultureFAOSTAT contains data for 200 countries and more than 200 primary products and inputs, just in its core.

    Canada Grains Council: Statistical HandbookGrain industry overviewArea, supply, yieldExports and tradePrices ie. Canola oil, meal, corn and soybean monthly prices , futuresHandling and transportationLivestock: price, numbers on farms by classTotal Farm Cash Receipts

    UN comtrade (password)Export, import, re-export and re-importBy countryBy years (1962 - )By various trade classification systems (STIC, HS 1992 ..)

    CANSIMCurrent and historical time series data for Canada30 million time seriesProduction, sales, trade

    3 Ways to Get CANSIM Only 2 are FreeYes


    No $$$

    START at the Data Library Site (especially if youre off campus)

    2. The CatalogueKnow the name of the surveyLooking for a print copy of a codebook

    Locate a survey by entering the survey nameKeyword Search: Population Health & electronic resource topic: health & codebook

    3. The CatalogueLimit your search by scoping select Data & GIS filesfrom the pull-down menu more manageable result list

    3. Statistics Canada CatalogueKeywords: internet use diabetes

    4. Variable or Name of FileLibrary has access to several web extractorsBest choice IDLS from Western Ontario

  • Downloading Data1. Using IDLS, select a survey.2. Choose variables.3. Choose values.4. Submit our extraction request.5. Download and unzip the SPSS and data files.6. Edit the syntax files.

    IDLS Locate Your FileBrowse/Search by Subject or Name or Variable Canada Social Surveys General Social Survey number of children & internet use

    General Social Survey, Cycle 14Computer Use & Access 4 links:LicenseSelect VariablesUser GuideFile Description Choose Select Variables

    Select VariablesCheck off variablesClick Select Values

    Select Values Sask.

    Submit Your Request

    Email & Web Page Notification of Files to Download

    4. Google and Internet Search enginesKeywords like tables, statistics, data files, extractionPlus your topicPlus the country or regionTIP: Focus on who would collect this data.

    Download and Unzip Files* SPSS Code generated by the Internet Data Library System, version 2.0

    * Note - Please check this syntax file to ensure that commands (e.g., value labels, variable labels) are not split across lines. * On the "Data List" line below, replace the "?:\?" characters with the exact location of the file (e.g., C:\data). Data list list(tab) file='d:\My Documents\junk2\internet\ftp07566.dat' skip=1 / 1 RECID (F5.0) WGHT_PER (F11.4)

    5. Ask the Data Library StaffOffice: 2nd Floor, Main LibraryAppointments recommendedEmail us at


    U of S Data Library Services of S Data Library ServicesAccessing U of S Library Services, Screen 2