The Blogging Explosion Libraries and Weblogs Darlene Fichter University of Saskatchewan...

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The Blogging Explosion Libraries and Weblogs Darlene Fichter University of Saskatchewan Computers in Libraries Washington, DC March 14, 2003 Slide 2 Overview What are blogs? A little history Blog dissection class Blogs & emergent information Blog features and software 10 ways to use a blog How to find out more Slide 3 What is it? Blog / Weblog is A web page containing brief entries arranged chronologically Can be like A journal or diary Whats New page Interesting links page To me, the blog concept is about three things: Frequency, Brevity, and Personality. Evan Williams (creator of Blogger) Slide 4 Terminology Blogger person who maintains a blog Blogging the act of creating a blog Blogrolling moving from blog to blog Blogrolodex a listing of other blogs Blogorrhea hundreds of posts per day about anything Blawgs, Klogs See discussion of terminology on MetaFilter Slide 5 A peek at the past NCSAs Whats New page June 1993 NCSAs Whats New page June 1993 Netscapes Whats New 1993-95 Librarians' Site du Jour Jenny Levine, 1995 Librarians' Site du Jour Dave Winer 1996 Cam World 1997 Created and coded by hand Simple chronological lists Slide 6 Librarians Site du Jour November 30, 1995 -- You've used their publication manual, now visit their web site. Yes the American Psychological Association has launched PsychNET, with lots of good stuff for non- APA members PsychNET Slide 7 Blogs today Range from the simple to the sophisticated Few features to chalk full on add- ons and little wizards Interesting and useful to mundane and completely irrelevant Slide 8 Blogging explosion 2000-2003 Tools that made it easy to publish No need to know HTML No need to know FTP Add / edit content anywhere, anytime Dozens of features dynamic, quick and easy to develop Millions?? worldwide Can you guess what South American country is a hotbed for blogs? Slide 9 In the limelight Lots of media hype Google bought blogger Tripod, the Web publishing unit of Terra Lycos AOL is supposed to provide tools Slide 10 Dissecting a web log Accurate, focused law and technology news Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 Slide 18 Slide 19 Blog entry Slide 20 Other features Time stamp Comments Draft mode Timed release Slide 21 Blogging add-ons MyMediaList manage book, music lists AudioBlogger & AudBlog AudioBloggerAudBlog phone and leave audio clips Bloglet set up a email subscribers option Blogarithm blogs that changed each day Blogrolling Bookmarklet to add links Slide 22 Pop open the hood Slide 23 Slide 24 3. Post and publish Slide 25 Slide 26 Feature rich blogs Powered by PHP, perl or some other scripting language and back-end database Two examples: Movable Type Pmachine Slide 27 Pluses Timely Get to the point Quick to skim Human filter Contextualized Whats Hot Slide 28 Minuses ROT Redundant All posting the same stuff Obsolete Links expire Best before date! Trivia my cat coughed up a fluff ball Misinformation Rigor of validating information (rumor) varies greatly Bias Slide 29 Resource for emergent information Source for emergent information Many times daily Often before it hits the newsstands e.g. Viruses and hacks slashdot Biz News Jeremy Allaires Talks about the fact he is leaving Macromedia Nothing official on Macromedia site where it says hes CTO Slide 30 Searching blogs Google indexes many Rise of Google bombs a brilliant gag by Adam Mathes called his friend a talentless hackbrilliant gag Directories at Blogdex (MIT) Blogdex Linkhype Popdex Linkhype Popdex Ecosystem Daypop Waypath Blogwise geographic categorical index Blogwise Slide 31 Choosing a blogging solution Lots of options Dive in and try a few for free: Blogger, Onclave,Web Crimson Slide 32 Types of blogs Solo Community blogs Slashdot news for nerds Slide 33 Hosted locally or remotely Hosted Antville Blogger LiveJournal Onclave Local Server PMachine Movable Type Grey Matter BlogComp Slide 34 Client solutions Clients FogCreeks CityDesk, Windows Eastgates Tinderbox, Macintosh Slide 35 Just a few of the factors Types of blog Features and functions Server platform Unix or Windows or MAC IT help Scripting languages Security and privacy Blogging Software for Intranet Applications. ONLINE, January 2003 Slide 36 10 ways to use blogs 1. New Stuff to Share Recommend internet sites & tools Slide 37 Slide 38 Promote it! 2. Marketing Promote library events and programs Let visitors subscribe via email Distribute headlines (RSS) My Pick: Announce movies, link to trailers, reviews Slide 39 Slide 40 Get interactive 3. Talk back Books you like Let users post reviews and comments Slide 41 10 ways 4. Staff development Fact sheets on new electronic resources Tips and tricks 5. Share knowledge - KM Best practices know-how Use for a committee, enable the comment feature Presentation Blogging for Knowledge ExchangeBlogging for Knowledge Exchange Slide 42 IT and budget crunch? 6. Automate Managing Links Track web site links under review for adding to catalog or best sites Tips: Enable the comment button. Choose a blog that archives by topic and use it for your links Slide 43 10 ways 7. Professional / personal development Reflective nature, adds focus 8. Rsum Professional blog Write about your interests and what you find interesting Slide 44 Solve email overload 9. Project Tracking and Management Provides a record in one place for a team of decisions, next steps Points for discussion or comment Slide 45 Be a leader 10. Community information Collect and syndicate local [city] news and events or university or college happenings Be everywhere. Slide 46 Blogging and libraries Lots of opportunities for libraries and librarians Lightweight content management solution Easy to publish Inexpensive (free) Multiple contributors Lighten web maintenance workload Slide 47 Library related blogs Gary Price The ResourceShelfThe ResourceShelf Jenny Levine - Shifted LibrarianShifted Librarian Jessamyn West - Stephen Cohen Complete List of Library blogs For fun type in librarian in Google Slide 48 Finding out more Weblogs Compendium Articles: Darlene Fichter - Blogging Your Life Away. ONLINE, May, 2001 Darlene Fichter Darlene Fichter. Blogging Software for Intranet Applications. ONLINE, January 2003 Slide 49 Thank you! Darlene Fichter University of Saskatchewan Library