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SAS TrainingDr. Daniel Fullerdaniel.fuller@usask.ca

www.usask.ca1Data AnalysisImportant ConceptsSAS = 1 language among manyData DictionaryCoding conceptsHit by a busVersion controlThe answer is in the code (public code)

www.usask.caData DictionaryCritical elementsOpen Source (PDF or Online)Publicly availableComponentsVariable namesDescriptionsCodingRecoding

www.usask.caData Dictionary


Data DictionaryNOwww.usask.caCoding Hit by busIf you get hit by a bus anyone picking up the code should be able to understand your analysis within 15 minutes

www.usask.caCoding Not ExcelDont think like you do in ExcelThink about the question and how the code will answer the questionIf you find yourself looking at your data constantly you are thinking like excel

www.usask.caCoding Back upEntire code should run without errorFrom opening the data to all outputsTake pride in your codeIf coding were easy everyone would do it

www.usask.caCoding - Version ControlKeep many version of you workProgress through time

Essential elementsDate in title Date in codeComment the code

www.usask.caCoding - Public CodeStand on the shoulders of giantsReproducible by othersPublish with papers as appendixCritical modern research practice

www.usask.caOnline HelpUCLA Institute for digital research and educationhttp://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/Stack overflowhttp://stackoverflow.com/Google the exact text of the error