Social Software: Wikis Darlene Fichter, Data Library Coordinator, U of S Library November 28, 2005...

download Social Software: Wikis Darlene Fichter, Data Library Coordinator, U of S Library November 28, 2005 ACCOLEDS/DLI Training

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Transcript of Social Software: Wikis Darlene Fichter, Data Library Coordinator, U of S Library November 28, 2005...

  • Social Software: WikisDarlene Fichter, Data Library Coordinator, U of S LibraryNovember 28, 2005ACCOLEDS/DLI Training

    Darlene Fichter

    Collaboration Happens at Different LevelsCommunity levelRelatively intense interactionsRheingold - enough people carry on public discussions long enough, with sufficient human feeling, to form webs of personal relationships in cyberspace."Network levelInteraction based around a topic or subjectTeam levelBased around a project, task, process

    U of S Weblog InitiativeI worked with the campus IT project team on:Software selectionPolicyPromotionTrainingStage: soft rolloutUThink University of Minnesota (library led institution wide) Embedded blog this in the licensed database results like links to citation manager

    The University of Warwick: Statistics

    Aggregate Tags for Your CommunityUniversity of Warwick Launch fall 2004

    Small Team Blog Data LibrarySoftware: Movable Type


    What is a Wiki?Web application invented by Ward Cunningham in 1994 that allows anyone to add content and anyone to edit it. Its a tool for collaboration, really, we dont know quite what it is but its a fun way of communicating asynchronously across the network.Wiki means quick in Hawaiian

    Wikis CharacteristicsIntended to be simple so you can focus on the writing, not the mechanics and syntaxNo HTML required

    Wikis: Collections of PagesHome PageContact UsProductsRFPsediteditediteditWiki pages look like web pagesAnyone with a web browser can read a wiki site

    Illustrations adapted from Guillaume du Gardier. What is a wiki? June 2, 2005

    Click, Write and Saveediteditsave...KMWorld 2005KMWorld 2005Anyone can undo any change at any time

    Anyone with a web browser can edit a wiki site

    Creating New PagesCreate a new page by writing its name in CamelCase, called a WikiNameTitle NewName editeditNewNameClick on any WikiName to see pages that link to it

    Wiki Design PrinciplesOpenness and trust if a page is incomplete or inaccurate anyone can edit itIncremental pages can cite other pages, even those not yet writtenObservableyou can see the changes being madeOrganicsite structure is up to everyone and it will evolve and changeMore principlesWiki Design Principles

    Wiki (Jotspot) Anatomy: FeaturesAttach a FileImport WordEmailsSend an EmailMake a commentInvite usersChanges via RSSSearch

    Wiki Examples:

    Wikipedia: Recent Changes

    Wikipedia in ActionLondon bombing, time lapse for Wikipedia changesEmergent InformationThe Day Citizen Media Went Mainstream, July 11, 2005

    Wikipedia: Viewing History

    Wiki GardenersPerson who goes around tidying up the wiki, pruning, editing, organizing, and cleaning upUsually liked and respected

    On a wiki, you might want to assign this role.

    Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

    Ohio University Biz Wiki

    University of Connecticut Staff Wiki

    Butler WikiRef

    Other Social Software ExamplesSocial Bookmark ToolsFurl - www.furl.netConnotea - (aimed at academic, software is open source and you can install locally) - sharing, tagging and subscribing to other bookmarksrecommends other sites to you based on your profileFlickr - - sharing and tagging photosTechnorati - - search blogs, or switch and search "tags"

    Thank youQuestions?

    Darlene Fichter University of Saskatchewan