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Paul Soukaseum ME/IE InternAutomated Systems and Robotics A.S.Industrial and Systems Engineering B.S.University of Minnesota

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedWhat Is ME/IE?Director: Todd RoughsedgeTeam: Vijay, Ben, Peter, Camron, Dan, Sean, Sravan, Jigs/Fixtures

Stands for Manufacturing Engineering/Industrial EngineeringDesign manufacturing jigs or fixturesOffer production support on new and existing productStandardize work Study capacities and utilizationCost justificationImprove workflow2Paul Soukaseum8/16/2015

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedInternship Project38/16/2015Paul SoukaseumPrototype Support for MeridianMeridian Process ImprovementsPart and BOM AuditBuild SequenceCI using 6 Sigma MethodologyMeridian Fixtures/JigsModifying Existing FixturesCreating New Fixtures

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: Unrestricted


Observing Meridian Production48/16/2015Paul Soukaseum

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedProcess Improvement

Based off observations of the Meridian

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedFastenal Part/BOM Audit68/16/2015Paul SoukaseumProblem:To make sure Fastenal parts for the Meridian is stocked for production


Gather the all Fastenal/Aeroquip part numbers in PMPFCompare to Meridian BOMFind the Missing PartCreate BIR for BOM mistakesCreate locations for Parts Needed

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedBenefits from Part/BOM AuditImprovement:BIR created to have R&D Engineering review parts list before giving them a location (Cost)78/16/2015Paul Soukaseum

10,132 Total Fastenal Parts337 Bins in PMPF227 Fastenal/Aeroquip Unique Bins377 Meridian Parts in PMPF15 Meridian Fastenal Parts w/ No Match

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedHydraulic Line Build SequencingProblem: To simplify the hydraulic line assembly. Its difficult and confusing.

Approach:Create build instructionMake it visualLabel the hydraulic lines to correspond with build instructionImplement Build instruction and audit the results

88/16/2015Paul Soukaseum

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedValue in Build Sequencing98/16/2015Paul SoukaseumImprovement:Reduction in task time (Delivery)Simplification of task (Quality)Easier for the production worker (Morale)

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedProcess Improvement

Meridian improvement using 6 sigma methodology

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedDMAIC: Boomerang AlignmentDefine:Find the root cause of the poor fit when installing the ejector hydraulic cylinder and to correct it.118/16/2015Paul Soukaseum

Define Non-Conforming as: If they have to use the tap or ream out any of the holes

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedDMAIC: Boomerang Alignment 128/16/2015Paul SoukaseumMeasure:The fixture is also the boomerang partMeasure parts to assure they are goodBoomerang:# 9,8,37,35,36 = 1.8 < Cpk < 10Laser-cut Sidewall:Laser cut part is oversized to 0.81Bolts are 0.75

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedDMAIC: Boomerang Alignment Analyze:Solidworks Motion to study varianceScenario 1 P{NonConf}= 85% Scenario 2 P{NonConf}= 62%

138/16/2015Paul Soukaseum

Oshkosh Corporation Classification: UnrestrictedDMAIC: Boomerang Alignment Improve:From the Analyze step, there are reasons to believe that it is the fixture or the oversize hole in the laser cut sheets

Design new fixture and use Hypothesis Testing:Introduce new fixture & use Bernoulli distribution function (Discrete Event) to determine the p-value. H0: p