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Transcript of NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931

  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931




    PGDM 2012-14




    ROLL NO: PGDM-931



  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931




    Kotak Education Foundation (KEF), is an organization working in the various

    fields like Spoken English Program (SEP),Health and Hygiene, ParentIntervention Program (PIP), Scholarship and Mentoring, School Teacher

    Enhancement Program (STEP), Principals Enhancement Program and KotakUnnati.I worked on Spoken English Program (SEP) where focus was ondeveloping Spoken English ability for vernacular medium students with Kotak

    Education Foundation under the guidance of my Faculty Guide Mrs. RoopamGosain and NGO Guide Mrs Yasmin Sha and Mrs Leena More for a periodof three month from 3

    rdOctober 2012 to 20

    thDecember 2012.

    The objective of the Spoken English Program (SEP) is to improve the

    communication skills of the students studying in vernacular schools. The SEPprogram helps to make the students comfortable with reading and

    communicating in English thereby, enhancing their personality and improvingtheir confidence. My objective was to help the students in every way possible tomake them comfortable with English by using various kinds of teaching

    methods like teaching aids, mind-maps, actions, games, skits, role-plays andvarious other activities. As per the program, I followed the TLM as prescribedto us by KEF. On Wednesdays we took their reading lessons and on Thursdays

    we took their group activity- skit, where the students enacted the entire lessonby playing various characters, making use of varied props prepared by us.

    Besides teaching the other activities that I did were preparation of skits, songsand poems for the annual program of KEF which is RAYS. I prepared the

    invitation cards and budget for the same. I also prepared patriotic songs andcharts for the coming Republic Day. There were Home Visits as well that were

    done during the course of this project where we (my partner and I) made athorough study of their background and their financial health. The project

    included DEL form i.e. Daily Evaluation form and Log Sheet which we have to

    fill and send to our NGO guides, which was done so that we could improveourselves from our mistakes and our guides could keep track on our progress.

    I thank Kotak Education Foundation and ITM Business School for providingme the opportunity to teach the students to speak in English which gave me a

    feeling of self-satisfaction and self-contentment. I am indebted to both theinstitutions for making me a better individual today and also for helping me to

    improve my managerial skills through this project

  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931




    NGO:-Non- governmental organization

    KEF:-Kotak Education foundation

    SIP:-Students Intervention Program

    TLM:-Teaching learning method

    PAC:-Parent Action Committee.

    SEP:-Spoken English Program

    PIP:-Parent Intervention Program

    STEP:-School Teacher Intervention Program

  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931




    S.No. Section: Page Number

    1 Title page 1

    2 Summary 2

    3 Abbreviations 3

    4 Table of contents, list of tables and figures 4

    5 Introduction 5 10

    Background of NGO

    Vision & mission statement,


    Activities undertaken by the NGO

    6 Student Project Activities 11 23

    Description of the project theme & area

    Project Objective

    Major activities


    7 Learnings accumulated 24

    8 Overall Conclusions 25

  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931




    Changing Lives through Education

    Kotak Education Foundation has been founded on 1st

    January 2007 and has

    established purely as a private community service organization in the Non

    Government sector with the broad social purpose of enhancing the educational

    standards of different segments of the Society, with the broader objective of the

    Community's comprehensive advancement. Foundation is working with 15

    Partner schools within Mumbai and Panvel.


    Kotak Education Foundation (KEF) is an organization working for the

    underprivileged children and youth in Mumbai and Raigad district. An initiativein the field of education by Shri Uday Kotak and Smt. Pallavi Kotak, it started

    officially on January 1, 2007. Since it partnered medium schools serving low-

    income, vulnerable families in the slums of urban Mumbai and rural villages in

    Raigad District

    Kotak Mahindra Bank, along with the employees of the group, supports CSR

    initiatives of various NGOs through several programmes.. We have been

    financially supporting the philanthropic activities of Kotak EducationFoundation (KEF) including the foundations flagship initiatives - Kotak Unnati

    and Kotak Udaan.

    Kotak Unnati is a vocational training programme under which KEF trains

    youths who have dropped out from schools and colleges, and belong to BelowPoverty Line (BPL) families. The training programme is for a 3-month period,and thereafter, the aspirants are placed in good organisations.

    Kotak Udaan is a special scholarship offered by KEF for marginalized children.

    The scholarship is given to children from the under privileged section of thesociety and who face hardship to pursue their education. The scholarship is to

    help and mentor these children to become tomorrows achievers. The childrenare mentored over a 3-year period.

  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931




    To have a sustainable process to support children/youth from underprivileged families with

    different interventions so as to empower them support them to rise above the poverty line and

    lead a life with dignity.

  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931




    KEF addresses the issue of education by partnering the various schools ofMumbai and Raigad. These schools cater to students who are fromunderprivileged background. KEF imparts spoken English programs to these

    students stressing on communicative English. To enhance and support thissyllabus, volunteers contribute in building confidence of the students byconducting various activities once a week. KEF also works with parents of the

    children as parents are important stake holders of children life. Regular sessionson health, nutrition, importance of education, etc. are imported.


    KEF (Kotak Education Foundation's) basic aim is to have a sustainable

    process to support children/youth, parents and teachers from

    underprivileged families and schools with different interventions so as toempower them and support them to rise above poverty line and to lead a

    life with dignity

    Aims to improve skill set of the teachers of the partner schools through

    exposure and training

  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931




    1. Student Intervention Program (SIP)

    The Student Intervention Program (SIP) focuses on teaching students attending

    schools in low-income, disadvantage areas, Basic Interpersonal CommunicationSkills (BICS) in English. Most schools focus on the academic subjects andscores in the centralized exams. They rarely focus on the skills such as

    communication, language, inter personal and work skills. SIP is an after School

    Program that teaches and enables student to learn. Basic InterpersonalCommunication Skills (BICS) in English that will help college readiness,Employability, relationship, family and community. As we know in todaysworld learning English is really important and if those children want to come

    out of the vicious circle they need to Educate themselves first. Kotak group hastaken a real wise step to help India grow, by educating the youth. And the step

    taken by ITM, Navi Mumbai is really good, as involving aspiring managers tothis initiative will really help them to add to the skill sets to be possessed by amanager

    Students presenting skit at Abhinava School.

  • 7/28/2019 NGO Project Report-Souradeep Dasgupta PGDM-931



    2. Parent Intervention Program (PIP)

    The Parent Intervention Program aims to create awareness about the importanceof education and increase parental support in children overall education.

    Academic Performance, Health and Hygienic. It also seeks to increase parentsparticipation in the BICS program, and reduce the dropout rate. A parent Action

    Committee (PAC) created in each school monitors and participates in all KEFactivities. The Adharshila Abyasika program creates learning and reading space

    on the school premises for the students of the 8th and 9th who have no space athome to study. A teacher / PAC member is appointed to supervise the students.Various health programs such as Eye checkups, Malnutrition Prevention are

    conducted in our partner schools. More than 20,000 children have received eyechecks.

    3. School Teacher Intervention Program (STEP)

    This program aims to improve skill set of the teachers of the partner schoolsthrough exposure and tra