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  • Mary Ann Knaus 561.376.1076 1 NEW backgrounder.dotx

    Consulting Services Inspiring and motivating teams to create disruptive growth and achieve greater success together. More than 20 years leading transformative growth initiatives for leading brands & businesses. Offering value-added services in four key areas:

    establishing strategic vision & direction to drive organizational clarity, alignment & performance DREAM BIGGER imagine the future state offering a portfolio of different products and services serving a unique end user distributed through different channels delivering a new value proposition and pricing structure build a vision and roadmap to achieve success clearly articulate your vision defining inspirational consumer-centric business vision developing actionable business strategy investigating alternative business models evaluating business portfolio segments and recommending priorities

    creating disruptive business models & transformational innovation opportunities

    resulting in step-change performance BECOME A DISRUPTER reimagine the possibilities think beyond evolution and truly disrupt defining disruption and the consumer value proposition filling the innovation pipeline, managing the road map championing initiatives through proof-of-concept, development, launch and

    incubation phases of development defining parameters, important milestones and getting started test, learn and adjust managing risk within the context of existing business model balancing complexity, time to market and ROI developing prioritization tools to serve business objectives identifying resources & partners

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    developing ecommerce as a strategic advantage

    GROW FASTER create a strategic advantage with e-commerce & digital marketing offering a portfolio of different products and services defining omnichannel strategy mapping vision & points of differentiation, strategic purpose of each channel assortment, pricing, fulfillment, services, content, data & analytics content development & curation establishing a social voice outlining key success factors evaluating investment and implementation options working in phases, remaining agile, beginning with small, test and learn initiatives GET STARTED engage internal and external subject matter experts assessing internal capabilities identifying appropriate partners, resources, tools developing metrics & dashboards aligning stakeholders and clarifying accountability develop an implementation plan

    managing brands to realize their full potential

    MAKE MEANINGFUL EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS realize the full potential of your brand clearly defined and consumer-meaningful brand values consumer promise statements articulating the essence and value proposition defining brand expansion opportunities managing a portfolio of brands to optimize profit identify meaningful consumer touch points and actively engage MANAGING BRANDS TO BUILD RELEVANCE & PREFERENCE developing and managing brand identity global management principles & framework meaningful consumer engagement

    Lets connect and find a way to work together!

  • Mary Ann Knaus 561.376.1076 3 NEW backgrounder.dotx

    Background & Experience

    more than 20 years leading transformative growth initiatives for leading brands & businesses ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

    proven success driving open thinking, developing winning strategies and championing new capabilities

    e-commerce, digital merchandising, content and asset development, transformational innovation, global teams, portfolio management, brand management, consumer insights, strategic partnerships

    passion for exploring new business models and new profit structures connects strategic direction with clear operational priorities and accountability extensive experience in matrix structures with both P&L accountability and shared

    service expertise diverse network of best-in-class partners and resources

    Performance Highlights

    established new, high growth business models and capabilities such as direct to consumer and digital marketing growing to $80M in five years

    incubated innovative business partnerships with AB/InBev and Margaritaville contributing cumulative revenue in excess of $100M

    developed and launched disruptive innovation initiatives such as home meal delivery kits under the Crock Pot Cuisine brand and a pod based smoothie on demand system to be launched later this year

    mentored four future leaders promoted to peer positions, now reporting to the CEO

  • Mary Ann Knaus 561.376.1076 4 NEW backgrounder.dotx

    Select Testimonials

    Mary Ann Mary Ann is a true professional. Her leadership and vision not only provided stability and collaboration for a diverse set of business units and brands, but also set a direction that allowed growth and innovation to take place. She helped to orchestrate the launch of 26 independent brands, with new creative, on a new e-Commerce platform, in just 9 months an incredible demonstration of leadership and vision. This master architecture then set the stage for the global expansion of the e-Commerce business. Mary Ann is driven and focused on achieving the right goals and doing the next right thing, and is still able to be in relationship and rapport and have fun along the way. I would highly recommend Mary Ann for any organization looking to transform, and take the next step toward innovation. Rich Lyons, LyonsCG Mary Ann is an inspirational leader, comfortable bringing forth and creatively solving business challenges with disruptive ideas. She creates new opportunities and delivers results by empowering others to think bigger and strive to achieve more, while respecting the cultural norms, processes and operating constraints within an organization. Mary Ann brings teams of diverse experience and discipline together to effectively create disruptive ideas, align on priorities and deliver results through collaboration, empowerment and resourcefulness. Mark Johnson, Innosight When you put together the words strategic and growth no one I know brings a stronger combination of skill and experience. Mary Ann has a unique ability to provide real strategic vision to any business challenge; in particular, she understands how to lead organizations in creating and implementing innovative new business models and transformative growth initiatives. At Jarden, she was both the visionary and the operating executive who delivered on new growth platforms and future-oriented businesses for the company. Mike Docherty, Venture2 Mary Ann has the rare skill & insight to balance short-term tactical needs against the uncomfortable demands of an ever-changing business place and to meet these challenges head-on. She is an effective, driven leader who understands the need for continuous innovation and transformation. She led a large management team with confidence and savvy & unified their diverse needs into a concise, actionable vision. Jaclyn Suzuki, Ziba

  • Mary Ann Knaus 561.376.1076 5 NEW backgrounder.dotx

    Mary Anns perspective and point of view was valued by me and her colleagues, and frequently led to enhanced strategic clarity. She is a thinker and a doer, which is a rare and valuable combination in my experience. In all cases, she provided leadership, insight and unwavering focus on consumers and their needs. Glen Waisner, Catalyst Consulting Partners, LLC Mary Ann is a dynamic executive with proven acumen in managing strategic growth and innovation initiatives. Mary Ann provided the leadership critical to building a new business, from the ground up, within the existing corporate infrastructure- not an easy accomplishment in a Fortune500 company! Her expertise, marketing acumen and ability to work hands-on helped foster success--- by building cross divisional teams within the organization, validating the multi-channel marketing approach, and providing the long term strategic and product vision. Bryan Janeczko, Wicked Start