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Transcript of ERCI Defender Backgrounder

  • 1. CONFIDENTIALDefender Software ToolsRemedy DefenderPortfolio DefenderDue Diligence Defender Contact: John Rosengard (415) 982-3100 2012 Environmental Risk Communications, Inc.
  • 2. ERCI and Defender Software ERCI incorporated in California in 1994 Initial customers: US DOE, FMC, Chevron Software competence in: Microsoft Excel, Access, and Project Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Crystal Ball and @Risk (Monte Carlo modeling for Excel and Project) 17 portfolios, 300 users Remedy Defender: Single site analysis Portfolio Defender: Rollup reports of Remedy Defender Due Diligence Defender: Parametric models built for specific industries Midstream gas Sediments Counterparty Defender: Credit-weighted analysis of counterparties sharing future environmental costs 2012 Environmental Risk Communications, Inc. 2
  • 3. Needs of the Typical Defender User GAAP Compliance / Audit Defense ASC 410-30-25 Recognition of Environmental Obligations ASTM E2137 for Estimating Environmental Liabilities ASTM E2173 for Disclosing Environmental Liabilities Performance Management Strategic consistency: Cost benchmarks, risks, remedial alternatives Challenge current strategy: New options, accelerate / defer Differentiate between reserve, asset retirement, OPEX, CAPEX spending Change Management Document site history, key assumptions Prepare for any team turnover: Project manager, lead consultant, regulator, external counsel Vendor Management Identify best practices, lessons learned Record cost benchmarks 2012 Environmental Risk Communications, Inc. 3
  • 4. What is Defender? ENVIRONMENTAL BUSINESS PLAN RESERVE CASE: ($24,910,034) Software for environmental I. SITE SUMMARY Site Name County Landfill Business Unit 1001 liability teams Project Manager Project Code Street Luke Vermeire 01CLF 475 Sansome Street Lead Internal Attorney Additional Internal Attorney Business Unit or Owner Contact Ryan Lafrenz n/a n/a City San Francisco Public Affairs Coordinator n/a Measure State California Real Estate Coordinator n/a Zip Code Lead Regulatory Agency 94111 EPA External Counsel Offsite Landowner n/a n/a Superfund or NPL Site CA123456789 Third Parties n/a PRP Participant Yes Consultant (study) URS Analyze PRP Share USEPA Regulatory Contact 75% Jane Doe Consultant (remediation/O&M) Property Tax Status SCS Engineers