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  • 1. A place on Facebook to remember. Together.sanctr

2. How do we handle death on Facebook? There is no fitting or appropriate enough way to handle death on Facebook. Profiles stay up, yet are frozen in time. Silenced. Liking something related to death just feels wrong. Theres no way to separate what you post or control when and where its mixed into the newsfeed. [Seeing the obituary of a loved one pop up between party pics and a fashion post doesnt feel right.] 3. sanc tri [/'sa(k)-tr/] 4. Sanctri is a Facebook app that gives the world a better way to deal with death online. Its a place for people to come together and remember a life that was and honor the relationship that still is. Somewhere to receive guidance, or offer hope. 5. A separate and safe space in Facebook Thoughtfully designed to give users a way to gracefully pay tribute. 6. Collectively paint a picture of a life... using words, photos, videos, and music. Pledge positive actions or make charitable donations. 7. View everyones contributions in the Lifebook It displays everything from the feed in an interactive scrapbook, organized by the persons life. 8. Create and engage in communities Share experiences with others and receive guidance from bereavement experts. 9. Be moved. Over the past decade lives have undoubtedly moved online. Its natural that these lives will end, but they still deserve an appropriate online presence. A lifes stories should still be told. Pictures should still be seen. And memories should still be shared. There is a better way to deal with death on Facebook. This is Sanctri. Explore the beta release via 10. How we were moved... It was easy for our team to unite around this cause because each of us have been there. Weve all lost someone, and experienced the emotional struggle of dealing with death on Facebook first hand. We built Sanctri to fill this void. Each of us wanted a better way to remember. We felt the world needed one, too.jono milner { Co-founder } wanted a way for his family to honor his late Grandfather by beautifully collating memories and tributes. Having lived and worked in five continents, he has extensive background in utilizing technology and new media for social good.Kathy Eldon { Co-founder } has worked as a journalist, television and film producer on three continents. Following the violent death of her 22-year old son Dan, she launched Creative Visions Foundation which has nurtured hundreds of creative activists who use arts and media for social impact. On Nelson Mandelas 95th birthday, his grandsons, Kweku and Ndaba Mandela, nominated Kathy to receive the Points of Light Award for her service in Africa and around the world. Kathy is the author of 18 books, including Angel Catcher, a Journal of Loss and Remembrance and her acclaimed memoir In the Heart of Life.Dianne grey { Industry Expert & Content Advisor} is the President of Hospice and Healthcare Communications, an international consulting firm focused on furthering education initiatives and advocacy projects on all aspects of hospice, end-of-life and palliative care. She is also a nationally recognized speaker, author and president of the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation. Her son, Austin, died in 2005 as a result of a rare neurodegenerative brain 212.203.6176